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Book Sale - The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Met Museum Store.

This has been passed around several LJs and mailing lists, but just in case people *haven’t* seen it, there are some lovely in-period books scattered amongst the rest, for *amazing* prices. I just picked up four *fat* museum catalogs with lots of pictures for $25… and if you use the promo code P908, you *should* get free shipping. It worked for me anyway.

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So I'm beginning to wonder what the effects of weird sleep patterns are - I haven't been this sleep deprived since NCSSM, I think...

First, before 12th night, I spent a few nights up late making biscotti and gingerbread.  Then there was 12th night (which was fabulous, of course, but not exactly restful), which I arrived home from and promptly wasn't able to sleep. (I blame the large amounts of coffee I was drinking in a short-sighted attempt to not doom Nick to driving 5 hours while listening to me snore). Somehow I never quite caught up this week, then there was the party on Fri night (happy birthday again [ profile] zihuatanejo) at which much champagne was consumed and little sleep was had, and then there was the 13th night party-ish thing on Sat, which was a blast, much good food and we got to break out the game collection (Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, Illuminati and the Achilles' Heel, Settlers of Cataan). 

SoC, however, is evil. Somehow (and don't ask me how this happened), I found myself stumbling to bed at 5 in the morning, not to wake up until noon, at which point I decided to make cinnamon rolls. (Found a nifty recipe for those, in fact, based on biscuit dough rather than yeast dough, which goes flour->table in under an hour - the texture's a bit different than one). Next thing I knew, it was 3 o'clock, which was somewhat unfortunate since we were supposed to go down to Fuquay for the Baronial meeting.  ::sigh:: 

At least I got a bit done on the Research Paper of Doom.  Though - for fellow medieval foodies out there - if you've been pondering picking up Dangerous Tastes by Andrew Dalby, prepare to be frustrated.  There's a lot if nifty info in there, but unfortunately it's obscured by a WEIRD organization (by spice's place of origin) and an overly broad focus (800BC->1800 or so, including both eastern and western hemispheres). I probably would have enjoyed it more as a "thing to read" than a research text, but still...

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Book List

Jun. 4th, 2004 10:36 am
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So the other day I got bored, and decided to start an amazon wish list, mostly because I found that there were a WHOLE bunch of books on all sorts of things I'm interested in that I don't have yet. Also, most of these books are available used, which means as soon as I get my bookshelves put up, I'm going to have to start funneling a few bucks a month towards buying them.

So, anyway, I figured I'd post this on here, both a. to save someone else doing the searching, if they were interested in this kind of thing too, and b. in case someone had ideas of other things I should add, or recommendations for/against anything on here.

My interests are, in order, anything late 14th/early 15th century France, medieval cooking (mostly French), 14th/15th century clothing, chivalry, and womens' daily lives, esp. those of the higher nobility (peasants bore me, mostly because I probably am one in real life ::grin::.

Without futher ado, here's the list -


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