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Well, deep in context of the SCA anyway.  And there are enough Pelicans out there that I think this could lead to an interesting conversation.

I keep having the same conversation with [ profile] nikulai (and a few other people, but he comes to mind first). It's on the nature of service, and the different motivations thereof. He thinks I'm on crack rock on this one, but hasn't convinced me of that.

See, the way I see it, there are two reasons one might do work/service/etc for the SCA. The first is you're just that noble a person, and you really want nothing more than to help out. I know people like this, I admire them greatly, and I'm not one of them.

The second reason is that you do work/service/etc because it's almost incidental to some other goal you have - you want a camp to stay in at Pennsic, so you offer to run it, or your art is cooking, so you want to plan a feast.*  Still, in this example, service to Barony/Kingdom/SCA is NOT actually the point of your actions in this example, whether it happens or not.

I suppose the third reason might be you're doing it for glory, but honestly I think my rose colored glasses are thick enough and tinted enough that for the purposes of this conversation I'm going to assume those people don't exist I'm going to ignore these people as they're not the interesting question here - I acknowledge their existence, but didn't really want to talk about them.

Anyway, so my question is this - does the motivation behind someone's service *really* matter? I mean, the results are theoretically the same in either case, assuming competence etc in whatever it is one is doing. Still, I can't help but believing reason 1 is somehow *better*/more worthy than reason 2....

*I use these examples because they're mine, as I don't want to get into some brouhaha over saying somone else's service isn't service. As I don't know anyone's motivations but my own, well, I can't say that in the slightest.
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Julia Child Interview - Eating Healthy and Smart - Quotes about Diets - Esquire.
I love Julia Child. I wish she wasn’t gone, as she’s definitely on the list of “people I’d love to have a dinner party with”. As long as I wasn’t cooking, anyway, as that’d be WAY too much pressure.

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Well, I'm bored, and I want to write something. Unfortunately, my life is not that great of writing fodder (esp. since [ profile] soucyn is already writing about the diet we're on - and between that and LOTS of playstation 2 (I've been trying to stay home more both to save $$ and to keep on the diet) that's been my last couple of days...

(editor's note: having abandoned this entry midstream, I'm taking it up again while sitting in training in Dallas... more on THAT later)

So, that leaves me with a need for something to write about, so I started looking around at, and found a prompt I could really sink my teeth into - after all, I keep telling people the world would be much cooler if I ran it...

If you were supreme ruler of all that you surveyed, what would be your own Ten Commandments? What ten absolute truths or rules would the hapless citizens of Youtopia have to memorize and obey?
To be honest, I'm going to steal the wording of these from a few places, but that's ok (and the ones I write myself I'm going to try to make sound fancy, just for giggles) - once I list the 10 I'll elaborate on why... feel free to comment with your OWN 10 laws, or why mine are wrong, lol.

1. Love as thou wilt - love is the only real thing that matters.
2. To quote the wiccans, loosely - "And it harm none, do as ye will - harm will rebound upon ye threefold."
3. Ties of the heart are more important than ties of blood - if they overlap it's heavenly, but sometimes they don't and that's ok.
4. Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die (ok, so I'm more like a grasshopper than an ant, Aesop's little fable didn't work on me).

OK, so in reality I don't have 10... I guess that's ok though, it says my life philosophy is fairly simple, I guess.
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And I'm chained to my desk waiting for some !@#$# thing to print...

The weekend looks to be interesting, though very little of it will be spent on A&S stuff . That's ok, I'm not entering pentathlon anyway. I'm just going to do royal baker, and display a bit... Tonight I'm going to Cody's Chinese Bistro, with Shelly and some other people I don't know - that's ok, last GNO was fun, this should be too...just can't have TOO much fun, as I'm driving. Tomorrow, I think we're going to go tour UNC's rare book library, and maybe go see a movie - I'd like to see Triplets of Belleville, it sounds just kooky enough to be good. I will NOT, however, see Miracle or The Passion, for very different reasons (though oddly enough they're both movies that try way too hard to be inspirational -shrug- go figure - maybe I'm too much of a cynic). And Sunday is string thing, while Nick goes to fighter practice... yay, though I keep saying I'm going to go watch him fight sometime, and still haven't.

So, to kill some time as I'm COMPLETELY unmotivated to work...

[ profile] soucyn's Daily-Show Style Questions )

And of course, I still owe [ profile] immortaleve some answers..... )

Also from boredom, I took a quiz that purported to choose a book that matched my personality...
It's a bit perplexing... )

And last but not least, LJ style questions ) from [ profile] soucyn

The usual disclaimers apply - if you want questions, of either sort, let me know...
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1 - Name one relationship, romantic or otherwise, that you regret in your life and explain why?

Um, not going to do the parent thing for this one, it's too easy, so let's just say... my first BF, Charlie - not that he was that evil or anything, just that I was never attracted to him and was just kind of dating him b/c he was there and wanted to date me (I was second choice for him, too, actually) - so yeah, that's how I got my first kiss, which was not all that great kind of a pity, really...

2 - If you could change one thing about your childhood what would it be?

I wish I had had a CLUE about how to interact w/ people my own age. I could deal with adults just fine, but other people my age didn't understand me, and vice versa, which caused me no end of grief in elementary/middle school, and gave me a few complexes I still have, lol...

3 - Name the person that you would least like to live with and provide juicy explanatory details.

Anyone but my husband, really - and that's mostly just because I think I'd drive anyone else crazy, not necessarily because I have had evil roommate experiences. (I'm quite lazy...and not the world's most organized person... trust me, I'm a really BAD roommate...)

4 - If you could go back and fuck one person that you've had sex with in the past - who would it be and why?**
**Yes yes, for those in the audience with ridiculously low numbers I realize this question might not be appropriate - but make something up damnit.

My numbers are (surprisingly) not that high either - so I'll have to say Scott, the ex-boyfriend right before I met Nick - I never fucked him, mind you, but we did write each other a lot of (bad) erotic poetry before he dumped me... and I'm vaguely curious how all that built-up tension would have resolved itself. Probably badly, really, given that he was kind of, hmm, let's just say lacking in skills and confidence when it came to women.

5 - Name 5 things you must do before you die.

This is an interesting question to answer, as it's kind of hard to differentiate the "Hope I do, but it's kind of dependant on other people", the "Would be nice to do", and the "Things I can control and MUST do".... I *think* the following all fall under the last category...

1. Go to Paris.
2. Have sex on a beach (preferably at sunset).
3. Eat at the French Laundry in the Napa Valley...(Or some other restaurant owned/operated by Thomas Kellerman)
4. Learn to be organized... no, really...
5. Learn to cook efficiently - I'm a REALLY good cook, but it takes me forever... and ever... and ever... to cook anything, so.... people end up waiting for dinner a bit when they come over... oops! I know this seems silly, but it really bugs me...and is one of the reasons I don't cook that often...
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1. Back at you. What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

Probably telling my dad I quit UNC - I'm not good with disappointing people. And that, of course, was a very huge disappointment for him... one of the things that sealed our (lack of a) relationship.

2. Is romantic love or family duty more important?

This one I'm going to have to say is situational. If you've met the love of your life and your parents are refusing to speak to them or something b/c of something petty, then yes, romantic love is more important. On the other hand, if you're a parent who has children living with them, you have to put them first.

3. Do you think pet names are cute or disgusting? (Like honey, muffin, pookie, you know...those kinds of things)

Definitely cute. Though we don't have that many for each other - I usually stick to FAIRLY innocuous ones like "dearest".

4. Does bad grammar, or the total lack thereof, online bother you? And how much if it does? Why or why not?

Bad spelling (that isn't obviously just a typo from typing too fast or something) bothers me much more. I don't mind fractional sentences and such from people who I know know better, but if it's someone I don't know it can definitely shape my opinion of them. Also, I mind bad grammar/spelling much more in emails and livejournal much more than I mind it on IM - I mean, I barely capitalize on IM, but I usually try to stay fairly coherent in email.

5. Free speech or safety in America?

I would definitely choose free speech, because no one can guarantee safety even in the absence of free speech. I think the government tends to treat the American public like a bunch of children, which is total bullshit... In my ideal world, the government would be a lot more hands-off.... then again, my friends have accused me of being an anarchist before, so...

Standard offer applies;
1 - Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 - I'll ask you five questions.
3 - You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 - You'll include this explanation.
5 - You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
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Well, today's "Daily Soul Search" question is odd, but I suppose I'll take a stab at it anyway...
If you could be the opposite sex for one day, how would you spend that day? )

In other news... I said something I shouldn't have in someone's lj... I really ought to know better than to comment on things that are none of my business... but I really was curious.

Last night's meeting was fun - Pascal did a very cool class on leatherwork, though it lasted LATE. Almost no time for dinner... but we went anyway, though only a few other people did. I suppose the high point was holding Nathan through most of the class - he's so sweet when he's asleep, it's very peaceful. Not that I want one anytime soon, but...the idea isn't as repugnant as it once was.

As a side note, I'm starting to panic about 12th night. I do have enough time to do what I want to, I think, but at the same time I'm daunted by the sheer amount of buttonholes...


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