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A word to the wise. If one has attempted to puree soup in a blender that a. doesn't work and b. has a broken handle, don't attempt to pour the soup into the food processor holding the carafe BY that handle.

Note title of post.

Just sayin'.

That said, this recipe: is REALLY lovely. Enjoy.
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So the good thing about fall (if there is one, I dislike being cold so it's not precisely my favorite season) is soup. I made a crockpot of beans on Monday (mixed navy and pinto, with salt pork and a habanero) and while the first part of it was eaten as beans and rice, I was *supposed* to get lamb sausage in my CSA on Tuesday, so tonight was going to be sausage and bean stew.

No lamb was forthcoming, so I got some andouille @ the grocery store instead (sadness and woe).

However? 1 lb andouille, sauteed with a few tablespoons (shoot me, I like garlic) of minced garlic, with about a bag worth of cooked beans, a can of tomatoes, a pouch of onion soup mix, some thyme, and a splash of vinegar for a bit of extra acidity? Does Not Suck At All.

Just sayin'.
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So according to the calendar, we need to get certain bits of the garden ready to plant soon. At least that’s what the seed packet says.

Anyway, the rain interfered with getting the garden started today. We began flattening out the area where it’s going to be, but moving wet clay sucks hairy… Err, yeah.

I’m still dithering between raised beds with “new” dirt, which I’m afraid is going to be pricy, and trying to amend the dirt I’ve got. Did I mention that dirt is heavy clay, some of which is nothing more than fill dirt that wasn’t even growing grass? But then that describes large portions of my yard.

Meanwhile it’s still raining, so it’s not like I can work on it more anyway.


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For several years I've pondered giving up *something* for Lent. Not out of religious motivations, but just out of a... well, I'd try the full medieval lent experience except I'd probably starve. So this might be as close as I'll come. (Maybe someday when I'm less busy... I bet I *could* find stuff to eat, but time to figure it out AND cook it would be hard).

Anyway, so the thing I decided on was fried foods. Specifically deep-fried, not like, panfried or something, though things with breading are still Right Out. (Yes, [ profile] soucyn, that means I won't be making Chicken Parmesan till after Easter).
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I've mentioned we signed up for veggie-delivery a couple times, and have been telling lots of people about it because it's a really cool service. Not sure if anyone's actually going to sign up for it, but if you do happen to try Papa Spud's,  can you give them my name as the referral? I get free stuff that way... ;-) (Hey, at least I'm honest!)

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Though[ profile] soucyn points out it's more like a French dinner. But I digress.

Every so often, Papa Spids brings us things that aren't vegetables. Like garlic and dill chevre from Black River Farmstead. Which is really lovely on wheat toast.

It's even better with last night's tarte tatin, which I didn't make out of some desire to make American apple poe for the election, but because I had a lot of random apples filling up the fruit drawer.

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So as I mentioned a few times, we've been eating better since the move... But what's weird is that I actually chose to make salad this evening. Pretty though, no?

(What's even cooler is that my stove has reaaly great lighting for food - that was taken on the iphone, which so has a not great camera...)

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Oct. 27th, 2008 03:12 pm
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So politics doesn't get comments, how 'bout food? (I'm posting this mostly so I remember the recipes, but I can vouch that they are all tasty).

[ profile] harleenquinzell and [ profile] foklens came over for dinner last night, and since the food turned out nicely, I figured I should post recipes. The main dish was Pomegranate and Spice-Braised Pork - I followed the recipe reasonably closely (for me), with only a few changes:
  • Ignore the part where you sear the meat in a separate pan than the dutch oven you use to braise it in - just sear it in the dutch oven, remove it, saute your onions, and add it back in. The added advantage is that the onions get seared in the released pork fat rather than having to add more olive oil. Yum.
  • The hoisin sauce is optional, the fish sauce isn't.
  • More garlic is always better.
We also had fried polenta with garlic (saute some garlic in a small saucepan, add herbs of your choice, in my case thyme and sage, then make old-fashioned grits according to the package direction (err on the side of less liquid) with chicken broth as the liquid...pour into a cake pan and chill till solid, then cut in squares and fry until crispy, and pan roasted broccoli.
The broccoli recipe is from cook's illustrated, so I can't link, but the basic idea is cut the broccoli into florets, and cut the stems into bias-cut strips - the idea is you want flattish rectangles, more or less, that'll cook evenly.  Mix some salt and pepper (I used szechuan pepper, because I was out of normal pepper. I don't know what that says about my kitchen, but I love this stuff.) with a few tablespoons of water and set aside. Heat a bit of oil in a pan with a lid, put the *stems* in and let them cook without stirring until lightly browned, 1 min or so, then add the florets, stir to toss, and leave to cook for another 2 mins without stirring anymore. Add the water/spices, cover tightly, and steam until the broccoli is bright green. (Apparently it was good, I didn't actually eat it.)

And of course [ profile] harleenquinzell made lemon cake, and brought wine, and That Was Tasty Too. :)

Earlier in the week, we had beef roast, as it was on sale and I had promised [ profile] nikulai and [ profile] lukasbrierley dinner at some point. I tried another Cooks Illustrated technique, which was to roast the beef at a very low temp (225) until it hit 115 degrees internal temp, and then turn the oven off *entirely*, without opening the door, and let it coast up to 135 or so (medium rare). If you like your beef nicely pink all the way through, this is a lovely idea, although it's a little difficult to get the pan sauce made before the beef gets cold. Green beans steamed with tarragon and roasted potatoes-and-carrots were the rest of that meal, along with some sort of nifty weight-watchers friendly chocolate pie which was MUCH better than I would have believed, given the healthiness of it.

Have I mentioned I love the new kitchen?

St. C's...

Mar. 8th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Pages of documentation: 16 (of probably 25)
Pots of tea: 2
Orders of takeout chinese: 1
Packets of cheese and crackers: 2
Consecutive hours of writing: 13 (of probably 16-18)

I'm starting to get a bit punchy...

Although, how did I live without Pandora before? (If you're really curious about my taste in angst-rock, you can go here, although I warn you, in many ways my taste in music has NOT changed since high school - new bands, yes, but genre? yeah, 'nuff said.) Now, if only Helio would add it as a service - it's the one thing Sprint has that Helio doesn't (and I didn't realize this before I switched. Still like my phone better, though, and, well, that's what they make BitTorrent for...)
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You may note that that tends to be a common theme of "When G actually writes LJ entries".  Anyway, I had a fabulous time at KASF after riding up with [ profile] galeran and [ profile] splagxna - conversation was lovely in both directions, although I was a little discombobulated for the first little while I was at the event (I mean, it took me like 20-30 minutes just to get dressed and my hair up, I think) eventually the sleep dep wore off a bit, I got things set up, and I had a good time geeking about the effects of fish sauce on food (it's a natural source of glutamates, lots more information here if you're curious) and convincing people that pickled tilapia was tasty. 

And I got decent feedback on my Ymir documentation, though I kept waiting for the East German judge to show up (Anyone? Bueller? maybe EGJudge is on LJ instead?)... now I just have to write up stuff for the St. Catherine's tourney. I'm doing several dishes from Le Recuil, haven't entirely decided *which* ones (I have favorites, but I'm trying to make a coherent and appropriate supper out of them rather than just random dishes, and I'm still trying to track down exactly how many dishes and in what assortment that will be.)

Meanwhile back to the photoshopping... the graphic design stuff is the *fun* part of my job, so why I am procrastinating? (Oh, right, because I can't stand the sales rep this is for... yay passive-aggressiveness...)
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I'll post real documentation (such as it is, I *hate* cooking early period) later....

Matbröd: Freshly baked wheat bread.
Knäckebröd: Rye Crispbread

Ny Smör: Homemade Butter
Skyr med Vitlök: Fresh cheese with garlic

Brotchan Folchep: Leek soup with oatmeal
Klättra och Mussla Småkoka:  Scallop, mussel and clam stew with fennel

Steka Nötkött: Roast beef
Älgstek Ffläta med Röd Vin och Svampen: Venison braised with red wine and mushrooms
Griskött Korv inne om Titulera om Lucan: Pork sausage in the style of the Lucanians
Sylt fisk med Rödlöken: Pickled fish with onions

Bönan med Öl: Beans cooked with beer and spices
Moroten Ugnen med Ingefära: Carrots cooked with ginger
Steket Kålen: Sautéed cabbage

Söt Havrekaka: Sweet oatcakes
Bakat Äpplesås: Baked applesauce
Honung Kräm:Honeyed custard

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So I just ran across an article on microwaving unbleached flour in order to improve the way the starch gelatinized.

This would have been interesting, but not a big deal, except it made me think of Digby Cakes. Which to me have always seemed very dense... but then I've never done the first step when making them.
Take three pound of very fine flower well dryed by the fire, and put to it a pound and a half of loaf Sugar sifted in a very fine sieve and dryed; Three pounds of Currants well washed, and dryed in a cloth and set by the fire; When your flower is well mixed with the Sugar and Currants, you must put in it a pound and a half of unmelted butter, ten spoonfuls of Cream, with the yolks of three new-laid Eggs beat with it, one Nutmeg; and if you please, three spoonfuls of Sack. When you have wrought your paste well, you must put it in a cloth, and set it in a dish before the fire, till it be through warm. Then make them up in little cakes, and prick them full of holes; you must bake them in a quick oven unclosed. Afterwards Ice them over with Sugar. The Cakes should be about the bigness of a hand breadth and thin; of the cise of the Sugar Cakes sold at Barnet.

Coincidence? I'm thinking no...
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WhenI got home last night, I was *starving*. Like, cranky-from-lack-of-food-and-biting-N's-head-off starving. This confused me for a second - I *ate* lunch - until I realized that Lunchables, while an acceptable lunch, are only about 300 calories. Given that I had been, before going on a take-lunch-in-kick, eating WAY too much fastfood (which is what, 300 calories per bite? I exaggerate, but still)... not a surprise. Especially since I had run out of Clif bars, and so hadn't eaten breakfast this week. So I decided to make scones for the rest of the week... a variation on this recipe, but with almonds and chocolate chips and a bit of vanilla instead of pecans.  Are they tasty? I have *no* idea. You see, somebody (looks pointedly at the next cube over - yes, my husband and I have adjacent blocks of cubeland) forgot about them this morning. So I got no breakfast.

Well, that would have been true except there was a sales rep with a birthday yesterday, who didn't show up to get his cake, so we had birthday cake at 10 in the morning. I'm weirdly hyper now....

Anyway, once the scones were made I delegated dinner to the husband, who was supposed to make tacos but we forgot to buy cheese. PapaJohn's to the rescue.... while I went and worked on cuisses... lots and lots of cuisses. [ profile] puck_eater's are done, except for hems and eyelets. (And I think I'm going to do eyelets Fri evening when we get there, that way they're DEFINITELY in the right spot.) BoyG's are cut out, and the dags and 3 of the ropes are in on one of them. The rope thing looks like it's going to work *really* well, if the fabric holds up. (Which I'm a little dubious of, this is more stash-cleaning, and the wool is a bit soft...) Also, I picked up some cute little fleur-de-lis.... things. I have no idea what you'd call them, they're a metal fleur-de-lis with 4 spikes on the back, stick them on your fabric then fold the spikes over. Anyway, there's gonna be one on each dag... He's gonna look sharp now. Especially since the gambeson, which was getting REALLY scary, got redyed last night. I may have used a BIT too much dye, it's now... black. Really black.  Like black-hole-sucking-up-all-available-light black. ::giggle::
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So the Baronial meeting was last night, and [ profile] thlmakai's bid was chosen. Yay! This means I'm cooking feast ::wibble:: The Kberg event (Battle of the Oranges!) is also a go, per Monday's meeting, which means I have 2 feasts coming up next spring. So there will be lots of food geeking between now and then. Anyway, I don't know how many people want to read all that, vs. how many people want to be pleasantly surprised by their dinners at each event. SO... I'm setting up filters. If you'd like in to 1 or both filters, and/or want to come play in the kitchen (especially if you want to come play in the kitchen, as if you have a clue what's going on before you get there we'll both have more fun) drop me a line - I'll be posting the first bit later today.
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And I'm full of yummy steaks. (Half price NY strip at Harris Teeter, rubbed down with lots of salt and some pouldre forte and let to sit in the fridge for several hours, then grilled. Good stuff.)

But since I've been somewhat remiss in posting, I figured I'd go see if the bread recipe I've told several people about was online - and it is! I'm being somewhat dreadful in that it's on the paid-site part of cook's illustrated, but honestly? I just don't feel like retyping it off the cookbook it's in... (which I make this often enough that it opens straight to this page.) Homemade bread, esp. when you don't have to work at it, is a lovely thing - and makes taking sandwiches to work not feel like deprivation...

The recipe )

I don't always bother with the water-in-a-pan part, as a side note - it makes it rise in the oven a *bit* better for a lighter loaf (it makes the crust not solidify quite as quickly) but there really isn't that much difference.

Meanwhile, I should go back to working - this was an extravagant bit of procrastination, as I got a bid dumped on me Friday evening and have been somewhat tethered to the computer most of the weekend. I don't want to though, so I guess you'll have to put up with me a bit more.

I did go see Stardust last night (yay hooky!), which was fabulous, and we rode the bikes a bit. There was even a bit of a chill in the air last night after the movie, so I guess it'll be fall proper soon - which makes [ profile] soucyn dreadfully happy and me not so much.

Let's see...I've been working on some research for a couple new things to me - cheesemaking and possibly more complicated sausage-making (I'm not *sure* I can set up the equipment for cold-aged sausage in my apartment, but I'd *love* to be able to try it). And I ran across (in surfing friends-of-friends pages) a really interesting series on research on [ profile] telerib's LJ. The most interesting thing in that series was this entry on keeping a logbook. I'm not sure why this never really occured to me, not even during this discussion a while back, esp. since I've had to keep a lab notebook and what not. Maybe it's just because note-taking, except for specific purposes like research papers, does *not* come naturally to me. Something to keep in mind for the future, though - I'm still thinking about how to best apply this to my own research, in that I *do* need to start keeping that sort of log but I'm not sure what format I want to put it in. Anyway...ok, now I really will go work. Really. ::sigh::
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So I went to Calontir this weekend, which was QUITE fun. The trip down was uneventful; TSA doesn't mind needles or small scissors, so I could work on the Embroidery Project of Doom; AirTran has XM radio on their planes now, which rocks; and a lovely man named Ulf met me at the gate with a sign (!!). Met [ profile] wombatgirl, and [ profile] valkyr8, and [ profile] antigonetheban; taught two classes, met an Oldcastle cousin (Taidhg), and got to have a long conversation with Duke Cariadoc (!!). I was surprised at the size of the event, only 90-something people, but there were still people from 7 kingdoms there (!!), and it was a Calontirii Royal Progress. There was lots of food-geeking, and not enough embroidery, and I got to have dinner with [ profile] intrepida. All in all, VERY much worth the plane ticket.

On the way back, I proceeded to prove I am in fact a ditz - Atlanta airport is huge, and one does NOT have time to mosey and/or stop for cheese fries on the way to your gate if your gates are in different terminals and there's only an hour between flights. Somehow, space kitten that I am, I managed to completely miss this fact, and missed my flight. Even more embarassing was that I sat there for a little while, calmly waiting for a flight that had already left and I didn't realize it... lucky for me, the  next flight wasn't full. However, it did mean I got a new entry in the "It's a tiny world book", in that when walking back to the other gate to catch the "replacement" flight back to Durham,  I ran into a chick from high school that I hadn't seen since we graduated. Go figure.

Since the pie class ran out of handouts, and I told people to check the website for it, I spent most of yesterday updating my website - look in the cooking and projects sections for updates. I'd love feedback, if anyone actually goes to see it. ::grin::

Tonight will be fun - [ profile] 3_purple_irises and Lukas are coming over to help me get my underdress sewn for Crown, while I frantically finish embroidering the overgown. Meanwhile, [ profile] nikulai and [ profile] soucyn are in charge of dinner...
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Though in this case I DO know when I'll be back again. I'm off to the Calontir Cooks' Symposium this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm teaching two classes, one on Pies and one with the same info as the paper I did last year on Spices.

Not sure how many Calontiris, or other people who will be at the event (other than [ profile] wombatgirl!) I know on here, but if you see me there, *please* say hello - this is my first time going to a random event outkingdom just for the sake of going, and should be an adventure. I will look like the picture here (yes, wearing this exact outfit, after some consultation with [ profile] nikulai - can you tell I'm a BIT nervous about all this?)

Embroidery update - I'm 22 pearl clusters away from finishing the sleeves (!!!!!!), and plan to finish them, draw out the neckline tonight, clean out the sewing room a bit, and finish/ print out my handouts for the classes. Tomorrow, [ profile] 3_purple_irises is coming over to help me with my undergown - I'm not QUITE agile enough to fit myself, and my husband tries REALLY hard (trust me, read this). But really, for those of you who have ever made gothic fitted gowns? male assistance on those doesn't REALLY count as assistance, am I wrong? ;-)
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No, the two don't REALLY have anything to do with each other, other than they were both part of my evening last night.

Went to Buckston practice - had fun, but OMG!!11eleventy!!! I sucked. 'Bout the only thing I did *right* was avoid some shots/shield snatches by [ profile] suetsune, who was doing the Japanese polearm thing (I'm sure they have a name, I'm equally sure I have no idea what it is). Oh well, I suppose it wasn't QUITE as bad as it could have been, given the 6 months since I fought last, so I won't complain. Also, I'm talking to Uilleg about a new corrazina, which will be Teh Hotness if it works out. Yay. (Also, I have no idea why I'm channeling my inner MySpace denizen this morning. ::shrug::)

Came home to find Yummy Garlic Chicken. We got a new crockpot, and I had a leftover chicken that HAD to be eaten (bought for KASF on Friday). Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic (ok, and an onion and a few herbs) is a FABULOUS thing when cooked in a crockpot - it completely falls apart, to the point the legs and wings fell off the bird when I tried to get it out of the pot.

Also, new addition to the "You know you're married to an SCA fighter when..." files. (This is possibly TMI, but is funny so I'm not cutting it. Deal...)

It's amazingly disturbing when you're in bed with your husband, and out of nowhere, while, um, supposedly focused on other things, he suddenly announces "I know why people keep hitting you at practice! You're squared up too much!"

He almost got kicked out of bed for that one...
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For the first time, my KASF Pentathlon in Persona entry... actually got done!!! (This was somewhat surprising, really, given last year's flood, etc - I to some degree didn't really think I'd get done). And it was a near thing - I took the day off on Friday (due to a difference in tenure at our jobs, I have more vacation time than N this year, so I might as well use it for something) and STILL didn't sleep.

The sieve project had to be shelved, due to the sheer length of time naalbinding at that scale takes, though I did show a few people the work-in-progress and they went ooh-ahh so I'm definitely going to have to finish it. (Also need to figure out a way to rig a loom, so that I can compare the length of time the naalbinding takes with how long a woven one would take, and compare the sturdiness of the two...)

So my entries turned out to be:

  • A research paper - the translation of Le Recuil de Riom
  • A comparison of three Cameline sauces (from Le Recuil, Le Menagier, and Chiquart)
  • A lamb-and-parsley stew (Haricot de Mouton) from same
  • A subtlety - a Golden Chicken (boneless, gilded)
  • A calligraphed copy of the same (in the original French, I don't trust my translation enough yet to want it immortalized in calligraphy

Actually, that's approximately the same order of the scores I got - the first three things did REALLY well, the last 2 needed a little more work. Not surprising, really - I'm a cook and research geek, not quite as good at making things pretty - and the chicken was a little more of a documentation stretch. And calligraphy? Well, that I'm just new at - this is the first project I've actually finished.

Anyway, I had lots of fabulous conversations, though I didn't really get to leave my table and thus I didn't really see anyone else's stuff. ::pout:: This makes me sad, as I *heard* about lots of fabulous stuff I didn't see.

I didn't win the Pentathlon... but! Their Majesties gave me a Silver Nautilus because, to quote His Majesty, I "had people stacked three deep around my table to taste stuff all day." Which is pretty near true, actually - thus the lack of wandering around. I don't mind though - for whatever reason, people just won't try stuff without someone there to explain what it is, even if there's PLENTY for both judging and random samples. (Is there any way to fix that? I'm planning on entering food in A&S at Crown, and well, am NOT planning on staying with it...) I have to get everything up on my website. Though I'm thinking about a site redesign in the meantime... and tonight? I'm digging out my armor and going to Buckston practice for the first time this year. Yay!

Edit: Photo taken by the lovely [personal profile] pinkleader, who was much more intelligent than I and actually took her camera OUT of her bag...


Jan. 10th, 2007 04:07 pm
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So I was good last night! I actually cooked dinner. ::gasp:: AND did sewing - and didn't even leave the kitchen too scary. (go me!)

Now, I thought the chili was decent, but not exceptional. My husband liked it though, and now he has people wanting the recipe, so I guess I'll post.

This is embarassing, though, as this is "what I cook when I don't feel like cooking", not "interesting food".  Ah well.

recipe... )

Really, it's not THAT interesting of a chili recipe... if I was going to go for AMAZING chili I'd start with better meat, add some more veggies and multiple sorts of beans, toast my own chilis and add some fresh ones, that sort of thing. But it is tasty with cornbread and some cheese... and I may turn the leftovers into frito pie tonight, ::giggle::


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