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No, the two don't REALLY have anything to do with each other, other than they were both part of my evening last night.

Went to Buckston practice - had fun, but OMG!!11eleventy!!! I sucked. 'Bout the only thing I did *right* was avoid some shots/shield snatches by [ profile] suetsune, who was doing the Japanese polearm thing (I'm sure they have a name, I'm equally sure I have no idea what it is). Oh well, I suppose it wasn't QUITE as bad as it could have been, given the 6 months since I fought last, so I won't complain. Also, I'm talking to Uilleg about a new corrazina, which will be Teh Hotness if it works out. Yay. (Also, I have no idea why I'm channeling my inner MySpace denizen this morning. ::shrug::)

Came home to find Yummy Garlic Chicken. We got a new crockpot, and I had a leftover chicken that HAD to be eaten (bought for KASF on Friday). Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic (ok, and an onion and a few herbs) is a FABULOUS thing when cooked in a crockpot - it completely falls apart, to the point the legs and wings fell off the bird when I tried to get it out of the pot.

Also, new addition to the "You know you're married to an SCA fighter when..." files. (This is possibly TMI, but is funny so I'm not cutting it. Deal...)

It's amazingly disturbing when you're in bed with your husband, and out of nowhere, while, um, supposedly focused on other things, he suddenly announces "I know why people keep hitting you at practice! You're squared up too much!"

He almost got kicked out of bed for that one...
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Perhaps the kitchen gadget collecting has gone too far. I'm sitting here watching the Alton Brown episode on meatballs, and there's a brief digression on the methods one might use to grind the meat for the meatballs, if one's butcher isn't willing to grind lamb for you. He mentioned the KitchenAid attachment, and then said "I prefer the manual method", and holds up a big cast-iron meat grinder. As is my habit when Alton mentions a kitchen gadget I already have, I say "I have that!". (When he mentions an interesting one I don't have - which is very rare - I say "I want that!" but that's another story) At this point, my dear husband is like, "What the fuck? We have a meat grinder?" And I'm like, of course we do, didn't you realize this? This goes on for like 5 minutes before I finally just decide to prove it.

Now, admittedly, I haven't *used* the meat grinder - in fact it hadn't been taken out of the box...  But I was able to go over to the cabinet and pull out this:

This mystified said husband, who had completely forgotten I bought the grinder (impulse buy at a kitchen-store-going-out-of-business sale a few years ago, got 2 nice knives, the grinder and some random other stuff for <$100). Perhaps I really do have too much kitchen stuff though... (on the other hand, there shall be sausages for feast come July!). Still, I pulled this out from behind the also-rarely-used pasta machine...
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Somehow today's Questionable Content made me think of you - (And despite the name, it's worksafe.)
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So I was thirsty and went to get a Diet Coke out of the drink machine. I should have known it wasn't "good" coke when I opened it, as it fizzed all over me. OK, fine. Then I put it on my desk, where it promptly tried to turn itself over into my computer. (Obviously it didn't get the 'puter, as I'm typing this.) I've decided I must have a can of hyperkinetic diet coke on my hands... maybe it's the extra caffeine they put in the diet stuff...

So why is it that whenever I have something that I *absolutely have to do*, that's when I have the least ability to focus on it?

Meanwhile, I'm cranky today - yay sunburn. Oh yeah, and I was cranky / antisocial yesterday, so apologies to [ profile] ramblingheritic,[ profile] zihuatanejo,[ profile] thatursula, and [ profile] harleenquinzell, and of course my dearest [ profile] soucyn who had to deal with me at dinner. Sorry! I should have just found another book, and stayed home with it. On the up side, The Fairy Godmother, which I read at Barnes and Noble while [ profile] darklordmoeser and [ profile] soucyn were at Sin City (which I decided not to see because of the gore factor, even though the cinematography sounded interesting), was quite good for Mercedes Lackey fluff - the story telegraphed what was going to happen at 30 paces out, but hey, the whole book was based on *fairy tales* - this is not a surprise. I quite recommend it, even for those who have sworn off Lackey because of the travesty she's made out of some of the Valdemar books...any of the ones she's done lately have improved. She is, of course, still fluff, and I don't think that will ever change, but that's good once in a while...

Saturday was fun though - went to Novice Tourney, got to watch Girard fight. (Yay! and he even fought to win me a rose from Sir Bryce, who is doing the most gorgeous challenge in honor of his soon-to-be-wife. The odd part of this was when Bryce asked G to introduce him to the lady he was fighting for (me), he said he already knew me - and I don't think we had ever met before. Oh well, maybe my name had gotten to him some other way - there aren't any other Guènievre's in-kingdom that I know of - or maybe he was thinking of someone else. ).

We interrupt this ramble to go "squee!" over the new cookbook that just got delivered to my desk. "The Quick Recipe", from the Cook's Illustrated people. I see much yumminess in my future!

Anyway, so the real reason I went to the event was because Elchenburg Castle (which is looking much better!) is a great site for cooking in a primitive environment - and there was no feast planned for the event. So, I got to play with food - yay! I did both lunch and dinner for Girard and I, Jenny and Owen, Trephina, and their Excellencies. Cut for food info - this will get a bit long... )
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That's Cute

1) Go to write a new entry in LiveJournal at

2) Watch what happens to the "Update Journal" button when you mouse over it for the first time. (Or at least that's what it does in Firefox.)

3) Watch what the button becomes once you actually press it.

4) Heh.

(stolen wholesale from [ profile] theferrett, just because I wanted to see what it did, and this was the easiest thing to post)
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And I'm chained to my desk waiting for some !@#$# thing to print...

The weekend looks to be interesting, though very little of it will be spent on A&S stuff . That's ok, I'm not entering pentathlon anyway. I'm just going to do royal baker, and display a bit... Tonight I'm going to Cody's Chinese Bistro, with Shelly and some other people I don't know - that's ok, last GNO was fun, this should be too...just can't have TOO much fun, as I'm driving. Tomorrow, I think we're going to go tour UNC's rare book library, and maybe go see a movie - I'd like to see Triplets of Belleville, it sounds just kooky enough to be good. I will NOT, however, see Miracle or The Passion, for very different reasons (though oddly enough they're both movies that try way too hard to be inspirational -shrug- go figure - maybe I'm too much of a cynic). And Sunday is string thing, while Nick goes to fighter practice... yay, though I keep saying I'm going to go watch him fight sometime, and still haven't.

So, to kill some time as I'm COMPLETELY unmotivated to work...

[ profile] soucyn's Daily-Show Style Questions )

And of course, I still owe [ profile] immortaleve some answers..... )

Also from boredom, I took a quiz that purported to choose a book that matched my personality...
It's a bit perplexing... )

And last but not least, LJ style questions ) from [ profile] soucyn

The usual disclaimers apply - if you want questions, of either sort, let me know...
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