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Mar. 8th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Pages of documentation: 16 (of probably 25)
Pots of tea: 2
Orders of takeout chinese: 1
Packets of cheese and crackers: 2
Consecutive hours of writing: 13 (of probably 16-18)

I'm starting to get a bit punchy...

Although, how did I live without Pandora before? (If you're really curious about my taste in angst-rock, you can go here, although I warn you, in many ways my taste in music has NOT changed since high school - new bands, yes, but genre? yeah, 'nuff said.) Now, if only Helio would add it as a service - it's the one thing Sprint has that Helio doesn't (and I didn't realize this before I switched. Still like my phone better, though, and, well, that's what they make BitTorrent for...)
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Then again, that's the subject of like, *every* one of my posts. Guess I'm turning into an LJ voyeur... and here I've teased people about that.

But then, it's fall, so perhaps it's not surprising that I'm being quiet and semi-reclusive. Certainly I haven't been doing anything useful lately. Which is bad, as my "list of things I *want* to be doing" has gotten very long, and my "list of things I *should* be doing... or should have already done" has gotten even longer. Perhaps that's the problem. Too many directions, and instead I play Wii. (Which, as a side note, is a really fabulous thing - I'm perhaps 2/3 of the way through Zelda, same through Paper Mario, and haven't lost interest yet. woot??) And I've gotten a lot of reading done lately - newest "fandom", as it were, has been S.M. Sterling.. the Nantucket trilogy, and am 2/3 through the "Dies the Fire" series. They're fun sort of survivalist/medievalist fluff - the author was/is apparently a SCAdian and honestly, the whole thing sort of panders to the smug sort of "I bet we could survive if guns and electricity quit working" thoughts that end up in the back of a lot of people's minds....(admit it! they're there! though honestly? I don't think I'd be one of the lucky ones in those circumstances, if I'm being realistic). But like I said, they're fun...

Speaking of projects, we really need to decide what we're wearing for 12th night. I'm thinking perhaps a bit earlier this year - am sort of tired of houppelandes at the moment, so I'm thinking some sort of pretty gown and I have some thoughts for this gorgeous purple brocade I bought for N a couple Pennsic's ago - it's technically a pair of saris, but there's just enough for a cotehardie...and we have folly bells. ::skips merrily::

And of course I 'm still working on Ymir and Battle of the Oranges feasts - need to get in and get some library time, perhaps this weekend after we get back from Marinus this weekend. (No, we have no real reason to go, other than it's a pas, and I like those. And I get to hang out with the lovely [ profile] geniealisa and [ profile] puck_eater - yay!)

But perhaps most interestingly... or maybe only to me... As many of you who have been reading this journal for a while know, I've suspected I have some form of ADD/ADHD for years. But I've always been too scared to find out for sure... or figured I could handle it on my own... or... well, any number of things.  Pure arrogance, if nothing else (I should be smart enough to just... ignore it.) That's... not entirely the case. So I finally (finally! I mean, I've been talking about this with N for ages, if nothing else) called Duke.  Long story short, I'm scheduled to be tested the Tues before thanksgiving... and if I do in fact have it I'm going to end up in a research study for a year or so. ::shrug:: it'll be interesting to know one way or the other.
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So I've never *truly* gotten a sleeve to fit to my satisfaction on a gothic fitted gown (1410 France, middle layer). I want skin tight...and while I've achieved that, I usually achieve it at the cost of some mobility (I'm a noblewoman, why should I need to lift my arms over my head... or forward more than a few inches... darn, I guess I do). So for Pennsic, I decided to make a new pattern.
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And thus you see the excitement that was my Friday night. Saturday and Sunday were much of the same, interspersed with a lot of WarCrack - I'm up to lvl 54, btw! woot for me - 'course, half my server is level 60's, or thereabout...but then, there's 10 zillion things to do AFTER you hit 60, so that's ok. Just no more XP grinding...
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of my livejournal. After all, I can't let my dear husband show me up on this, can I?

So... where to begin... it was a VERY long holiday season, and yet seemed to go by overly quickly at the same time. That doesn't make sense... but it seems like my life is doing that a lot lately - being weird about time I mean - like my life seems to be going by in blinks.

Christmas was spent in Florida - which was actually a lot more pleasant than I thought it would be. I'm starting to get used to (after 6 years? 'bout time) having inlaws. It helps that right before we left on the 21st, I realized that I was kind of pushing them away because I felt guilty for having a relationship - any relationship - with them when I don't have one w/ my real parents. That wasn't really fair to anyone involved, so, I'm trying to quit.

We went to St. Augustine - which wasn't quite as cool as I thought it would be - the fort was nice, but otherwise it was touristy and colder than you'd think it would be in Florida - I don't care if it was December, Florida is supposed to be warm (yes, I'm spoiled. And?) We took a REALLY long trolley/train tour of the city - unfortunately there were two trolleys in a row, and we got the one with the incompetant guide. We also went to the Lightner museum, because for some reason I *thought* a painting I adore was there - unfortunately, I remembered wrong, the painting is actually sitting in the national gallery of Ireland. Oh well. There was some interesting stuff there, just not worth the 6 bucks we paid for it.

Meanwhile, I didn't get as much sewing done over vacation as I should have - I got distracted and ended up reading LOTR instead. Which was cool, I finally got over my dislike of Tolkein's style enough to *really* enjoy the books (and this is like the 4th or 5th time I've read them, so I was a bit surprised.) Maybe the Simarillion next?

I barely got time to turn around twice before the New Year's Party. Good points - the food was good (yay eggnog and cream puffs, and I *think* everyone had a good time. Bad points - Nick drunk w/ hangover, my house hasn't QUITE recovered (from the party, not the hangover) and we have SO many leftovers. Oh well, that's ok, there are worse things, so I'll definitely do it again next year. And @ 4th of July, of course.

Resolutions, I think, will just have to be covered in another entry. Mostly b/c I haven't QUITE decided on specifics.

I spent last weekend playing entirely too much Soul Calibur on Xav's playstation - I did find the perfect character for me, at least... she has a tantrum attack!!! (Can't find screen shot) Again, lack of sewing, which leads me to this week...

FRANTIC COMPLETION OF 12TH NIGHT GARB!!! (And I said I wouldn't have to do that this year....) But I finished the first of Nick's sleeves last night... and its very cool... so I think it'll be worth it... Meanwhile, in the next three evenings, I have to sew large portions of 2 houpes... hosen... hats... yeah, it's not going to be fun.

more later...
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So last night I came to several realizations:
1. There's a reason you're supposed to measure 2x and cut once - really - there is.
2. Just because something fits you once it's on, doesn't mean that it can be taken on and off.

and most importantly:

3. I really need to quit sabotaging myself.

The problem, of course, with number 3 is that I really have no idea HOW to do so... I mean, it's typical procrastination, of course, but at the same time, it's got deeper reasons than that. I don't think there has EVER been a project of mine that I actually put 100% effort into - either I spend a ridiculous amount of time planning it, and then don't start, I go gung ho on it for a few days and then drop it, or, if it's something I HAVE to do, I procrastinate until the absolute last minute and beyond, so I'm never happy with the results. Hell, even if the REST of the world is, I'm not.

I'm not sure why I do this - is it because I'm afraid to succeed? Or even worse, is it becase I'm afraid to fail? I mean, if something is fucked up now, I can always blame my procrastination... but if I actually put my all into something, and then it's not good enough, I'm... not really sure how I would deal with that. It's so... pathetic that I'm that afraid of failing... but I am. And I don't know how to change that. I mean, in reality, I've *never* really failed at something I've put my everything into... not because I've never failed, but because I've never had the guts to commit to anything (well, except Nick of course, and that's just... blind luck. I'm so damn lucky to have him...) Meanwhile, I don't know how to change this.. pattern of mine. I'm scared... terrified even... of what happens if I do and nothing changes - I'm still a hack when it comes to sewing, and while I'm a decent cook, what if I'm never great??
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I'm amused - this thing figures out what MP3 I'm playing - that's kind of cool... (SEMagic+Winamp+some plugin, forget the name but it's on

So meanwhile I have enough to do for Pennsic that I don't even know where to start... and I just realized that people are coming over, and inevitably we'll end up going out to dinner...

OK, off to sew....
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So I haven't been updating - if you know me, this shouldn't be a surprise - short attention span and all that - ah well. So meanwhile I'm doing busywork at work, and I should be at home sewing if I had my 'druthers. Of course, if I was at home, I'd probably rationalize that "I don't need THAT much garb for pennsic" and start playing Diablo again.. that was my weekend.

and I'm beginning to hate my assassin... i mean, she can't kill anything!!!!

I'm looking forward to pennsic, but... i'm still kind of intimidated by the entire idea. I mean... jeez... it's over a week in a tent! oh well, if I hate it, we'll do something else next year...
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Well now, let's try this again - I already started one of these on Diaryland, but I think I'll switch as this system seems much better - and I really like this offline editor - it's called semagic - it's from some other LJ user, but I don't really know which right now.

Meanwhile, I'm... procrastinating. Again. I should be either doing


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