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Well, really it wasn’t that long. In fact, I wish it had been longer, as I didn’t get as much done as I planned, but enough thinking about that.

As I was blockaded in my sewing room for much of the weekend, I listened to a lot more music than usual. And as a confession? My music taste hasn’t really changed that much since, well, high school. This is kind of sad. Not to mention it was getting a bit repetitive…

So, people with better music taste than I, what should I be listening to that’s come out in the last 5-10 years, since I quit listening to the radio? My taste in music runs slightly angsty, leaning heavily on Tori Amos and Better than Ezra, but ranging as far as Disturbed/Korn/etc into the “harder” rock side of things… not so much into folksy, definitely not into country at ALL.

(And yes, I know about Pandora, but I’m hoping for more personal suggestions…)

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St. C's...

Mar. 8th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Pages of documentation: 16 (of probably 25)
Pots of tea: 2
Orders of takeout chinese: 1
Packets of cheese and crackers: 2
Consecutive hours of writing: 13 (of probably 16-18)

I'm starting to get a bit punchy...

Although, how did I live without Pandora before? (If you're really curious about my taste in angst-rock, you can go here, although I warn you, in many ways my taste in music has NOT changed since high school - new bands, yes, but genre? yeah, 'nuff said.) Now, if only Helio would add it as a service - it's the one thing Sprint has that Helio doesn't (and I didn't realize this before I switched. Still like my phone better, though, and, well, that's what they make BitTorrent for...)
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So I'm playing Diablo and listening to random MP3's instead of sewing - and Metallica's whisky in the jar comes on. Normally I wouldn't notice this, except perhaps to appreciate the slacker irony of listening to a Metallica song on MP3 ("hehe Metallica good, Napster bad" - joke's on you, Metallica, you have too much money anyway). Anyway, Nick and I decided to ponder the lyrics of this - that was a bad thing - what the HECK does "whack for my daddy-o" mean, and what does it have to do with the whisky in the jar? The only thing we could come up with was, in his words, that the whisky was in fact NOT in the jar any longer, it was in... hmm... whatever the Metallica guy's name is. "Musha-ring-da-da-do-da-da-dum" seems to confirm that....anyone want to prove otherwise? Actually, didn't this used to be a irish drinking song? hmm, must google...


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