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Jan. 22nd, 2007 11:52 am
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If you hadn't already seen it, [ profile] argentlion and [ profile] elizabethnmafia will be our next B&B - which is cool, now I have more time to play with food! And they'll do a fabulous job, of that I have no doubt. So congrats, Ros and Gaston!!!!

So meanwhile, I have some really nifty projects I'm working on for Pentathlon - the hard part at the moment is resisting the urge to go play on the Davis Library catalog instead of working. See, if I did that, I could have all the books I want to look at picked out and organized before I get there...

So what are these fabulous projects, you ask? (or maybe you don't, but I'm going to tell you anyway).

1. I'm working on a translation of a cookbook I found. I'm *really* hoping no one else is already working on this one - last time I found a cookbook I thought wasn't translated, I didn't even start working on the translation before I found someone else had already done it. (And I'm not sure there's value in doing it just for the sake of doing it - it's not like I'm a language guru who's going to find subtle point the other translator missed, I'm doing this more to get information that isn't available, out there.)

2. I'm going to cook something from said translation - haven't decided what yet. There are lots of tasty-sounding things, though, so yeah.

3. Last year I displayed several different *types* of sauces. This year, I think I'm going to try something a little different, and display several versions of the same sauce, as specified in different cookbooks. My thought is cameline sauce, but I haven't decided, for sure, that that's what I'll do.

4. I'm calligraphing a cookbook - one specifically devoted to sauces. Not sure that this is going to get bound, or not - we'll see; but I have ink I made and I'm going to make red ink for the capitals and lines betwen the recipes, which was done in some of the existant ones - and will look cool!

5. The project that in some ways is niftiest, and yet I am most intimidated by? I'm going to attempt to make a horsehair sieve. Sieves were used for *everything* in a medieval kitchen, and horsehair ones were VERY common. (Which gets really funny, actually - I found a fabulous quote by a Catholic Inquisitor on the Cathar heretics, and their opinion of Communion and horse hair sieves...) I've found evidence of naalbinding, and evidence of weaving, but these fall well before and well after my target date, so more research is in order. My hunch though, is for weaving...
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And suddenly you realize that you're inspired enough to try and create 5 new objects for the competition in less than 2 months. This is what happened to me last night - Claire started talking about how easy it was to enter the Pentathlon in Persona and suddenly I found myself convincing myself that I *did* in fact have time to do so, even though I had decided none of my 12th night stuff was appropriate.
So that's my next project, even before my Arnolfini gown (which I think will get entered at the next Pentathlon - *that* one should be interesting .

So... the deal with this competition is that I have to enter 5 items, in at least 3 categories. )

I definitely want to enter a hat, so that's "costume accessories". I also want to enter the golden chicken from last year, so there's "subtleties". I'm thinking I'll do another cooking thing - maybe mustard? or better yet a selection of period sauces/condiments. That could be fun. Especially if I could figure out exactly what would be on the table and how it would be served... now *what* did I do with Fabulous Feasts (yes, I know the recipes sucked. But it had good source material). I could do calligraphy... and a dress? The dress is what I'm most dubious about entering - I'd like to make another GFD anyway, and I do have time... but I don't know when I'd get someone to help me fit it. I suppose I could do a smock instead... or (yet another) houppelande. With nice dags that's a possibility, actually.... Actually, I like that possibility. In fact...even though I swore I wouldn't do it again... that white silk I've got is wispy enough for those layered dags of Maria of Gueldern... Yep, I'm a crackhead. And my fabric addiction is going to bankrupt me one of these days... oh well. Now off to find some more blue wool or silk...
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but somehow I'm not sure. In some ways, I feel like I've been in a daze since I came back from Pennsic, just because Pennsic was SUCH an overwhelming experience. Which I still haven't written about, come to think of it...

OK, so Pennsic:

Pennsic was absolutely wonderful and yet vaguely disappointing at the same time. I had a blast, and yet in a lot of ways it was very much not what I expected. It was my first Pennsic, of course, which is why it wasn't what expected - I suppose that's true for everyone's first Pennsic though. Still...

I guess for this to make sense, I have to explain what I was actually expecting - I knew that there were parts of Pennsic that were period, and parts that were not. I think I expected both of those parts to be *more* of what they were - i.e. I expected the Bog/Swamp areas to be this hedonistic party area - kind of an intense medieval fantasy Mardi Gras, and I expected everywhere *else* to be everything the SCA could be - i.e. people to be well dressed (ok, so this is important to me), the classes to be wonderful, etc. etc. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed on both counts. The parties... well, maybe this is just me, but I had a hard time talking to new people at said parties, so it was kind of "wander around with those you know and watch those you don't". Amusing, but not for long.

On the "Serengheti" side of things, the word that springs to mind is... compromise. Yes, it was hot, but... does that *have* to mean that you switch personas and play middle eastern/ indian/ gypsy/bronze age etc? I mean, i admit - I did it too - but that was only b/c I wasn't prepared. Given a bit more investment in the right clothing, I think I *could* have stayed "in-persona" clothing wise all week - but it seems as though very few people thought that was important... so Pennsic looked more like a hippie convention than a medieval city... (NO, I don't have a problem with non-European personas - when researched well they're wonderful... I just hate it when they become the default).

So, while Pennsic didn't turn me off to the SCA, it did give me a rather lot to think about - and a certain determination to "do it right" next time...

So, meanwhile, this weekend I have to finally finish cleaning up the mess that Pennsic made of my apartment... and I'm being sucked into a Diablo quest, I think. Not a bad plan for being flat broke and having a good weekend, really. I would kind of like to get some sewing started, but I'm torn in three directions - tudor, bliaut, or Arnolfini houppelande. All of which sound fascinating, all of which I have fabric that would work for (except the outer gown of the tudor, but there's a lot to be done before that, so...)

For now, back to the grindstone...


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