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So I went to Calontir this weekend, which was QUITE fun. The trip down was uneventful; TSA doesn't mind needles or small scissors, so I could work on the Embroidery Project of Doom; AirTran has XM radio on their planes now, which rocks; and a lovely man named Ulf met me at the gate with a sign (!!). Met [ profile] wombatgirl, and [ profile] valkyr8, and [ profile] antigonetheban; taught two classes, met an Oldcastle cousin (Taidhg), and got to have a long conversation with Duke Cariadoc (!!). I was surprised at the size of the event, only 90-something people, but there were still people from 7 kingdoms there (!!), and it was a Calontirii Royal Progress. There was lots of food-geeking, and not enough embroidery, and I got to have dinner with [ profile] intrepida. All in all, VERY much worth the plane ticket.

On the way back, I proceeded to prove I am in fact a ditz - Atlanta airport is huge, and one does NOT have time to mosey and/or stop for cheese fries on the way to your gate if your gates are in different terminals and there's only an hour between flights. Somehow, space kitten that I am, I managed to completely miss this fact, and missed my flight. Even more embarassing was that I sat there for a little while, calmly waiting for a flight that had already left and I didn't realize it... lucky for me, the  next flight wasn't full. However, it did mean I got a new entry in the "It's a tiny world book", in that when walking back to the other gate to catch the "replacement" flight back to Durham,  I ran into a chick from high school that I hadn't seen since we graduated. Go figure.

Since the pie class ran out of handouts, and I told people to check the website for it, I spent most of yesterday updating my website - look in the cooking and projects sections for updates. I'd love feedback, if anyone actually goes to see it. ::grin::

Tonight will be fun - [ profile] 3_purple_irises and Lukas are coming over to help me get my underdress sewn for Crown, while I frantically finish embroidering the overgown. Meanwhile, [ profile] nikulai and [ profile] soucyn are in charge of dinner...
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Though in this case I DO know when I'll be back again. I'm off to the Calontir Cooks' Symposium this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm teaching two classes, one on Pies and one with the same info as the paper I did last year on Spices.

Not sure how many Calontiris, or other people who will be at the event (other than [ profile] wombatgirl!) I know on here, but if you see me there, *please* say hello - this is my first time going to a random event outkingdom just for the sake of going, and should be an adventure. I will look like the picture here (yes, wearing this exact outfit, after some consultation with [ profile] nikulai - can you tell I'm a BIT nervous about all this?)

Embroidery update - I'm 22 pearl clusters away from finishing the sleeves (!!!!!!), and plan to finish them, draw out the neckline tonight, clean out the sewing room a bit, and finish/ print out my handouts for the classes. Tomorrow, [ profile] 3_purple_irises is coming over to help me with my undergown - I'm not QUITE agile enough to fit myself, and my husband tries REALLY hard (trust me, read this). But really, for those of you who have ever made gothic fitted gowns? male assistance on those doesn't REALLY count as assistance, am I wrong? ;-)
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Crazy, crazy busy this weekend - it was fun, but damn. Come to think of it, I've been crazy busy for the past 2 weeks! Want proof? Burning Crusade's been out for 2 weeks now and I haven't even hit 61. If I wasn't in Windmasters I'd be afraid my guild would disown me!

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

So I'm starting to worry - a lot - about getting everything done for Pent. I know, in many ways it's an arbitrary deadline and I shouldn't base so much stuff around competitions - but that's how my brain works. I just waited too late to start! I think it'll work out ok, though, I just won't have time to do much else. Also, I need to sit down and order all the random materials - wood, horsehair, spices, brazilwood - that I'll need, and SOON.

Of course, this week I need to take a bit of time off from KASF stuff in favor of brushing up my Pie class for the weekend, and getting garb together and what not. I've done the pie class before, I just need to go collect the actual recipes (the one detail I left out that time) and put together some slides, run through it and make sure it's long enough, that sort of thing. I should have plenty of time, what with the BoyG doing the fighting thing so much...
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Not that I think any of you were waiting with bated breath or anything. 

So I never really wrote about Ymir (ancient news, I know, but bear with me).  It was cold and wet, but I was ok with that, as I wore my blue 1430-ish wool gown and stayed surprisingly toasty.  Ysolt got her Pelican, which is *awesome*, since she (well, John too, of course, but mostly Ysolt) took us to our first event - I doubt I'd be a SCAdian now without her.  [ profile] kfitzwarin and Steve, and [ profile] puck_eater and [ profile] geniealisa came down and stayed with us, which was a blast, and we even seduced the K-Mistress into the WoWCrack. (squee!) All the work I did on Nick's fighting garb paid off, as he got enough compliments (in my hearing) that I'm glad I was wearing a train, as otherwise the fact my feet weren't quite touching the ground would have shown.  And to top the day off? My friends were conspriring behind my back...
Come to think of it, these are large enough I should cut them... )
Did I mention that [ profile] harleenquinzell (whose lovely work the scroll is) tricked me? (And believe me, the scan doesn't do the thing justice - it's GORGEOUS, and only about 4" wide).  She showed it to me like 5 times while creating it (before the name went on it) asking me whether I thought the recipient would like it. Thus leading me to threaten "appropriate revenge" in court...

Anyway, the two weeks between Ymir and KASF were insane, and included flooding (eek! all fixed now, though, and it led us to discover a new comfy organization for our living room furniture, not to mention an excuse for a trip to IKEA, where we ended up with new dining room furniture.

As fo KASF? Even though I didn't enter Pentathlon, I still had a blast. I took up a set of 9 sauces (in adorable little mustard pots my husband found for me at Southern Season), and the hat and calligraphy in progress. Talked with lots of people, got lots of comments and ideas for future projects, and saw other people's VERY nifty stuff (when I managed to get away from my display, that is - I didn't finish labels, or anything, so I spent most of the day hanging out in boy garb and convincing people to come try stuff) and finished up the evening with yummy prime rib at Outback (washed down with an abundance of margaritas, even).

I've spent the last week vegging, to be honest - we've been to Molten Core three times now. I like the guild we've been running with, since WH isn't big enough to support MC runs, but the new point system is... arcane, to be honest. ::shrug:: they're new at it, it'll all work out. We ended up spending the weekend working on a new site for work - I'll link to it to show off when we get it done, as I'm kind of proud on it.  N and I had to learn CSS to do it, which will come in handy in the future. (Erminespot needs content, badly).

This week, though, it's time to get off my ass and start working on Pennsic stuff, and some other Nifty Projects...
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Let's say that someone borrows some clothing from someone, for instance at an event. And let's say that these people live within walking distance of each other. Borrower doesn't return clothing, instead occasionally wears it, with the reasoning "If you wanted it back, you'd come get it." Borrowee doesn't care whether the clothing is returned, really, but thinks it ought to be the borrowers problem to remember to bring it over.

[Poll #523629]

(Note that all questions are PURELY hypothetical and should not be a reflection on anyone they might be referring to. Also note that all polls should be considered in the somewhat silly mood under which they were posted.)
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And I'm chained to my desk waiting for some !@#$# thing to print...

The weekend looks to be interesting, though very little of it will be spent on A&S stuff . That's ok, I'm not entering pentathlon anyway. I'm just going to do royal baker, and display a bit... Tonight I'm going to Cody's Chinese Bistro, with Shelly and some other people I don't know - that's ok, last GNO was fun, this should be too...just can't have TOO much fun, as I'm driving. Tomorrow, I think we're going to go tour UNC's rare book library, and maybe go see a movie - I'd like to see Triplets of Belleville, it sounds just kooky enough to be good. I will NOT, however, see Miracle or The Passion, for very different reasons (though oddly enough they're both movies that try way too hard to be inspirational -shrug- go figure - maybe I'm too much of a cynic). And Sunday is string thing, while Nick goes to fighter practice... yay, though I keep saying I'm going to go watch him fight sometime, and still haven't.

So, to kill some time as I'm COMPLETELY unmotivated to work...

[ profile] soucyn's Daily-Show Style Questions )

And of course, I still owe [ profile] immortaleve some answers..... )

Also from boredom, I took a quiz that purported to choose a book that matched my personality...
It's a bit perplexing... )

And last but not least, LJ style questions ) from [ profile] soucyn

The usual disclaimers apply - if you want questions, of either sort, let me know...

12th night

Jan. 12th, 2004 05:09 pm
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Damn I'm tired. That's kind of the summary of this weekend...

No, really, I am thinking about taking a nap when I get home...

Ok, so that's not very detailed... when last I wrote in this, I still had a dagged sleeve to do, most of my houppelande, a hat, etc etc etc. It all got done, amazingly enough - maybe not quite to the level I would have liked, but it was wearable. And got lots of compliments..

The only problem, of course, was that I didn't sleep - for like 42 hours. and then I got dragged out last night...

Of course, Matt is REALLY amusing when drunk, so...that was ok .

More details and pictures later...
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of my livejournal. After all, I can't let my dear husband show me up on this, can I?

So... where to begin... it was a VERY long holiday season, and yet seemed to go by overly quickly at the same time. That doesn't make sense... but it seems like my life is doing that a lot lately - being weird about time I mean - like my life seems to be going by in blinks.

Christmas was spent in Florida - which was actually a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be. I'm starting to get used to (after 6 years? 'bout time) having inlaws. It helps that right before we left on the 21st, I realized that I was kind of pushing them away because I felt guilty for having a relationship - any relationship - with them when I don't have one w/ my real parents. That wasn't really fair to anyone involved, so, I'm trying to quit.

We went to St. Augustine - which wasn't quite as cool as I thought it would be - the fort was nice, but otherwise it was touristy and colder than you'd think it would be in Florida - I don't care if it was December, Florida is supposed to be warm (yes, I'm spoiled. And?) We took a REALLY long trolley/train tour of the city - unfortunately there were two trolleys in a row, and we got the one with the incompetant guide. We also went to the Lightner museum, because for some reason I *thought* a painting I adore was there - unfortunately, I remembered wrong, the painting is actually sitting in the national gallery of Ireland. Oh well. There was some interesting stuff there, just not worth the 6 bucks we paid for it.

Meanwhile, I didn't get as much sewing done over vacation as I should have - I got distracted and ended up reading LOTR instead. Which was cool, I finally got over my dislike of Tolkein's style enough to *really* enjoy the books (and this is like the 4th or 5th time I've read them, so I was a bit surprised.) Maybe the Simarillion next?

I barely got time to turn around twice before the New Year's Party. Good points - the food was good (yay eggnog and cream puffs, and I *think* everyone had a good time. Bad points - Nick drunk w/ hangover, my house hasn't QUITE recovered (from the party, not the hangover) and we have SO many leftovers. Oh well, that's ok, there are worse things, so I'll definitely do it again next year. And @ 4th of July, of course.

Resolutions, I think, will just have to be covered in another entry. Mostly b/c I haven't QUITE decided on specifics.

I spent last weekend playing entirely too much Soul Calibur on Xav's playstation - I did find the perfect character for me, at least... she has a tantrum attack!!! (Can't find screen shot) Again, lack of sewing, which leads me to this week...

FRANTIC COMPLETION OF 12TH NIGHT GARB!!! (And I said I wouldn't have to do that this year....) But I finished the first of Nick's sleeves last night... and its very cool... so I think it'll be worth it... Meanwhile, in the next three evenings, I have to sew large portions of 2 houpes... hosen... hats... yeah, it's not going to be fun.

more later...
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Don't know why I've been so slack about this journal, but... oh well..

No major news to report - the hurricane was fairly minor here. We got Nick's helm from Eldred, and mine is like, thisclose to being done. And he's helping us put the rest of our armor together, so that will be very cool.

Kind of hard to believe I haven't been to an event in almost 2 months... and if you don't count Pennsic (which was very different) then that makes three. Jeez....

Saw Somjen last weekend... that was REALLY nice, though it's amazing how very very different our lives are now. It's always VERY very good to talk to her though - and I'm definitely thinking about the things she said. all in good time though...

and in the "really weird quizzes" category....
It's Tricky
"It's Tricky" (by Run DMC)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's
right on time
It's's Tricky (Tricky) Tricky (Tricky)
It's Tricky to rock a rhyme to rock a rhyme that's
right on time
It's Tricky...Tr tr tr tricky (Tricky)

Which 80's Song Fits You?
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