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This is kind of cool - my cat, Marmalade, is actually sitting next to me.  Why is this unusual? Well, if you remember, this is the cat I adopted off the street as a "pregnant teenager".  Well, she pulled a good one on me - when pregnant, she acted like the sweetest kitty ever. As soon as the kittens were weaned? She became skittish kitty - she disappears whenever anyone else is at the apartment, and she rarely lets me pet her.  If I can catch her when sleepy, she likes pettings, but she's VERY skittish.  I picked her up and set her on the couch next to me, and she stayed! Yay!
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Well, it's official. We have a new cat. She's not allowed to meet the boy-kitties for 5-7 days, just to be on the safe side, but she's FIV/FeLV negative, so she's ours. The interesting news? Well, she's gonna have 4-5 kittens, and SOON! (As in, within the next week or 2). So no Assessments for us, guess that means extra sewing time, but they should be born before Pennsic, so that's good.

So off to get kitten food (to fatten her up) after work, and to set up the upstairs bathroom as the kitten area...

ETA: She weighs 4.8 lbs. Somebody tell me how the heck a less-than-5-pound cat is going to have 4 kittens? (The vet said she *should* be fine...)

ETA2: So far, we've got Solvarr, Irmgart, Rohesia, Laura and Myra (from work) interested in kittens. That's 4 people, for up to 5 potential kittens. Anyone else, go ahead and let me know if you're interested, but the aforementioned people get first dibs...
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Really, she can't have a name until we decide to keep her. And we can't decide to keep her until she goes to the vet. But if she DID have a name, it'd be Marmalade...

This is my new cat, assuming all goes well at the vet. I stopped by my office yesterday with [ profile] soucyn and [ profile] harleenquinzell, to pick up a phone charger, and here's this little soaking wet furball in the parking lot. She *almost* wanted to let me pet her, and she looked VERY skinny and hungry, so I decided to go home and get some food and the cat carrier, and now she's living in my powder room. She's amazingly friendly, but TINY - the poor thing hasn't been getting enough to eat. The catch? as far as we can tell, she's at least 5 weeks pregnant...


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