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Extant originals - European medieval, Chemise of Isabelle de France

Not sure why I hadn't seen this before. Wish there was better detail - it's not the Bathhouse babe shift, but it IS sleeveless... can't tell whether it always was or not, though.

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Facebook | Little Oktoberfest

Don't forget - tomorrow - 2 until ???

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So the good thing about fall (if there is one, I dislike being cold so it's not precisely my favorite season) is soup. I made a crockpot of beans on Monday (mixed navy and pinto, with salt pork and a habanero) and while the first part of it was eaten as beans and rice, I was *supposed* to get lamb sausage in my CSA on Tuesday, so tonight was going to be sausage and bean stew.

No lamb was forthcoming, so I got some andouille @ the grocery store instead (sadness and woe).

However? 1 lb andouille, sauteed with a few tablespoons (shoot me, I like garlic) of minced garlic, with about a bag worth of cooked beans, a can of tomatoes, a pouch of onion soup mix, some thyme, and a splash of vinegar for a bit of extra acidity? Does Not Suck At All.

Just sayin'.
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Master Cooks Dream Dinner

Boosting the signal, b/c it's awesome and deserves to go WAY higher than I can afford to bid myself. Note that the price includes not just the food and entertainment, but all of the feastgear - hard carved trenchers, embroidered napkins, etc.
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So what I didn't realize until today was that the version I've been using is several years out of date. Luckily, even though I think the original developer abandoned it, there's a new fork of the program, so ignore my previous link.

Also? There's now a Mac front-end GUI, though you do have to install it separately.

(Also, it seems to be running better in the new version. Woot. I only recommended it previously because I couldn't find anything else to do the job.)
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For those of you who keep multiple computers on your desk, I wanted to share a tool I *adore* at the moment:

What does it do? well, I have 2 computers on my desk - a Windows laptop with 2 monitors, and a Macbook. With this software, my keyboard and mouse are split between them, with no physical KVM switch - as far as *using* it, it's just like switching moving your mouse between monitors, though obviously you can't move windows between them. You *can*, however, cut and paste.

Works easily on Windows, and works well on Mac, though is slightly harder to use (I still haven't figured out a way to start the @$#@ thing without going into a terminal window. Which is tedious, but worth it.) Theoretically works on Unix, though I haven't tried it there.

Oh, and free is good. :)

No affiliation, just sharing because it's cool.
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Reponere - Wall of Fluff

Because everyone needs a dose of cute. This? Is a *concentrated* dose of cute.

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Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Corn, Arugula, and Tomatoes | Serious Eats : Recipes

This is sort of funny, as it just came across my Google Reader feed and is almost *exactly* what I planned to make for dinner tonight anyway. (My version was without corn, and with sausage tortillini and perhaps a bit more cheese).

I suppose everyone has the same stuff in their CSA boxes right now...

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BBC NEWS | Business | Pfizer agrees record fraud fine

No comment, just passing along b/c I know I've heard several people mention Lyrica and success or failure thereon.
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I have an interesting problem - as a standard rule, I don't dress to match the themes of events, being solidly a 1410-in-southern-France girl. But a canton in my Barony (I'm a landed Baroness) is throwing a *VERY* middle eastern event in a few weeks, and I'd like to not be *completely* jarring. (Yes, I'm starting on this late, but I've spent all my art time - and some I didn't really have, sorry [ profile] soucyn! - on the cuff project.)

So while I don't want to completely change garb for the day, I do at least want to make a nod towards the theme - and my thought was to look at 14th/15th cent. french depictions of the middle east - like John Mandeville's travels or whatnot - and perhaps accessorize some existing outfits accordingly - kind of like a Masque outfit or one of the "Moorish" getups for a tournament entrance or the like.

However, I'm finding the actual art for this to be a little elusive. I could have sworn Mandeville was online, for instance, but I can't seem to remember where. Does anyone have any manuscripts online they would suggest? Or books, for that matter, I have a little time.

Thank you!!
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  • English uses the plural zucchini instead of singular zucchino for good reason - there's no such thing as just one zucchini, see? #
  • Also, yay! Loudtwitter is back! Sorry to all my LJ friends... #
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Start stretching, we may need a dry jig. Giovann has a drum.

In related news, Pensic is wet, wet, wet. And the road behind camp is closed. Plan accordingly.

Post from mobile portal
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The Generation M Manifesto - Umair Haque -

This is *awesome*. Kind of like a financial version of the "Rock Stars and Movie Gods" speech from Fight Club.
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Thing the First: An overdue note that Summer War was *phenomenally* fun. Pics are here, and my favorite is this one.   Although fighting was not *quite* as much fun as handing out cupcakes (for those who wanted the recipe - they're dreadfully simple AND tasty, though don't be shocked when the batter comes out WAY thinner than you think it should).

Thing the Second: Work is finally calming down! I can crawl out of my cave! Whee! (For those I haven't mentioned it to, several of our largest accounts all put out major rfps or otherwise wanted presentations/quotes/etc over the past month - thus the lack of Sapphire Joust and me at canton meetings. Bleh. But yay employment.)

Thing the Third: I've been sewing a lot the past few evenings, with mixed success. My sewing machine Does Not Like gambesons, but I perservered and have all except a few lacing holes done on a new one for Girard - I've never made one before, so yay me. (Though ironically I cut it out and started it before buying *either* of the recent patterns for such, so guess I'll be making another one, maybe for me, later). I'm still trying to decide whether the eyelet plates for my sewing machine are in fact more trouble than they are worth - they do not stay *on* the machine , thus I end up breaking a lot of needles. Not so good for the machine. On the other hand, there are some things I don't believe in doing handwork on. Like fighting garments of almost any sort, esp. ones that are going to get worn All The Time. Esp. not after how long the quilting takes.'s an interesting tradeoff. Maybe I should just make G do his own eyelets, but I tend to sew so that he has to do the housework. (Yep, I'm spoiled.)

Thing the Fourth: Speaking of sewing, had a mixed experience with that last night. I ordered [profile] kass_rants's sideless surcote pattern when it came out, which I was rather intrigued to find that according to package directions, only took two yards of fabric (60"). I *had* exactly two yards of grey wool leftover from my grey-and-red outfit, which isn't enough (I thought) to make *anything* out of, so I said, hrm, this won't take long, and it'd be lightweight pennsic garb.  The pattern, though... had pros and cons. It was definitely easy to use - with the exception of the cutting layout that didn't work for me -  but I *really* didn't like the results. I *may* have mismeasured my back-length, as the flare of the skirt starts lower than I would put it, and that would certainly distort the whole thing. So there was that problem.. and of course with the minimal fabric used there wasn't enough fullness to the skirts (but I like *really* full skirts - see the red dress with the couch-eating hem, if all my dresses had that much skirt I'd be happy as a clam), but really? I think sideless surcotes just don't work on busty women with minimal hips. So, that said, anyone want a mostly finished grey wool surcote? French seamed, I'll finish the last of the gores before I hand it to you and the hems (on all sides) are up to you. Reconstructing History size G.It's free, the fabric was leftovers anyway and I only spent a couple hours on it. Edit: Jenny called dibs on the surcote, if she doesn't take it I'll repost.

Thing the Fifth: 6 week old kittens are made of fluff and squee and needles. 12 week old kittens are just made of needles. Mine is obsessed with my hair... and crawling up me to GET to said hair. Oww oww oww.  So cute though!
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Weird pork ad, stolen rather shamelessly from [ profile] cvirtue because I know Galeron will want to see it...


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