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Then again, that's the subject of like, *every* one of my posts. Guess I'm turning into an LJ voyeur... and here I've teased people about that.

But then, it's fall, so perhaps it's not surprising that I'm being quiet and semi-reclusive. Certainly I haven't been doing anything useful lately. Which is bad, as my "list of things I *want* to be doing" has gotten very long, and my "list of things I *should* be doing... or should have already done" has gotten even longer. Perhaps that's the problem. Too many directions, and instead I play Wii. (Which, as a side note, is a really fabulous thing - I'm perhaps 2/3 of the way through Zelda, same through Paper Mario, and haven't lost interest yet. woot??) And I've gotten a lot of reading done lately - newest "fandom", as it were, has been S.M. Sterling.. the Nantucket trilogy, and am 2/3 through the "Dies the Fire" series. They're fun sort of survivalist/medievalist fluff - the author was/is apparently a SCAdian and honestly, the whole thing sort of panders to the smug sort of "I bet we could survive if guns and electricity quit working" thoughts that end up in the back of a lot of people's minds....(admit it! they're there! though honestly? I don't think I'd be one of the lucky ones in those circumstances, if I'm being realistic). But like I said, they're fun...

Speaking of projects, we really need to decide what we're wearing for 12th night. I'm thinking perhaps a bit earlier this year - am sort of tired of houppelandes at the moment, so I'm thinking some sort of pretty gown and I have some thoughts for this gorgeous purple brocade I bought for N a couple Pennsic's ago - it's technically a pair of saris, but there's just enough for a cotehardie...and we have folly bells. ::skips merrily::

And of course I 'm still working on Ymir and Battle of the Oranges feasts - need to get in and get some library time, perhaps this weekend after we get back from Marinus this weekend. (No, we have no real reason to go, other than it's a pas, and I like those. And I get to hang out with the lovely [ profile] geniealisa and [ profile] puck_eater - yay!)

But perhaps most interestingly... or maybe only to me... As many of you who have been reading this journal for a while know, I've suspected I have some form of ADD/ADHD for years. But I've always been too scared to find out for sure... or figured I could handle it on my own... or... well, any number of things.  Pure arrogance, if nothing else (I should be smart enough to just... ignore it.) That's... not entirely the case. So I finally (finally! I mean, I've been talking about this with N for ages, if nothing else) called Duke.  Long story short, I'm scheduled to be tested the Tues before thanksgiving... and if I do in fact have it I'm going to end up in a research study for a year or so. ::shrug:: it'll be interesting to know one way or the other.
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I don't have *long* answers for either, so I'll do both.

1) "I once knew a guy that was soooo sweet that I decided to marry him;but I didn't marry him because he was sweet. What really made me say yes was..."

Why I married [ profile] soucyn? Picking ONE reason on that one is difficult. You see, we met when we were 16, and had just moved into the boarding school we graduated from. And when we met, it was more an instantaneous THING - I remember having to take a placement exam of some sort (chemistry, I think) an hour or so after we met, and we happened to be in the same room, and I could NOT take my eyes off him. (I must have, as I did well on the test, but I was certainly distracted.) I knew we would actually start dating (and what a, well, "sweet" guy he was) that evening, when we were standing talking on a campus sidewalk - I made some offhand comment about his height and my neck being sore from looking up (he's a foot taller than I am) so he stood on the pavement and left me on the sidewalk to fix it. It's a silly little story, I suppose, but at the time it was this hugely significant thing.

Anyway, we started dating 2 days later, and knew we'd end up married like 3 weeks after that. (He asked in this really cute hypothetical sort of way, I said yes without really thinking about it, then we both had this "Holy shit, I meant that!" sort of moment.)  All these anecdotes, not so much with the coherence, I suppose, but there it is. (hey, what do you expect, I've been staring at spreadsheets and copier specifications all day). 


2) "If there is ONE thing in the WORLD I hate more than being late it's this one tiny pet peeve which really drives me crazy..."

OK, this one I had to not answer for a while because I was too busy laughing. I am... not the world's most punctual person. To the point that when I changed my SCA name (from Generys to Guenièvre), the fact that "Guenièvre" somewhat rhymes with "Whenever" was a little of a running joke.  So I almost ignored the question... but then I realized that I *do* have something that I hate MUCH more than being late, and in fact that's probably one of the reasons I *am* late so much.

See, most people say, "If you don't want to be late, aim to get places early." Which is fine, and well, and good... 'cept I *hate* waiting on things. Not so much waiting on people, because I'm late so much I certainly understand, but more waiting on... events. If I get to something that is supposed to start at 5 and I'm there at 4:45 or something (usually due to my husband's insistance on promptness) I get twitchy because I could have been doing something more interesting for 15 minutes, then left and got to wherever I need to be *exactly* when I needd to be there. Obviously some subconscious part of me thinks I live in a perfect world where there are NEVER delays...::rolls eyes at self::
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Again with the lack of writing - bad Jennifer! To sum up...

I've been in heavy-duty domestic mode for the last few weeks, which has been rather nice. This of course has been partially inspired by the fact that Nick's parents are coming up for Thanksgiving, which means that not only do we have to clean the downstairs portion of the house, but we even had to clean out the guest/sewing room (they're coming up Wed night and staying through 'till Sunday), which tends to be where things get "stashed" when we don't have a place to put them.  So that's been a lot of work... but it's really nice in my apartment now.  It's not done yet - I have to pick up a few throw pillows and things like that, but we have curtains up instead of the icky blinds, and we're getting an actual framed print to go above the mantel, and some lamps.  In other words, my house looks like Actual Grownups live there, which is just a foreign concept in some ways. (I'm so excited about the print - it's that same pre-Raphaelite school that you see on a lot of SCAdian walls, but the armor/garb is a touch better, and I haven't seen anyone else who has this one, which makes me happy. Plus it has a tragic medieval ballad attached to it - Hildebrand and Hellelil - here's a translation from the Danish.)

It's funny - although we've been living here for 3 years now (I think?) we've put very little art on the walls, and in many ways it's felt kind of... temporary, just like the last 2 places we lived.  I'm not sure *why* I never settled in to any of them, but... there it is.  I think that's contributed to my inability to do housekeeping (or maybe I'm just making excuses for myself, I'm good at that). Maybe I'll be better at that now...

cut for navel-gazing )

Tonight, I think I'm skipping the KBerg meeting - Nick's going to Chicago until Thursday (he leaves at 5:30) so I'm going to either sew pillows, or work on the many garb projects I have in progress... or maybe just curl up with George R.R. Martin (I'm rereading the first 3 Fire and Ice books while Nick reads A Feast for Crows - normally I'd get first dibs and be done with it already, but Nick wanted to take it with him to Chicago. That's ok, they're a good re-read - I may read very fast, but I don't tend to remember all the little details of books, so I tend to enjoy re-reading old favorites, especially ones that have lots of nifty details.


Jun. 21st, 2005 07:02 pm
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Today was frustrating. For whatever reason, my... well, I'll call it ADD though I've never been diagnosed of course was acting up again... well, to be honest it HAS been acting up again for the past week, but today was worse. Which was especially annoying because I have stuff I *have* to get done for work... and stuff I want to get done this evening at home (sew new garb). Instead, I'm here at work, though I've given up on getting anything else done (will come in early tomorrow to do useful things, I suppose) writing this and waiting for Nick to get done w/ Buckston practice (I forgot to snag the work keys from him before he left, so he has to come back so that I can lock up). I could be sewing - I have handsewing with me that I brought thinking I'd go to practice - but I'm just too frustrated at myself right now.

Maybe I'll cook something tasty for dinner, that might make me feel better...(though last time I tried cooking I managed to fail at making pasta. No, really, the dough just wouldn't go through the machine for some reason, and I ended up taking the ravioli filling (cooked chicken and bits of mozarella with garlic and sundried tomatoes) and just tossing it with the pesto sauce and some angel hair. It was tasy, but NOT what I wanted - and if THAT kind of failure happened to me today I'd cry.

Yes, I'm being melodramatic. Sorry 'bout that, like I said I've been... cranky for a few weeks now. Or to put it bluntly, the chronic depression I've had off and on (again, not diagnosed, but might as well call a spade a spade) for years is "on" again. I wonder... if I had had a more "normal" childhood, whether I'd be having these issues now? I mean, my life is pretty damn good, so there's NO reason for my brain to be doing this stuff to me... other than these pathways of apathy and discontent were so well-trodden back then that they become VERY easy to fall into now...can your brain get "worn" like that? I wonder if anyone's done that study...

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So I've realized I have even more self-destructive tendencies than I thought, other than just my semi-ADD nature. Or maybe everyone does this, and it's not just me.

Do you ever find yourself going longer and longer without doing something *purely* because you're embarassed / frustrated with yourself for not having done it in the first place? ie calling a friend, or cleaning your house, or... ::insert task here:: Not because the task would have originally been *bad*, of course, but for whatever reason you didn't do it and now you made the situation worse... ::sigh::

One of these days I'll learn to not do that.
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So I was thirsty and went to get a Diet Coke out of the drink machine. I should have known it wasn't "good" coke when I opened it, as it fizzed all over me. OK, fine. Then I put it on my desk, where it promptly tried to turn itself over into my computer. (Obviously it didn't get the 'puter, as I'm typing this.) I've decided I must have a can of hyperkinetic diet coke on my hands... maybe it's the extra caffeine they put in the diet stuff...

So why is it that whenever I have something that I *absolutely have to do*, that's when I have the least ability to focus on it?

Meanwhile, I'm cranky today - yay sunburn. Oh yeah, and I was cranky / antisocial yesterday, so apologies to [ profile] ramblingheritic,[ profile] zihuatanejo,[ profile] thatursula, and [ profile] harleenquinzell, and of course my dearest [ profile] soucyn who had to deal with me at dinner. Sorry! I should have just found another book, and stayed home with it. On the up side, The Fairy Godmother, which I read at Barnes and Noble while [ profile] darklordmoeser and [ profile] soucyn were at Sin City (which I decided not to see because of the gore factor, even though the cinematography sounded interesting), was quite good for Mercedes Lackey fluff - the story telegraphed what was going to happen at 30 paces out, but hey, the whole book was based on *fairy tales* - this is not a surprise. I quite recommend it, even for those who have sworn off Lackey because of the travesty she's made out of some of the Valdemar books...any of the ones she's done lately have improved. She is, of course, still fluff, and I don't think that will ever change, but that's good once in a while...

Saturday was fun though - went to Novice Tourney, got to watch Girard fight. (Yay! and he even fought to win me a rose from Sir Bryce, who is doing the most gorgeous challenge in honor of his soon-to-be-wife. The odd part of this was when Bryce asked G to introduce him to the lady he was fighting for (me), he said he already knew me - and I don't think we had ever met before. Oh well, maybe my name had gotten to him some other way - there aren't any other Guènievre's in-kingdom that I know of - or maybe he was thinking of someone else. ).

We interrupt this ramble to go "squee!" over the new cookbook that just got delivered to my desk. "The Quick Recipe", from the Cook's Illustrated people. I see much yumminess in my future!

Anyway, so the real reason I went to the event was because Elchenburg Castle (which is looking much better!) is a great site for cooking in a primitive environment - and there was no feast planned for the event. So, I got to play with food - yay! I did both lunch and dinner for Girard and I, Jenny and Owen, Trephina, and their Excellencies. Cut for food info - this will get a bit long... )
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So, let's see, the official KASF rundown.

Way too much of Friday night was spent baking and such. Made shepard's pie for dinner, turned out OK though there was something odd about the mashed potatoes that I couldn't quite pin down. It's not the first time it's happened to me, either - it's this vaguely... green? taste, like the potatoes were slightly undercooked, except they were falling apart so I don't think that's it. Maybe not enough salt? (was trying not to oversalt the potatoes since the stew they were going on top of was quite salty, having been made with canned (i know, i know) broth.
And, of course, there was the massive yeast failure. (well, it wasn't so much a yeast failure as a bakers failure - if you dont' put enough yeast, it won't work - the yeast were 'givin it all she got, Cap'n'..)

Anyway, I entered Mescelin Bread and the Bread Tart from Sabina Welserin in the Royal Baker competition. (Links go to M$Word docs on my website (which mostly isn't there yet) - if you can't read them, I can make them PDFs, I was just being lazy). If you have comments on the documentation, I'd love to hear them, as that has, in the past, been my bugaboo and I did *much* better this time. As far as the actual FOOD goes, well, the judging on that was interesting - I didn't actually *like* the bread, but it got better scores than the tart, mostly b/c I used the wrong crust for the tart. Oh well, at least I learned how to make a fairly good standing tart, lol...and the tart filling was GOOD ([ profile] brynpobydd said she kept coming back and stealing bites of it, which made me happy - after all, I cook to make people smile). Need to work on a starter that DOESN'T die in my house - doing the "beer" thing didn't work too well, the bread had a slightly off taste which both judges noted. But at any rate, this was the first time I've ever entered an A&S competition and NOT been disappointed with myself. That was a nice feeling...

No, I didn't win - [ profile] brynpobydd did, which is fabulous and way overdue, since the whole thing was her idea in the first place. The funny thing, of course, was that the two of us were the only people that entered - it's the Kberg bread show! And lots of people commented on Solvarr's bread marker - I think I've figured out how to fix the next one, too. (Yes, I know, I should post pics. But I haven't yet - there's a reason for that. Some of the things from Ymir hadn't been unpacked yet, and I had assumed the camera was there. It wasn't. Apparently we left it at Ymir. But, the SCA is a wonderful place - some honest gentle found it Friday night, turned it in, and it made its way back to us at KASF. Woot. yes, I know I should be less careless - but at least it didn't bite me in the ass this time) Speaking of [ profile] ramblingheritic, congrats to the newest Pearl!!!!!!

Sunday was filled with WoW (we did the Stockades instance with Tom, Illyria is now up to level 33!) and then we went to see Constantine. Not a bad movie, but Marion and I both agreed it was TOO gooey. Oh well.

Then we ended up with another random dinner party - roast pork (wrapped in bacon, with thyme, salt and pepper) roasted with onions and apples, with a sauce of pureed apples and onions with cream. Yum. Oh yes, and [ profile] zihuatanejo came over and taught me how to make Spaetzle. Yay. Now I need one of these, or maybe one of these - I'm leaning towards the latter, as I could make mashed potatoes with it too...


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