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So [ profile] harleenquinzell and I were talking the other day - perhaps Friday? and I spent a large amount of time kvetching about how my lack of planning combined with 12th Night and Ymir had led to a 3rd year in a row with out a Pentathlon entry for KASF. (2008 I displayed random food from the 2 feasts I was doing in 6 weeks that KASF fell in between, 2009 I went and schmoozed and judged and displayed nothing). This was not the first time I've expressed this particular complaint; however, everyone ELSE I mentioned this to said "Be sane, you don't have time to put something together".

Enter Livia, who was planning on putting together something fairly quickly because she's crazy like that.

Crazy is contagious. As is the realization that I *do* have a couple of projects that I put a reasonable amount of research into already done.


Entry 1: Heraldic Silk Houppelande. Done (might go back and tweak the attachment of one sleeve) and docs done (pending a few comments from the gallery). Yay!

Entry 2: Coral paternoster. Done, need to iron tassel and do docs.

Entry 3: Wheat pudding - Well, the recipe's picked... and I have all the comparative sources - so we'll call that half done.

Entry 4: Another food from the same manuscript - still deciding on this one.

Entry 5: Painted silk banner - this one's gonna be fun - I'm using the silk painting techniques in Cennini just to see how they work - I suspect that it won't flow at ALL, but may still be attractive...

10 days left...


Sep. 27th, 2006 11:03 am
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So [ profile] soucyn mentioned that I made a nifty pie for Celtic Cattle Raids, but said I had to talk about it. So I finally got my camera unpacked, and so now I can. One of the A&S competitions for this event was "Best Celtic use of a Cow - No documentation required. No further guidance provided." I hadn't intended to enter, because as y'all know, I Am Not Early Period and so the whole Celtic thing is completely foreign territory.
Then my muse decided to bash me about the head with a rolling pin on Friday. (Yes, this one - it kinda hurt.) 

So I came up with the idea to make a (14th century) beef pie with Celtic knotwork on it. Celtic use of a cow, right? And, being me (my motto IS "Nothing by Halves") I decided to gild it, as shown:


And for those of you who are *really* cooking people, here's the rest of the documentation (Normally I'd have more, but this was done on the fly while the pie baked. The pie was tasty, but could have baked a bit longer. Oh! And I finally got to use my 14th century pie pan by Eadric the Potter - quick review: it was wonderful. Between the butter in the crust, and the rough texture of the pie pan, the pie popped out of the pan *amazingly* easily and didn't stick at all.

Still two pages worth of docs, thus the cut: )
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So, when last we left our heroine, she was pondering the differences between hobbies and mental illnesses. The jury's still out on that one, but we'll assume hobby and go from there... ::looks nervously over shoulder for men bearing white coats::

Pre-MTT Food Rambling )

Midsummers Twilight...Before the Tourney )

Midsummer Twilight... Almost Tourney! (aka authorizations) )

Midsummer Twilight... Tourney!! )
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So, let's see, the official KASF rundown.

Way too much of Friday night was spent baking and such. Made shepard's pie for dinner, turned out OK though there was something odd about the mashed potatoes that I couldn't quite pin down. It's not the first time it's happened to me, either - it's this vaguely... green? taste, like the potatoes were slightly undercooked, except they were falling apart so I don't think that's it. Maybe not enough salt? (was trying not to oversalt the potatoes since the stew they were going on top of was quite salty, having been made with canned (i know, i know) broth.
And, of course, there was the massive yeast failure. (well, it wasn't so much a yeast failure as a bakers failure - if you dont' put enough yeast, it won't work - the yeast were 'givin it all she got, Cap'n'..)

Anyway, I entered Mescelin Bread and the Bread Tart from Sabina Welserin in the Royal Baker competition. (Links go to M$Word docs on my website (which mostly isn't there yet) - if you can't read them, I can make them PDFs, I was just being lazy). If you have comments on the documentation, I'd love to hear them, as that has, in the past, been my bugaboo and I did *much* better this time. As far as the actual FOOD goes, well, the judging on that was interesting - I didn't actually *like* the bread, but it got better scores than the tart, mostly b/c I used the wrong crust for the tart. Oh well, at least I learned how to make a fairly good standing tart, lol...and the tart filling was GOOD ([ profile] brynpobydd said she kept coming back and stealing bites of it, which made me happy - after all, I cook to make people smile). Need to work on a starter that DOESN'T die in my house - doing the "beer" thing didn't work too well, the bread had a slightly off taste which both judges noted. But at any rate, this was the first time I've ever entered an A&S competition and NOT been disappointed with myself. That was a nice feeling...

No, I didn't win - [ profile] brynpobydd did, which is fabulous and way overdue, since the whole thing was her idea in the first place. The funny thing, of course, was that the two of us were the only people that entered - it's the Kberg bread show! And lots of people commented on Solvarr's bread marker - I think I've figured out how to fix the next one, too. (Yes, I know, I should post pics. But I haven't yet - there's a reason for that. Some of the things from Ymir hadn't been unpacked yet, and I had assumed the camera was there. It wasn't. Apparently we left it at Ymir. But, the SCA is a wonderful place - some honest gentle found it Friday night, turned it in, and it made its way back to us at KASF. Woot. yes, I know I should be less careless - but at least it didn't bite me in the ass this time) Speaking of [ profile] ramblingheritic, congrats to the newest Pearl!!!!!!

Sunday was filled with WoW (we did the Stockades instance with Tom, Illyria is now up to level 33!) and then we went to see Constantine. Not a bad movie, but Marion and I both agreed it was TOO gooey. Oh well.

Then we ended up with another random dinner party - roast pork (wrapped in bacon, with thyme, salt and pepper) roasted with onions and apples, with a sauce of pureed apples and onions with cream. Yum. Oh yes, and [ profile] zihuatanejo came over and taught me how to make Spaetzle. Yay. Now I need one of these, or maybe one of these - I'm leaning towards the latter, as I could make mashed potatoes with it too...


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