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Ministère de la culture - Direction des musées de France - Base Joconde

OMG how did I not know about this before? Thank you,[info]mmcnealy !

Now if I only had time to play with it...

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This site is *fabulous*. I got sent to this from a random article, and just as a test, typed in a book I had been looking for for *years* (Margaret Scott’s The History of Dress: Late Gothic Europe, 1400-1500) and never found for a price I was willing to pay. It found it… in Canada… for something resembling half the price I had found it elsewhere. (And yes, I should get it next week.)

::happy dance::


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I had a flash of insight this morning, and I haven't even finished my tea yet! This particular thought may seem obvious to some of you, but it's been bugging me for a while.

OK, so.. the May Calendar of the Tres Riches Heures, specifically the chick in green in the front (you can click for a bigger, though fuzzy, pic). ---> 

Her sleeves have been bugging me for ages - mostly because every time I looked at them I saw two large, draped sleeves, which *Did Not Make Sense*. As the way I see it, if both the green sleeve and the blue sleeve were open, then she'd need another tight sleeve underneath (as I've never seen an image of a woman - or a man for that matter -wearing open sleeves over bare arms). This of course would mean she was wearing three dresses, which I personally don't want to do and thought was a bit odd, OR it could mean she was wearing some sort of false sleeve as the middle layer - that sounded overcomplicated and unlikely. So I pondered and pondered and pondered some more, and never came up with an explanation.

Until this morning. [ profile] tashadandelion mentioned sleeve layering on [ profile] stitchwhich's journal in a completely unrelated discussion, and I realized "oh! she's written a paper on that, I should email her and ask her about it". So I started writing, which involved staring at the picture a bit more so I could describe what I see, and then I realize....

It's not an open sleeve.

I've been torturing myself all this time for no reason. It's a large cuff on the end of a tight sleeve, just like the blue chick in the back is wearing (the white dagged bit at her wrist). I've even made those before. (They're fun, though are VERY impractical for daily life - they're much harder to get to stay out of your way than large open sleeves).  And I've seen these in other sources too, so it's perfectly plausible (unlike, say, the false-sleeve idea...) It even looks fairly reasonable as a solution to the chick-in-black in April's red-and-gold sleeves. Now, I just have to figure out a better way to cut these - the previous ones I did were a large oval, with a wrist hole cut slightly off center, attached to the wrist seam of an otherwise normal dress. I don't think the drape was quite right...

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So the Baronial meeting was last night, and [ profile] thlmakai's bid was chosen. Yay! This means I'm cooking feast ::wibble:: The Kberg event (Battle of the Oranges!) is also a go, per Monday's meeting, which means I have 2 feasts coming up next spring. So there will be lots of food geeking between now and then. Anyway, I don't know how many people want to read all that, vs. how many people want to be pleasantly surprised by their dinners at each event. SO... I'm setting up filters. If you'd like in to 1 or both filters, and/or want to come play in the kitchen (especially if you want to come play in the kitchen, as if you have a clue what's going on before you get there we'll both have more fun) drop me a line - I'll be posting the first bit later today.
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And I'm full of yummy steaks. (Half price NY strip at Harris Teeter, rubbed down with lots of salt and some pouldre forte and let to sit in the fridge for several hours, then grilled. Good stuff.)

But since I've been somewhat remiss in posting, I figured I'd go see if the bread recipe I've told several people about was online - and it is! I'm being somewhat dreadful in that it's on the paid-site part of cook's illustrated, but honestly? I just don't feel like retyping it off the cookbook it's in... (which I make this often enough that it opens straight to this page.) Homemade bread, esp. when you don't have to work at it, is a lovely thing - and makes taking sandwiches to work not feel like deprivation...

The recipe )

I don't always bother with the water-in-a-pan part, as a side note - it makes it rise in the oven a *bit* better for a lighter loaf (it makes the crust not solidify quite as quickly) but there really isn't that much difference.

Meanwhile, I should go back to working - this was an extravagant bit of procrastination, as I got a bid dumped on me Friday evening and have been somewhat tethered to the computer most of the weekend. I don't want to though, so I guess you'll have to put up with me a bit more.

I did go see Stardust last night (yay hooky!), which was fabulous, and we rode the bikes a bit. There was even a bit of a chill in the air last night after the movie, so I guess it'll be fall proper soon - which makes [ profile] soucyn dreadfully happy and me not so much.

Let's see...I've been working on some research for a couple new things to me - cheesemaking and possibly more complicated sausage-making (I'm not *sure* I can set up the equipment for cold-aged sausage in my apartment, but I'd *love* to be able to try it). And I ran across (in surfing friends-of-friends pages) a really interesting series on research on [ profile] telerib's LJ. The most interesting thing in that series was this entry on keeping a logbook. I'm not sure why this never really occured to me, not even during this discussion a while back, esp. since I've had to keep a lab notebook and what not. Maybe it's just because note-taking, except for specific purposes like research papers, does *not* come naturally to me. Something to keep in mind for the future, though - I'm still thinking about how to best apply this to my own research, in that I *do* need to start keeping that sort of log but I'm not sure what format I want to put it in. Anyway...ok, now I really will go work. Really. ::sigh::
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So I think I'll bring up something that always... well, bugs me is the wrong word. Confuses me? yeah, that'll do.

I'm not sure whether this is just a philosophical difference, or whether I'm doing something wrong, but I've noticed that when I display A&S stuff, I bring a lot less extra documentation than other people. It's not that I don't document my stuff - I do, though certainly there's room for improvement there. It's just that I only put in the stuff that I think is absolutely relevant to whatever I'm doing - and I tend to do so by citing specific phrases/pages or whatnot, rather than bringing the whole source or copies thereof.

I've noticed that other artisans bring much more elaborate notebooks/binders/etc, with lots and lots of stuff in it. I never have time to actually *read* all the stuff in the binders, so I'm not entirely sure what all is in there. I mean, I may start bring something with previous projects, but...

Am I missing something/doing something wrong? Or are those just so that if you get in a conversation about something unrelated to the current entry, you have stuff handy?
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OK, so I admit this is the lazy way to do research, BUT... I'm looking for a book/website that has examples of period challenges/acceptances to combat - Pas d'Armes type stuff - something I can get an idea of the correct flow of the language. Anyone have a suggestion?
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For the first time, my KASF Pentathlon in Persona entry... actually got done!!! (This was somewhat surprising, really, given last year's flood, etc - I to some degree didn't really think I'd get done). And it was a near thing - I took the day off on Friday (due to a difference in tenure at our jobs, I have more vacation time than N this year, so I might as well use it for something) and STILL didn't sleep.

The sieve project had to be shelved, due to the sheer length of time naalbinding at that scale takes, though I did show a few people the work-in-progress and they went ooh-ahh so I'm definitely going to have to finish it. (Also need to figure out a way to rig a loom, so that I can compare the length of time the naalbinding takes with how long a woven one would take, and compare the sturdiness of the two...)

So my entries turned out to be:

  • A research paper - the translation of Le Recuil de Riom
  • A comparison of three Cameline sauces (from Le Recuil, Le Menagier, and Chiquart)
  • A lamb-and-parsley stew (Haricot de Mouton) from same
  • A subtlety - a Golden Chicken (boneless, gilded)
  • A calligraphed copy of the same (in the original French, I don't trust my translation enough yet to want it immortalized in calligraphy

Actually, that's approximately the same order of the scores I got - the first three things did REALLY well, the last 2 needed a little more work. Not surprising, really - I'm a cook and research geek, not quite as good at making things pretty - and the chicken was a little more of a documentation stretch. And calligraphy? Well, that I'm just new at - this is the first project I've actually finished.

Anyway, I had lots of fabulous conversations, though I didn't really get to leave my table and thus I didn't really see anyone else's stuff. ::pout:: This makes me sad, as I *heard* about lots of fabulous stuff I didn't see.

I didn't win the Pentathlon... but! Their Majesties gave me a Silver Nautilus because, to quote His Majesty, I "had people stacked three deep around my table to taste stuff all day." Which is pretty near true, actually - thus the lack of wandering around. I don't mind though - for whatever reason, people just won't try stuff without someone there to explain what it is, even if there's PLENTY for both judging and random samples. (Is there any way to fix that? I'm planning on entering food in A&S at Crown, and well, am NOT planning on staying with it...) I have to get everything up on my website. Though I'm thinking about a site redesign in the meantime... and tonight? I'm digging out my armor and going to Buckston practice for the first time this year. Yay!

Edit: Photo taken by the lovely [personal profile] pinkleader, who was much more intelligent than I and actually took her camera OUT of her bag...
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Crazy, crazy busy this weekend - it was fun, but damn. Come to think of it, I've been crazy busy for the past 2 weeks! Want proof? Burning Crusade's been out for 2 weeks now and I haven't even hit 61. If I wasn't in Windmasters I'd be afraid my guild would disown me!

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

So I'm starting to worry - a lot - about getting everything done for Pent. I know, in many ways it's an arbitrary deadline and I shouldn't base so much stuff around competitions - but that's how my brain works. I just waited too late to start! I think it'll work out ok, though, I just won't have time to do much else. Also, I need to sit down and order all the random materials - wood, horsehair, spices, brazilwood - that I'll need, and SOON.

Of course, this week I need to take a bit of time off from KASF stuff in favor of brushing up my Pie class for the weekend, and getting garb together and what not. I've done the pie class before, I just need to go collect the actual recipes (the one detail I left out that time) and put together some slides, run through it and make sure it's long enough, that sort of thing. I should have plenty of time, what with the BoyG doing the fighting thing so much...
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For those of you who AREN'T Atlantian, the Oak, which is the Kingdom newsletter, came out last week - and I'm in it! Squee!

This is the same article I was obsessing over last year around this time.

Also featured is the lovely - or perhaps fierce would be a better word, given the content of the article! - [ profile] elizabethnmafia -

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Had a fabulous time at 12th Night, though it was one of those events where I felt like I talked for about 10 seconds to 20 bazillion people. At least I did get new garb done, as seen here - My collar was wonky, but so far it's the only one I've got (thanks [ profile] thalionar, for posting it!) since my cd of pics from Baron Bardulf won't show up for a while. Now I just need to get BoyG's matching garb made...

Did the geekiest thing I've done for a VERY long time last night, and went to get my copy of The Burning Crusade at midnight. Was home by 12:05 though - EBgames was VERY efficient about the whole thing and my husband was good at strategically positioning us in line. Haven't played it yet, though, and don't know how much I will be today, as I'm going over to Davis Library after work.

::giggle:: New fun project will be started because of said trip... no details yet, mostly because I don't want to be embarassed by it if it COMPLETELY FLOPS. :-)

Also, need to start on Persona Pentathlon. Who else is doing it?
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"Typical" vs. "Probable" vs. "Possible". I find myself pondering this one a lot, both as a cook and as a costumer. (And I think the fact I do both may influence me in odd ways.) As much as I am interested in authenticity, I find I draw my "lines in the sand" in some very odd places in comparison to others, and I'd like to discuss that a bit, as it's something I think that everyone comes to different conclusions on (which is great unless you assume everyone has the same line...).

So. Me first, I guess. Unlike many people on my friends list, I find that I am somewhat tempermentally unsuited for having true, living-history style reenactment be my primary goal. (Though I'd still like to try it sometime, and wish I was a bit geographically closer to some of the groups I know of.) There are several reasons for this:

1. The biggest reason is that doing only the persona you can afford to do... doesn't interest me at all. I joke about having a "princess complex", and to some degree that's true - "flashy" noble garb, not "gentry" is what interests me, and obviously (for those of you who know me) I don't have that kind of cash. So, I do what I can, but I don't necessarily stick to what I can do "exactly right". (I.E. I'll do garb tht probably ought to be in silk brocade in wool or linen or even (gasp) cotton velvet or the like).
2. I get bored very easily. And I like to improvise. It's one of the reasons I don't do Elizabethan, though the bling appeals to me very much - I'd feel constrained by all the existant stuff, that isn't really there when it comes to 14th century costuming and certainly isn't there for food. On the other hand, going really-early-period, where there's so much less info, would also drive me crazy - yet another reason it's good to be part of the 14th century Mafia.
3. This is the part that gets me into trouble, especially on the food side. I rather enjoy combining recipes, etc - compatible ones, of course, from similar cookbooks (ie two french ones from 1410-20). I'll be perfectly honest about having no proof that it *was* done, but do I think what I'm making is a possibility? yes, I do. Which leads back to the costuming thing, specifically things like the bias-cut overgown (stealing techniques from other garments to do something different, etc).

Well, that was rambly. And it didn't really sum up where my line is. But I'm not sure I can do that more succinctly - so... that being said, where's yours? (Yes, I wrote this because I want to have a conversation, so please, comment away, even if it's to tell me I'm full of it...)
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accent meme )

Not surprising, I bemoan my lack of a southern accent (they're pretty, my current accent is *boring*).

So I've been playing with all morning - recataloging all the links I've acquired. So far, this seems like it'll be really useful - and make it more likely for me to bookmark things, just because they'll be easier to find again without wading through. Still haven't done the giant mass of links that is my SCA_Research folder. eek.

Anyone else have an account? I'm at (I really want to know who the other Guenievre is, just so I can get her to change her name so I won't have to stick "Lady" in front of everything.)
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So one thing I've noticed is a weak point of mine is that I'm... hmm, how to put this nicely? NOT a particurly wonderful teacher, and I should probably work on that, especially as due to some convincing by [ profile] wombatgirl I'm apparently going to be doing it in Calontir. (Don't worry, Gwen, I have a cunning plan between now and then, which has already begun to take place. )

See, the problem with me teaching is that I tend to do brain dumps, with associated handwaving. The more organized I make myself be, the more that tendency fades, so it's just a matter of prepping REALLY thoroughly - and practicing - to fix this. That in mind, I started working on the Pie Class last night.I was suppose to start on this sooner, but work interfered. Still, I gave Pie Class 0.5 as a trial run at Kappellenberg last night.

(Tangent: work. We launched our new website today: I wouldn't normally mention where I work, but then this journal is boring enough that I don't think it'll cause scandal. The sad thing about the website launch is that home page? well, let's just say that we were given one design to work with, it turned out badly, and so it was completely redesigned at a meeting last FRIDAY. Ask me what I did this weekend...hint #1: not sewing, hint #2: not cooking. And I still haven't managed to get the Flash intro to look right (thus why it's not there).)

So anyway, I didn't have as much time to work on the initial draft of the handout - in fact, those of you who were there would probably laugh at me to know that I didn't even have time to START on the handout till 6pm Monday.(Tangent: It was an amazingly heavily-LJ crew, come to think of it - something like 13 of 15 people there, or something like that, had LJs. Which worked out badly for poor [ profile] syaldia - but that's her own fault for posting silly polls. Speaking of which, y'all should go answer this, just to skew the numbers back the other way...) Anyway, the handout was 45 minutes of brain-dumping, thus why it was not as well-cited as I would like. But it was organized enough that I didn't feel like I was getting lost half-way in the middle, so yay. Only managed to talk for 30 minutes on that particular brain-dump, but I've come up with several points I missed, so that's all good.

Points I plan on covering in this particular project/paper/class/thing include:

  • Definition of Pie
  • Eating of Pie
    • Who (social classes)
    • When (time periods)
    • Where (locations, situations)
    • Why? (advantages of pie over other food forms, both then and now)
    • How (manners, etc)
  • Components of Pie
    • Crusts
    • Fillings by Type
      • Meat/Fish
      • Custard/Quiche
      • Fruit
    • Compare and Contrast some historical examples
    • How pies evolved over time (early medieval vs. high medieval vs. renaissance)
    • edited to add: Regional variations Thanks!
    • How to improvise on the theme of pie (possibly, when in class form, with some philosophy on improvisation and food - this should possibly be a separate LJ entry)
  • Cooking Pies
    • Medieval techniques and equipment
      • edited to add: Baking
      • edited to add: Frying
    • Modern techniques and equipment

I'd love to hear any suggestions for other avenues / directions this could go that I'm completely missing.

I'm still intrigued by the subject as a whole, though, which is good - I'm thinking, possibly, that once I do more research that this might end up a good subject for a TI article - general enough to be both of-interest and relevant to a lot of people, no matter their persona, practical (pies really are an ideal food for tourneys), and potentially a good length. (Speaking of, those who would know - what IS a good length, in # of words, for a TI article?)

Meanwhile, [ profile] kfitzwarin was making noises that I should do more clothing/hat related research/teaching. The problem with THAT, of course, is finding a *direction* for that. The only novel idea I've had so far would be some sort of project examining how the houppelande evolved from the cotehardie, which is a transition that I haven't seen anyone doing a lot with. This may be because it's an impossible project. I think I'll seperate thoughts on that into another separate entry though, just to cut down on the length of this one...


Sep. 27th, 2006 11:03 am
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So [ profile] soucyn mentioned that I made a nifty pie for Celtic Cattle Raids, but said I had to talk about it. So I finally got my camera unpacked, and so now I can. One of the A&S competitions for this event was "Best Celtic use of a Cow - No documentation required. No further guidance provided." I hadn't intended to enter, because as y'all know, I Am Not Early Period and so the whole Celtic thing is completely foreign territory.
Then my muse decided to bash me about the head with a rolling pin on Friday. (Yes, this one - it kinda hurt.) 

So I came up with the idea to make a (14th century) beef pie with Celtic knotwork on it. Celtic use of a cow, right? And, being me (my motto IS "Nothing by Halves") I decided to gild it, as shown:


And for those of you who are *really* cooking people, here's the rest of the documentation (Normally I'd have more, but this was done on the fly while the pie baked. The pie was tasty, but could have baked a bit longer. Oh! And I finally got to use my 14th century pie pan by Eadric the Potter - quick review: it was wonderful. Between the butter in the crust, and the rough texture of the pie pan, the pie popped out of the pan *amazingly* easily and didn't stick at all.

Still two pages worth of docs, thus the cut: )
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I have lots of things to do, SCA-wise, to the point where I get home and I have to ponder - hard! - what I want to do.

This is a nice feeling.

In No Particular Order:

1. Website and AOTC-FAQ
This really needs to be a priority, as I said I'd do the latter half of this project months ago and haven't done as much as I should with it. (bad me!). I do have the stuff in place to do it now, so it's just a matter of sitting down and doing it. Still need a good website design for myself though...I'd *love* to get one that I could set up my LJ to match, but that may be asking too much...

2. Persona Pentathlon Project:
a. Tacuinum project of doom (this is the book-made-from-proper-materials project, which everyone assures me I'm crazy for trying to do in an 8 month time span starting from nothing. But we already knew I was crazy, so that's ok.)
b. Write the article/finish sauce redactions for the "Humoral Effects of 14th century sauces" paper. (i.e., the project I've been playing with off and on for years, that REALLY ought to get done).
c. clean/card wool for the Felt Hat Project, and decide how/if to dye it.
d. pick a sewing project
e. Test period methods for making the "Golden Chicken"...

3. 12th night garb for G and I...

4. Clean the house so as to have persona and/or medieval cooking parties.

5. Work on encampment stuff for next season.

The even nicer thing about these projects? Long-term deadlines....

Book List

Jun. 4th, 2004 10:36 am
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So the other day I got bored, and decided to start an amazon wish list, mostly because I found that there were a WHOLE bunch of books on all sorts of things I'm interested in that I don't have yet. Also, most of these books are available used, which means as soon as I get my bookshelves put up, I'm going to have to start funneling a few bucks a month towards buying them.

So, anyway, I figured I'd post this on here, both a. to save someone else doing the searching, if they were interested in this kind of thing too, and b. in case someone had ideas of other things I should add, or recommendations for/against anything on here.

My interests are, in order, anything late 14th/early 15th century France, medieval cooking (mostly French), 14th/15th century clothing, chivalry, and womens' daily lives, esp. those of the higher nobility (peasants bore me, mostly because I probably am one in real life ::grin::.

Without futher ado, here's the list -
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And suddenly you realize that you're inspired enough to try and create 5 new objects for the competition in less than 2 months. This is what happened to me last night - Claire started talking about how easy it was to enter the Pentathlon in Persona and suddenly I found myself convincing myself that I *did* in fact have time to do so, even though I had decided none of my 12th night stuff was appropriate.
So that's my next project, even before my Arnolfini gown (which I think will get entered at the next Pentathlon - *that* one should be interesting .

So... the deal with this competition is that I have to enter 5 items, in at least 3 categories. )

I definitely want to enter a hat, so that's "costume accessories". I also want to enter the golden chicken from last year, so there's "subtleties". I'm thinking I'll do another cooking thing - maybe mustard? or better yet a selection of period sauces/condiments. That could be fun. Especially if I could figure out exactly what would be on the table and how it would be served... now *what* did I do with Fabulous Feasts (yes, I know the recipes sucked. But it had good source material). I could do calligraphy... and a dress? The dress is what I'm most dubious about entering - I'd like to make another GFD anyway, and I do have time... but I don't know when I'd get someone to help me fit it. I suppose I could do a smock instead... or (yet another) houppelande. With nice dags that's a possibility, actually.... Actually, I like that possibility. In fact...even though I swore I wouldn't do it again... that white silk I've got is wispy enough for those layered dags of Maria of Gueldern... Yep, I'm a crackhead. And my fabric addiction is going to bankrupt me one of these days... oh well. Now off to find some more blue wool or silk...
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Then I got distracted by work (of all things! ;-> ) and actually spent some time working on sewing type stuff when I got home. Yay me.

For instance:

Bliaut project: Measured me (THAT was disturbing - WW here I come when I get paid - I've lost my waist!), measured fabric, and started playing in Visio - useful thing, that, at least for relatively rectangular patterns. No more futzing with layouts... :-) So I've figured out how the garment will be laid out - and made a pleasant discovery! I have 2x as much fabric as I need! Admittedly, if I had another yard of fabric, i'd be happier - there would be more gores, and that would be happy - but y'know, i'd rather have 2 dresses than 1 dress and some random bits of fabric....

Arnolfini gown project: Played with scraps from my really red houppelande - the maltese cross cut dags are a valid theory, i think, but they still don't hang right. Problems:
1. Proportions - width of dag / depth of cuts / consistant cuts (you'd think i'd figured out how to do that in kindergarten, but no...)
2. Fabric isn't heavy enough - scallops don't distort under their own weight.
3. Edges of cuts - white scallops along edges as seen in the picture (Arnolfini)

The research I did online suggest that the edge appearance is caused either by some sort of pinking (tried that, it didn't really work), the effect of cutting piece dyed fabric (i.e. the dye hadn't penetrated all the way through, and the inside is still white - not something i'll be able to duplicate), or perhaps the edges were overcast in white or gold thread. Nick thinks beads, which I'm not sure want to try, too heavy (though that WOULD explain the distortion). Not to mention I'm not sure I know of any other beaded sleeve edges...

Still, that's a decent amount of progress for one evening - not to mention tomorrow will be wonderful - I can't wait to have a fitted gown - I've been wanting one for a while, and didn't have the assistance needed to make one. And I get to hang out with lots of nifty artsy people. Fun!!!


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