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Again with the lack of writing - bad Jennifer! To sum up...

I've been in heavy-duty domestic mode for the last few weeks, which has been rather nice. This of course has been partially inspired by the fact that Nick's parents are coming up for Thanksgiving, which means that not only do we have to clean the downstairs portion of the house, but we even had to clean out the guest/sewing room (they're coming up Wed night and staying through 'till Sunday), which tends to be where things get "stashed" when we don't have a place to put them.  So that's been a lot of work... but it's really nice in my apartment now.  It's not done yet - I have to pick up a few throw pillows and things like that, but we have curtains up instead of the icky blinds, and we're getting an actual framed print to go above the mantel, and some lamps.  In other words, my house looks like Actual Grownups live there, which is just a foreign concept in some ways. (I'm so excited about the print - it's that same pre-Raphaelite school that you see on a lot of SCAdian walls, but the armor/garb is a touch better, and I haven't seen anyone else who has this one, which makes me happy. Plus it has a tragic medieval ballad attached to it - Hildebrand and Hellelil - here's a translation from the Danish.)

It's funny - although we've been living here for 3 years now (I think?) we've put very little art on the walls, and in many ways it's felt kind of... temporary, just like the last 2 places we lived.  I'm not sure *why* I never settled in to any of them, but... there it is.  I think that's contributed to my inability to do housekeeping (or maybe I'm just making excuses for myself, I'm good at that). Maybe I'll be better at that now...

cut for navel-gazing )

Tonight, I think I'm skipping the KBerg meeting - Nick's going to Chicago until Thursday (he leaves at 5:30) so I'm going to either sew pillows, or work on the many garb projects I have in progress... or maybe just curl up with George R.R. Martin (I'm rereading the first 3 Fire and Ice books while Nick reads A Feast for Crows - normally I'd get first dibs and be done with it already, but Nick wanted to take it with him to Chicago. That's ok, they're a good re-read - I may read very fast, but I don't tend to remember all the little details of books, so I tend to enjoy re-reading old favorites, especially ones that have lots of nifty details.
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I have lots of things to do, SCA-wise, to the point where I get home and I have to ponder - hard! - what I want to do.

This is a nice feeling.

In No Particular Order:

1. Website and AOTC-FAQ
This really needs to be a priority, as I said I'd do the latter half of this project months ago and haven't done as much as I should with it. (bad me!). I do have the stuff in place to do it now, so it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. Still need a good website design for myself though...I'd *love* to get one that I could set up my LJ to match, but that may be asking too much...

2. Persona Pentathlon Project:
a. Tacuinum project of doom (this is the book-made-from-proper-materials project, which everyone assures me I'm crazy for trying to do in an 8 month time span starting from nothing. But we already knew I was crazy, so that's ok.)
b. Write the article/finish sauce redactions for the "Humoral Effects of 14th century sauces" paper. (i.e., the project I've been playing with off and on for years, that REALLY ought to get done).
c. clean/card wool for the Felt Hat Project, and decide how/if to dye it.
d. pick a sewing project
e. Test period methods for making the "Golden Chicken"...

3. 12th night garb for G and I...

4. Clean the house so as to have persona and/or medieval cooking parties.

5. Work on encampment stuff for next season.

The even nicer thing about these projects? Long-term deadlines....
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So this post is partially inspired by the cooking meme [ profile] kfitzwarin tagged me with, but I'll get to that later in the post, but mostly b/c of a conversation I had with Nick on Tuesday.

Here's the thing, I call myself a cook - and I really do adore cooking. I mean, I considered going to cooking school for a while, until I realized that while I would adore the cooking part, the associated lifestyle would make me miserable. And yet, I don't cook dinner most evenings (nor lunch nor breakfast, but that's not quite the same thing). Why?

Well, here's the thing - I've never really learned to cook *practically*. By that I mean normal things, like, dinner. Oh, I *can* cook simple food - I just don't really enjoy it, and have a tendency to... complicate matters, until what was a 30 minute dinner becomes a 90 minute cooking adventure that dirties every pot in the kitchen in the meantime. Which is all well and good (to my credit it USUALLY comes out well) but... if I indulge this habit it tends to eat my evenings up. Which gets back to why I'm forbidden to cook between now and Pennsic (too much garb to sew!).

Still, there has to be SOME middle ground between eating out of boxes (or just eating out!) and gourmet cookery...

Anyway, on to the cooking meme... )
ETA: I suppose I should tag someone for the meme. I guess I tag [ profile] brynpobydd.
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So lately I've been being ridiculously domestic - as in staying home, cooking dinner, etc. I even baked bread last night. (A nifty recipe I found, actually - it's almost as easy as bread machine bread, but not - all the kneading gets done by Kitchenaid, and it's a quick rising recipe so start-to-finish it took about 2 hours. I need to tweak it just a little, as I don't think it rose QUITE enough (the bread is yummy, but a little denser than I would like - really good for sandwiches though. I'll post it once I'm really happy with it...)

Anyway, so this domestic gig is really nice, actually. I'm more content right now than I have been in's odd, because I always believed clutter didn't bother me. But apparently it did...< shrug > I shall stop this train of writing, though, else I'll sound like one of those silly FlyLady testimonials...and, well, no. I think somebody needs to write Flylady for cynics, though, as her system would be REALLY useful if it wasn't drenched in sweetened chicken soup. (No, really, and it's as icky as it sounds...go here if you don't believe me).

Meanwhile, there's lots of stuff I want to do before Coronation - maybe new garb for both of us (we'll see on this one) and a subtlety for the Queen's Tea... oh, and some "fleur de lis" themed stuff for that other competition... the nice thing is, since we've been staying home and the house is clean-ish, this almost sounds feasible... yay sanity.
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Coffee machines with a timer are fabulous, fabulous things. That's all I have to say about that...well, except this. Are there any coffee geeks out there in LJ land? Is it worth buying a (cheap, bladed) coffee grinder if the coffee is going to sit out all night? or is it better to just get it burr-ground at the place where I got it? (I'm leaning towards the latter, but...)

In other news, the bread tart from Sabina Welserin is a yummy, yummy thing. It's a cross between a bread pudding and a custard pie - [ profile] darklordmoeser said the texture reminded him of pumpkin pie, I personally think it's a bit more like a very, very soft brownie. Either way, I think, assuming I can get over my documentation mental block, that my entry for Royal Baker will be much better than last years. Yay!

And in other news....scary, scary stuff...

EDIT: I use redundant adjectives way, way too much... er, WAY too much.
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Note to self: Next time you throw a random dinner party, do it on a weekend. Or kick people out before midnight. Either, or, doesn't matter...

Oh well, 'twas FABULOUS. What I was thinking of as "2-3 people and some food" turned into I think 10 people, at its "biggest" point, 2 pans of lasanga, yummy cheese dip and bagel chips, garlic bread, baked apples, cheesecake, and a few bottles of wine, blackberry mead, and really strange/bad hard cider (it was Norman sparkling cider, and just tasted "off". I think it was that particular bottle, rather than the type though - it seemed like the cork might have gone bad). Lots of people showed up - [ profile] zihuatanejo (J & O), [ profile] evan_page,[ profile] harleenquinzell,[ profile] darklordmoeser, [ profile] ramblingheritic,and [ profile] island42 and his lovely lady Edela (Caroline) who NEEDS AN LJ. :-) (yes, I'm being as subtle as a baseball bat...)

And, even better, I managed to get at least a "proof of concept" of the baker's mark [ profile] ramblingheritic made me. The yeast I had was more or less dead, so the bread didn't rise/bake properly and I took it out of the oven before it really had a chance to get done, but the mark did indeed make a permanent indentation in the crust. woot!
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of my livejournal. After all, I can't let my dear husband show me up on this, can I?

So... where to begin... it was a VERY long holiday season, and yet seemed to go by overly quickly at the same time. That doesn't make sense... but it seems like my life is doing that a lot lately - being weird about time I mean - like my life seems to be going by in blinks.

Christmas was spent in Florida - which was actually a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be. I'm starting to get used to (after 6 years? 'bout time) having inlaws. It helps that right before we left on the 21st, I realized that I was kind of pushing them away because I felt guilty for having a relationship - any relationship - with them when I don't have one w/ my real parents. That wasn't really fair to anyone involved, so, I'm trying to quit.

We went to St. Augustine - which wasn't quite as cool as I thought it would be - the fort was nice, but otherwise it was touristy and colder than you'd think it would be in Florida - I don't care if it was December, Florida is supposed to be warm (yes, I'm spoiled. And?) We took a REALLY long trolley/train tour of the city - unfortunately there were two trolleys in a row, and we got the one with the incompetant guide. We also went to the Lightner museum, because for some reason I *thought* a painting I adore was there - unfortunately, I remembered wrong, the painting is actually sitting in the national gallery of Ireland. Oh well. There was some interesting stuff there, just not worth the 6 bucks we paid for it.

Meanwhile, I didn't get as much sewing done over vacation as I should have - I got distracted and ended up reading LOTR instead. Which was cool, I finally got over my dislike of Tolkein's style enough to *really* enjoy the books (and this is like the 4th or 5th time I've read them, so I was a bit surprised.) Maybe the Simarillion next?

I barely got time to turn around twice before the New Year's Party. Good points - the food was good (yay eggnog and cream puffs, and I *think* everyone had a good time. Bad points - Nick drunk w/ hangover, my house hasn't QUITE recovered (from the party, not the hangover) and we have SO many leftovers. Oh well, that's ok, there are worse things, so I'll definitely do it again next year. And @ 4th of July, of course.

Resolutions, I think, will just have to be covered in another entry. Mostly b/c I haven't QUITE decided on specifics.

I spent last weekend playing entirely too much Soul Calibur on Xav's playstation - I did find the perfect character for me, at least... she has a tantrum attack!!! (Can't find screen shot) Again, lack of sewing, which leads me to this week...

FRANTIC COMPLETION OF 12TH NIGHT GARB!!! (And I said I wouldn't have to do that this year....) But I finished the first of Nick's sleeves last night... and its very cool... so I think it'll be worth it... Meanwhile, in the next three evenings, I have to sew large portions of 2 houpes... hosen... hats... yeah, it's not going to be fun.

more later...


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