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This is in my yard, just beginning to bloom (maybe a third ofthe flowers are open). First I thought rose of some sort, before it bloomed, then I thought blackberries, now I’m wondering if it’s a rosa multiflora like Jenny’s. Help?

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So as I mentioned a few times, we've been eating better since the move... But what's weird is that I actually chose to make salad this evening. Pretty though, no?

(What's even cooler is that my stove has reaaly great lighting for food - that was taken on the iphone, which so has a not great camera...)

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... since you looked at me. Or maybe longer given how often I post. Either way it's been a week living here, plus or minus a few hours, and I figure I should post about how the house is. Of course, we're only marginally moved in, though living with a lot of my "stuff" a street over is kind of interesting. Haven't missed it much, maybe I'd be better at voluntary simplicity than I ever thought. 'Course, part of the reason I don't seem to miss my stuff is that there's a bizarre, or at least unexpected sense of contentment that seems to spring from the whole owning-a-house thing. Which is silly, really - at this point in the mortgage we no more own this place than you do really, but still. Maybe it's just the sense of permanence. Or maybe it's the hot tub, or the fact that with the new kitchen, even pre-remodel, I'm enjoying cooking again and we're eating better than we have in ages. (As a side note, organic local veggies delivered to your house are a lovely thing). Maybe it's the new bed, which has me sleeping like a baby and not waking up with my back in a knot. Heck, maybe it's just that everyhing that HAS gotten moved is organized. Whatever it is, the new house makes me dreadfully happy.

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