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I'll post real documentation (such as it is, I *hate* cooking early period) later....

Matbröd: Freshly baked wheat bread.
Knäckebröd: Rye Crispbread

Ny Smör: Homemade Butter
Skyr med Vitlök: Fresh cheese with garlic

Brotchan Folchep: Leek soup with oatmeal
Klättra och Mussla Småkoka:  Scallop, mussel and clam stew with fennel

Steka Nötkött: Roast beef
Älgstek Ffläta med Röd Vin och Svampen: Venison braised with red wine and mushrooms
Griskött Korv inne om Titulera om Lucan: Pork sausage in the style of the Lucanians
Sylt fisk med Rödlöken: Pickled fish with onions

Bönan med Öl: Beans cooked with beer and spices
Moroten Ugnen med Ingefära: Carrots cooked with ginger
Steket Kålen: Sautéed cabbage

Söt Havrekaka: Sweet oatcakes
Bakat Äpplesås: Baked applesauce
Honung Kräm:Honeyed custard

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Then again, that's the subject of like, *every* one of my posts. Guess I'm turning into an LJ voyeur... and here I've teased people about that.

But then, it's fall, so perhaps it's not surprising that I'm being quiet and semi-reclusive. Certainly I haven't been doing anything useful lately. Which is bad, as my "list of things I *want* to be doing" has gotten very long, and my "list of things I *should* be doing... or should have already done" has gotten even longer. Perhaps that's the problem. Too many directions, and instead I play Wii. (Which, as a side note, is a really fabulous thing - I'm perhaps 2/3 of the way through Zelda, same through Paper Mario, and haven't lost interest yet. woot??) And I've gotten a lot of reading done lately - newest "fandom", as it were, has been S.M. Sterling.. the Nantucket trilogy, and am 2/3 through the "Dies the Fire" series. They're fun sort of survivalist/medievalist fluff - the author was/is apparently a SCAdian and honestly, the whole thing sort of panders to the smug sort of "I bet we could survive if guns and electricity quit working" thoughts that end up in the back of a lot of people's minds....(admit it! they're there! though honestly? I don't think I'd be one of the lucky ones in those circumstances, if I'm being realistic). But like I said, they're fun...

Speaking of projects, we really need to decide what we're wearing for 12th night. I'm thinking perhaps a bit earlier this year - am sort of tired of houppelandes at the moment, so I'm thinking some sort of pretty gown and I have some thoughts for this gorgeous purple brocade I bought for N a couple Pennsic's ago - it's technically a pair of saris, but there's just enough for a cotehardie...and we have folly bells. ::skips merrily::

And of course I 'm still working on Ymir and Battle of the Oranges feasts - need to get in and get some library time, perhaps this weekend after we get back from Marinus this weekend. (No, we have no real reason to go, other than it's a pas, and I like those. And I get to hang out with the lovely [ profile] geniealisa and [ profile] puck_eater - yay!)

But perhaps most interestingly... or maybe only to me... As many of you who have been reading this journal for a while know, I've suspected I have some form of ADD/ADHD for years. But I've always been too scared to find out for sure... or figured I could handle it on my own... or... well, any number of things.  Pure arrogance, if nothing else (I should be smart enough to just... ignore it.) That's... not entirely the case. So I finally (finally! I mean, I've been talking about this with N for ages, if nothing else) called Duke.  Long story short, I'm scheduled to be tested the Tues before thanksgiving... and if I do in fact have it I'm going to end up in a research study for a year or so. ::shrug:: it'll be interesting to know one way or the other.
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So although last week was mostly a wash in terms of fighting (it rained on Tuesday. AND on Thursday. This makes Jennifer sad), I did go to Baronial practice yesterday. And, thanks to some people at work bugging me, I even remember to bring my camera:
Picture behind cut: )
So yeah, that's me in armor. (Isn't the helm great?)Needs work though - although the gambeson that [ profile] kfitzwarin gave me is lovely, it's a bit too wide across the shoulders, thus my pauldron does something really funky most of the time. And let's not talk about the chest armor (it's possibly as old as I am) - even though you can't see it, it's a bad thing..

The problem with yesterday was that it was REALLY hot. As in half of the people out there were falling out due to the heat. Unfortunately, that included me...  Just fighting wouldn't have been so bad, but we were doing melee practice and I was the "designated archer-chaser".  Now, this sounded like a GREAT job when they handed it to me - after all, I'm the newbie, so not as useful on the shield wall as I could be, so going after someone I only have to touch? woot! What they DIDN'T tell me was that Steve can run faster backwards than most people can run forwards. (Most, in this case, includes me.)  So, yeah, sprinting in armor. In 90+ degree heat. Did I mention I have no endurance?  Long story short, even though I was drinking lots of water, the combination was NOT a good thing - after a few passes like this I completely overheated and had to get out of armor.  Which, of course, I was completely embarassed by, but oh well. (Nick says I'm being silly - and he's right - but I feel very self conscious any time I can't keep up with the rest of the group. I know, I'm new, it will pass, but ::shrug::) 

In other news, I got the money in my hands for feast, so I can start on some of the pre-cooking (sausages, sugar plate, etc). Time to order gum tracaganth and sausage casings!

Also, sewing is starting to fall into the "I have too much of it to do so I don't want to do any of it" category. This is bad.
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So this post is partially inspired by the cooking meme [ profile] kfitzwarin tagged me with, but I'll get to that later in the post, but mostly b/c of a conversation I had with Nick on Tuesday.

Here's the thing, I call myself a cook - and I really do adore cooking. I mean, I considered going to cooking school for a while, until I realized that while I would adore the cooking part, the associated lifestyle would make me miserable. And yet, I don't cook dinner most evenings (nor lunch nor breakfast, but that's not quite the same thing). Why?

Well, here's the thing - I've never really learned to cook *practically*. By that I mean normal things, like, dinner. Oh, I *can* cook simple food - I just don't really enjoy it, and have a tendency to... complicate matters, until what was a 30 minute dinner becomes a 90 minute cooking adventure that dirties every pot in the kitchen in the meantime. Which is all well and good (to my credit it USUALLY comes out well) but... if I indulge this habit it tends to eat my evenings up. Which gets back to why I'm forbidden to cook between now and Pennsic (too much garb to sew!).

Still, there has to be SOME middle ground between eating out of boxes (or just eating out!) and gourmet cookery...

Anyway, on to the cooking meme... )
ETA: I suppose I should tag someone for the meme. I guess I tag [ profile] brynpobydd.


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