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Standard Question Meme - leave a comment if you want to be interviewed...

1. If you could have any career *outside the home*, what would it be?

I've actually struggled with this question a lot, ever since I realized that I was NOT cut out to be a research scientist (that particular career track requires a lot of passion and self-sacrifice that I didn't have and didn't want to give). I've dabbled with the ideas of several careers since then - various permutations on cooking for a living come to mind. But I was afraid I'd hate it if I did it that much, so I dropped that idea. About the only thing I'm flirting with now is the idea of going into marriage counseling - it seems like there's a lot of people out there that have these potentially good relationships and can't see how they're destroying them, who could be helped. So yeah, if/when I go back to school that'll probably be my goal.

2. What is one garment from *outside* the period of the SCA that you would like to make/wear (can be a movie costume, designer dress, whatever)?

Hmm, one garment is tricky. Civ war stuff (ball gowns, not really day wear) fascinates me, as do certain styles from the 30's and 40's (ie some of the vintage ball gowns that Vogue's re-releasing patterns for now). Oooh, or regency stuff... see, there's a reason I try not to think about this - it's similar to the reason I try not to get intrigued by pretty things outside my chosen SCA time-slot - because if I do, I'll go off in ten zillion directions (channelling my inner ermine here...)

3. What's with the no-veggies thing? Are there any veggies you like?

The no veggies thing pretty much stems from having a very Southern mother who cooked vegetables until they literally fell apart. So most veggies are associated with having no taste - combine that with having overactive tastebuds / olfactory receptors for certain things (the odor of cooking cruciferous veggies) and having textural issues with other popular fruits / vegetables (tomatoes, strawberries, etc), it's no wonder I don't like them. I *have* started trying to teach myself to like properly cooked vegetables - I like certain stirfried things - snow peas and green beans - and I like corn... I'm working on the rest...(I pretty much agree with [ profile] theferrett on all points here...)

4. In the past while we've had long-ish (and fruitful!) discussions on the peer/apprentice relationship. If time travel allowed for it, who in the Real Middle Ages would you have liked to be associated with, and why?

As a cook, I'd want to apprentice to Chiquart - as I've mentioned before, I really like his attitude towards food - he's so... fussy! it's fabulous. However, I'm not sure that's what I'd do if I had that time machine - I think I'd rather be a lady-in-waiting at the court of some powerful noblewoman - Isabella of Portugal, perhaps. She had an interesting life, and being a lady-in-waiting in her court/entourage/whatever would let me be part of it. Because, really, the thing that fascinates me about the Real Middle Ages is how the rich and powerful lived...

5. What is one thing (outside of SCA awards) that you would like to accomplish as an artisan that you could look back on as a crowning achievement, as it were?

Cooking wise, I'd like to be able to improvise a meal, using seasonal/appropriate ingredients and appropriate techniques (wood-fire, etc) that would be recognizeable to a person from 1400/France as "good food" - ie survive an "Iron Cook" type challenge. That, and I have vague plans for a medieval cooking wiki - that's more a research project than really an "artisan" project, though...

Clothing wise... I don't know what I'd choose for that - a lot of the projects I could do (ie a hand-sewn fur-lined gown) are more tedious than purely technically challenging, though an embroidered, hand-sewn, furred houppelande would be a lovely thing to do - and if I went that far, I'd of course want to do all the underlayers / hats / accessories (shoes, jewelry, belt, pouch, etc etc) to go with...ok, so maybe that is a project. :-)
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1) Are you where you thought you'd be 5 years ago? Where do you expect to be in 5 years?

In some ways yes, in some ways no. Yes, that's a copout answer, but I'll elaborate. Anyway, in the important ways, yes, I am - I married Nick, after all, and we're happy. Of course, in terms of schooling/job etc, I'm not but that stuff isn't what makes me happy. In 5 years? I hope to be making a bit more money, maybe have a house, but mostly be where I am now. Actually, at that point we'll probably start thinking about a kid... isn't that scary?

2) If you could change things to have a better relationship with your parents, would you?

Yes - I would have already done it. Unfortunately, the things that would have fixed the problem probably would have also ended up with them not being my parents - my mom would have been MUCH better off had she just never married my father, and then she probably couldn't have adopted me...

3) Do you ever tire of there being so many Jennifers in the world? Is there a name you would rather have?

Yes, I do - it gets annoying to always have to clarify whether people mean me or someone else, and it's just WEIRD when, say, I have a customer named Jennifer and I have to call them... however, I wouldn't change it - I'd rather all the OTHER Jennifers changed... Though I suppose in some ways I already have, since so many people know me as Generys. And of course, I'm going to be changing that soon anyway - switching to Genuevre, (pronounced something like JUN-ev-rah, not very good at phonetic spelling - not sure of the name's final speling yet either, so that's ok).

4) Of the outfits you've made, which is your favorite?

Um, probably not even one I made for myself. I made Nikulai some Russian garb and it turned out REALLY well, better than anything else I've ever made.

5) What's the song for today, and why?
Better Than Ezra "A Lifetime", because it's stuck in my head. It's both really catchy and really sad, which is a bad combo, but oh well....

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