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I have an interesting problem - as a standard rule, I don't dress to match the themes of events, being solidly a 1410-in-southern-France girl. But a canton in my Barony (I'm a landed Baroness) is throwing a *VERY* middle eastern event in a few weeks, and I'd like to not be *completely* jarring. (Yes, I'm starting on this late, but I've spent all my art time - and some I didn't really have, sorry [ profile] soucyn! - on the cuff project.)

So while I don't want to completely change garb for the day, I do at least want to make a nod towards the theme - and my thought was to look at 14th/15th cent. french depictions of the middle east - like John Mandeville's travels or whatnot - and perhaps accessorize some existing outfits accordingly - kind of like a Masque outfit or one of the "Moorish" getups for a tournament entrance or the like.

However, I'm finding the actual art for this to be a little elusive. I could have sworn Mandeville was online, for instance, but I can't seem to remember where. Does anyone have any manuscripts online they would suggest? Or books, for that matter, I have a little time.

Thank you!!
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Well, deep in context of the SCA anyway.  And there are enough Pelicans out there that I think this could lead to an interesting conversation.

I keep having the same conversation with [ profile] nikulai (and a few other people, but he comes to mind first). It's on the nature of service, and the different motivations thereof. He thinks I'm on crack rock on this one, but hasn't convinced me of that.

See, the way I see it, there are two reasons one might do work/service/etc for the SCA. The first is you're just that noble a person, and you really want nothing more than to help out. I know people like this, I admire them greatly, and I'm not one of them.

The second reason is that you do work/service/etc because it's almost incidental to some other goal you have - you want a camp to stay in at Pennsic, so you offer to run it, or your art is cooking, so you want to plan a feast.*  Still, in this example, service to Barony/Kingdom/SCA is NOT actually the point of your actions in this example, whether it happens or not.

I suppose the third reason might be you're doing it for glory, but honestly I think my rose colored glasses are thick enough and tinted enough that for the purposes of this conversation I'm going to assume those people don't exist I'm going to ignore these people as they're not the interesting question here - I acknowledge their existence, but didn't really want to talk about them.

Anyway, so my question is this - does the motivation behind someone's service *really* matter? I mean, the results are theoretically the same in either case, assuming competence etc in whatever it is one is doing. Still, I can't help but believing reason 1 is somehow *better*/more worthy than reason 2....

*I use these examples because they're mine, as I don't want to get into some brouhaha over saying somone else's service isn't service. As I don't know anyone's motivations but my own, well, I can't say that in the slightest.
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Had a fabulous time at 12th Night, though it was one of those events where I felt like I talked for about 10 seconds to 20 bazillion people. At least I did get new garb done, as seen here - My collar was wonky, but so far it's the only one I've got (thanks [ profile] thalionar, for posting it!) since my cd of pics from Baron Bardulf won't show up for a while. Now I just need to get BoyG's matching garb made...

Did the geekiest thing I've done for a VERY long time last night, and went to get my copy of The Burning Crusade at midnight. Was home by 12:05 though - EBgames was VERY efficient about the whole thing and my husband was good at strategically positioning us in line. Haven't played it yet, though, and don't know how much I will be today, as I'm going over to Davis Library after work.

::giggle:: New fun project will be started because of said trip... no details yet, mostly because I don't want to be embarassed by it if it COMPLETELY FLOPS. :-)

Also, need to start on Persona Pentathlon. Who else is doing it?
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"Typical" vs. "Probable" vs. "Possible". I find myself pondering this one a lot, both as a cook and as a costumer. (And I think the fact I do both may influence me in odd ways.) As much as I am interested in authenticity, I find I draw my "lines in the sand" in some very odd places in comparison to others, and I'd like to discuss that a bit, as it's something I think that everyone comes to different conclusions on (which is great unless you assume everyone has the same line...).

So. Me first, I guess. Unlike many people on my friends list, I find that I am somewhat tempermentally unsuited for having true, living-history style reenactment be my primary goal. (Though I'd still like to try it sometime, and wish I was a bit geographically closer to some of the groups I know of.) There are several reasons for this:

1. The biggest reason is that doing only the persona you can afford to do... doesn't interest me at all. I joke about having a "princess complex", and to some degree that's true - "flashy" noble garb, not "gentry" is what interests me, and obviously (for those of you who know me) I don't have that kind of cash. So, I do what I can, but I don't necessarily stick to what I can do "exactly right". (I.E. I'll do garb tht probably ought to be in silk brocade in wool or linen or even (gasp) cotton velvet or the like).
2. I get bored very easily. And I like to improvise. It's one of the reasons I don't do Elizabethan, though the bling appeals to me very much - I'd feel constrained by all the existant stuff, that isn't really there when it comes to 14th century costuming and certainly isn't there for food. On the other hand, going really-early-period, where there's so much less info, would also drive me crazy - yet another reason it's good to be part of the 14th century Mafia.
3. This is the part that gets me into trouble, especially on the food side. I rather enjoy combining recipes, etc - compatible ones, of course, from similar cookbooks (ie two french ones from 1410-20). I'll be perfectly honest about having no proof that it *was* done, but do I think what I'm making is a possibility? yes, I do. Which leads back to the costuming thing, specifically things like the bias-cut overgown (stealing techniques from other garments to do something different, etc).

Well, that was rambly. And it didn't really sum up where my line is. But I'm not sure I can do that more succinctly - so... that being said, where's yours? (Yes, I wrote this because I want to have a conversation, so please, comment away, even if it's to tell me I'm full of it...)
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Still, all in all, Crusades wasn't bad, really. Ages ago, [ profile] nikulai had asked me to cook dinner for the collective Royalty at Crusades, and I've been looking forward to it for a while. And there was going to be a FitzSunnyOaks Party Cabin. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty awful, several people were sick and/or otherwise not there, the pre-cook for dinner didn't happen as efficiently as I hoped so we didn't go up on Friday, overslept on Saturday so left home @ 8, and took 7 (!) hours to get to site (did I mention the rain?). Rawr. Also, I can't decide whether I'm glad or not that I didn't take my armor - we only got there in time for one battle, a 1 hour res battle, which looked very fun but very... aggressive. I'm not sure I'm practiced enough for that level of game, as none of the battles @ Pennsic, that I fought anyway, were in that sort of close quarters.

Still, enough complaining. [ profile] soucyn got to fight a little, which I'm glad of as I was feeling VERY guilty about not going up Friday night. The Royals seemed to enjoy dinner, and I talked [ profile] ramblingheritic and his lovely lady into bringing the dishes home with them so I could get offsite and down to [ profile] kfitzwarin's for some Laurel-time. Had a lovely brunch the next morning with them + [ profile] geniealisa, [ profile] puck_eater, and [ profile] siobhan_sca, and even got on the road at a reasonable hour. Though N wouldn't let me stop at G Street Fabrics. ::pout::

Came home, poked at some fabric with the idea of making some new stuff for WoW, went to bed.

Where did my weekend go again?


Sep. 27th, 2006 11:03 am
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So [ profile] soucyn mentioned that I made a nifty pie for Celtic Cattle Raids, but said I had to talk about it. So I finally got my camera unpacked, and so now I can. One of the A&S competitions for this event was "Best Celtic use of a Cow - No documentation required. No further guidance provided." I hadn't intended to enter, because as y'all know, I Am Not Early Period and so the whole Celtic thing is completely foreign territory.
Then my muse decided to bash me about the head with a rolling pin on Friday. (Yes, this one - it kinda hurt.) 

So I came up with the idea to make a (14th century) beef pie with Celtic knotwork on it. Celtic use of a cow, right? And, being me (my motto IS "Nothing by Halves") I decided to gild it, as shown:


And for those of you who are *really* cooking people, here's the rest of the documentation (Normally I'd have more, but this was done on the fly while the pie baked. The pie was tasty, but could have baked a bit longer. Oh! And I finally got to use my 14th century pie pan by Eadric the Potter - quick review: it was wonderful. Between the butter in the crust, and the rough texture of the pie pan, the pie popped out of the pan *amazingly* easily and didn't stick at all.

Still two pages worth of docs, thus the cut: )
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I've posted this before, I think. But some things just bear repeating.

Not that I'm snarking anyone in particular with this, mind you. They're just... social dynamics that I've observed showing up in various permutations.
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So, when last we left our heroine, she was pondering the differences between hobbies and mental illnesses. The jury's still out on that one, but we'll assume hobby and go from there... ::looks nervously over shoulder for men bearing white coats::

Pre-MTT Food Rambling )

Midsummers Twilight...Before the Tourney )

Midsummer Twilight... Almost Tourney! (aka authorizations) )

Midsummer Twilight... Tourney!! )
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So although last week was mostly a wash in terms of fighting (it rained on Tuesday. AND on Thursday. This makes Jennifer sad), I did go to Baronial practice yesterday. And, thanks to some people at work bugging me, I even remember to bring my camera:
Picture behind cut: )
So yeah, that's me in armor. (Isn't the helm great?)Needs work though - although the gambeson that [ profile] kfitzwarin gave me is lovely, it's a bit too wide across the shoulders, thus my pauldron does something really funky most of the time. And let's not talk about the chest armor (it's possibly as old as I am) - even though you can't see it, it's a bad thing..

The problem with yesterday was that it was REALLY hot. As in half of the people out there were falling out due to the heat. Unfortunately, that included me...  Just fighting wouldn't have been so bad, but we were doing melee practice and I was the "designated archer-chaser".  Now, this sounded like a GREAT job when they handed it to me - after all, I'm the newbie, so not as useful on the shield wall as I could be, so going after someone I only have to touch? woot! What they DIDN'T tell me was that Steve can run faster backwards than most people can run forwards. (Most, in this case, includes me.)  So, yeah, sprinting in armor. In 90+ degree heat. Did I mention I have no endurance?  Long story short, even though I was drinking lots of water, the combination was NOT a good thing - after a few passes like this I completely overheated and had to get out of armor.  Which, of course, I was completely embarassed by, but oh well. (Nick says I'm being silly - and he's right - but I feel very self conscious any time I can't keep up with the rest of the group. I know, I'm new, it will pass, but ::shrug::) 

In other news, I got the money in my hands for feast, so I can start on some of the pre-cooking (sausages, sugar plate, etc). Time to order gum tracaganth and sausage casings!

Also, sewing is starting to fall into the "I have too much of it to do so I don't want to do any of it" category. This is bad.
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So I got back in armor today - went to the baronial practice which was much less attended than I figured it would be. I figured it would be sparse, given that it's Easter and all, but somehow (having never been a member of a practicing religion) I'm always surprised, somehow, at how many people end up at church or doing family stuff on holidays.  ::shrug:: not a big deal, really, whatever makes people happy, it's just always odd given that I don't take many holidays at all very seriously.  Either way...

So we showed up 45 min late for practice - took longer than I thought to get the Pennsic reg. forms printed - but much to our surprise we were the first people there.  In the end, there were only 4 heavy fighters (including me) and 3 rapier fighters there.  I fought a bit... and died a lot. (Not a surprise).  And I have some very pretty bruises on my arm now. (Poor Athos! I don't, at the moment, wear any upper-arm armor, and he hit me full force there and then started apologizing, which really wasn't necessary - if I didn't intend on getting hit, it'd be REALLY stupid to walk out on the field, but oh well. I suppose I have a slightly different idea of fighting that some new people, given that I've watched my husband for a few years now.)

The baronial meeting was quite quick, nothing major to report and it went quick, so we came home to shower and then back out to dinner. The interesting thing (and the only reason I am posting this, really) was that I realized something about fighting.  One of the reasons I'm having such fun doing this is because it's the one thing SCA-wise that I've really given myself permission to suck royally at, as a beginner.  Most A&S stuff I somehow expect myself to have some level of competence with, just on an... academic level, if that makes sense. (The theory being if I can learn enough about something, I can make up that way for not having done it before - thus I tend to jump in on the deep end of any project I do.) This, on the other hand, is SO outside my realm of experience - having been a very bookish child who didn't like getting dirty/sweaty (still don't, but I'll make exceptions) that I have *no* expectation of being good ANY time soon... not that I won't work at it but I won't beat myself up if I'm not.

But then, I have everyone else to beat me up... thus the icon...(!! or actually tourney sword from rene d'anjou's tourney book) EDITED TO ADD - The icon is back!


Apr. 13th, 2006 11:01 pm
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Guess what? I just got back from fighter practice!  Go me! (well, technically I'm writing this after a sub from Jimmy John, most of an episode of The Practice and one of my husband's notoriously strong G&T's (with another on the way! woot! not that I usually have two drinks on a weeknight, but then I finished a project at work today and alcohol goes well with endorphins).

So practice was fun - as it turned out there were only Chow and my dear husband there, and I ended up just fighting Nick and hitting the pell some, but it was FUN. I don't know why I haven't gone in so long, I think I was just being silly.  Though getting hit will certainly take some getting used to. It's weird - the first time I tried this, getting hit didn't bother me. This time it was a little different, I don't know why.  Still, though apparently I think really light shots hurt, it wasn't that bad, and it was something I could certainly get used to.

Weirdly enough, though, I'm oddly conflicted about fighting, at events, anyway.. fighting is a BLAST in terms of it's sheer fun. And yet, so is having N fight for me! and somehow having him salute a me that's in armor and not "pretty" and feminine, etc, is just wrong, somehow... (though I'm working on having the world's most feminine armor, given the helm and the intensely BLUE armor).

Eh, well, maybe eventually I will authorize, we'll see - given this was a 1st practice in 3 years, I don't really think I need to worry about it at the moment...
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OK, so I have a dress - some of you have seen it, if not there's a fuzzy shot of me in the outfit here.  It's green/blue shot linen, with great big circular cuffs over the hands. Well... when I made it, and the pink wool dress that goes with it, apparently I was too gentle with the fabric in prewashing, as the hot-pink wool dress of brightness is now a size that would fit a somewhat busty 12 year old (speaking of, anyone know any very small girls or women who might want a dress? they'd have to be VERY short, as it's about 5 inches short on ME).  The green dress? well, it's now not-quite-ankle length (it previously just touched the floor) and no longer can be closed in front. (And yes, I've gained weight since I made it, but not THAT much).

The thing is, though, I adore the green fabric, and especially the cuffs on the sleeves.  So the question is - do y'all think it would be silly to make another GFD, out of some fabric I don't care about, and put a wide guard of the green fabric on the bottom and attach the sleeves from the current dress? Thus making a dress I can still wear under another gown? Or should I just kiss the dress goodbye and find someone who it will fit to give it to? (or perhaps cut it up and make accessories out of it...)

While I'm on the subject, how do you, dear readers, wash your garb, both before and after you make it? I've had SUCH mixed results - I wash things in hot before I make them then never wash it in anything except cold water, and it STILL shrinks (this is the 2nd GFD I've lost like this).  I don't REALLY want to go to drycleaning, and while handwashing is an option (one I try and use when I remember to prepare/pack for events in a timely fashion), I've had other dresses that I wash all the time and it's not an issue.  I know, I know, I shouldn't be cleaning things all the time anyway, I should just wear proper smocks and wash those. But... I'm a klutz and spill things for one. And even if I manage to have a "neat" day, I still have hem issues (and am too in love with puddle hems NOT to have hem issues). And while yes, I could just take stuff to the drycleaners... it just seems wrong somehow...

Also, pondering more fighting stuff for N.  I want to make him an actual appliqued heralidic surcoat (because, well, fighting stuff is fun to make, and his current one looks good from across the field, but if you get close to it, not so much - the paint is flaking and it was only made for Ymir). The thing is if I'm going to make a fancy appliqued one, I don't want to use cotton trigger, so I'm pondering what variety of linen/wool would actually hold up to being hit...

We went to Buckston last night - would have stayed for dinner, but it would have been the 3rd time I had mexican in 4 meals, so that would have been a little much. OK, a lot much. But I had lovely henna done on my hand, and *almost* got the smocking done - would have gotten done except for the henna, and except for going outside to watch the new trebuchet being fired. 1 liter waterbottles make interesting splashes if they land straight down from about 50 ft...
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Not that I think any of you were waiting with bated breath or anything. 

So I never really wrote about Ymir (ancient news, I know, but bear with me).  It was cold and wet, but I was ok with that, as I wore my blue 1430-ish wool gown and stayed surprisingly toasty.  Ysolt got her Pelican, which is *awesome*, since she (well, John too, of course, but mostly Ysolt) took us to our first event - I doubt I'd be a SCAdian now without her.  [ profile] kfitzwarin and Steve, and [ profile] puck_eater and [ profile] geniealisa came down and stayed with us, which was a blast, and we even seduced the K-Mistress into the WoWCrack. (squee!) All the work I did on Nick's fighting garb paid off, as he got enough compliments (in my hearing) that I'm glad I was wearing a train, as otherwise the fact my feet weren't quite touching the ground would have shown.  And to top the day off? My friends were conspriring behind my back...
Come to think of it, these are large enough I should cut them... )
Did I mention that [ profile] harleenquinzell (whose lovely work the scroll is) tricked me? (And believe me, the scan doesn't do the thing justice - it's GORGEOUS, and only about 4" wide).  She showed it to me like 5 times while creating it (before the name went on it) asking me whether I thought the recipient would like it. Thus leading me to threaten "appropriate revenge" in court...

Anyway, the two weeks between Ymir and KASF were insane, and included flooding (eek! all fixed now, though, and it led us to discover a new comfy organization for our living room furniture, not to mention an excuse for a trip to IKEA, where we ended up with new dining room furniture.

As fo KASF? Even though I didn't enter Pentathlon, I still had a blast. I took up a set of 9 sauces (in adorable little mustard pots my husband found for me at Southern Season), and the hat and calligraphy in progress. Talked with lots of people, got lots of comments and ideas for future projects, and saw other people's VERY nifty stuff (when I managed to get away from my display, that is - I didn't finish labels, or anything, so I spent most of the day hanging out in boy garb and convincing people to come try stuff) and finished up the evening with yummy prime rib at Outback (washed down with an abundance of margaritas, even).

I've spent the last week vegging, to be honest - we've been to Molten Core three times now. I like the guild we've been running with, since WH isn't big enough to support MC runs, but the new point system is... arcane, to be honest. ::shrug:: they're new at it, it'll all work out. We ended up spending the weekend working on a new site for work - I'll link to it to show off when we get it done, as I'm kind of proud on it.  N and I had to learn CSS to do it, which will come in handy in the future. (Erminespot needs content, badly).

This week, though, it's time to get off my ass and start working on Pennsic stuff, and some other Nifty Projects...
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Someone, I have no idea who, put the latest Abercrombie and Fitch catalog, displayed to some young hunk or another (quite hot, actually - shirtless guy with muscles who apparently fell over in the ocean while catching a football) in the women's bathroom. This is not a bad thing, even if A&F is kind of creepy, but it seems somewhat unfair as I'm SURE someone would complain if the guys did something equivalent...

But then, I'm feeling very random today. Last night I got a lot done, but ended up waiting for Nick to get done attaching his aventail to his helm before going to bed. Unfortunately, this occured sometime around 2. And so even after a giant cinnamon latte with extra expresso, I'm kind of dead. Actually the caffiene is making me perky but my brain isn't actually working. It's kind of entertaining, except for the part where I can't focus on anything. (ooh, shiny!)

Meanwhile, all I *have* to do for Ymir is finish the neckline of and paint N's new heraldric fighting houppelande, and sew myself some hosen (yay warm feet). Also go grocery shopping/clean house, but that's not too bad. I gave up on new garb for me, so I"m going to wear the same thing I wore last year :-(. Oh well, with luck I'll even have some time to work on KASF stuff. Though as a side note, I'm feeling vaguely perturbed that my husband's fighting garb is nicer than my real garb. ::sigh:: I mentioned I love my husband, right? If y'all ever needed proof of THAT, well, here's exhibit A:

It's roughly based on orle's seen here, here, here (this one's fun!), here and here. Yes, I expect to be resewing pearls after every event. Although I may make another one, this one is a LITTLE bigger than i wanted it to be, it ends up looking vaguely turkish.

So I've gotten tagged twice by the guilt meme. I suppose I REALLY ought to do it now - I started to before but I think I got hung up on the fact that I really don't feel "guilty" about liking any of these things. ::shrug:: I like what I like, including fluff fantasy and southern cooking...
Guilt! )
Now I tag:-
[ profile] zihuatanejo [ profile] zihuatanejo [ profile] island42 [ profile] melaniesuzanne and [ profile] ramblinheritic
to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

Ugggh. Coffee wearing off, leaving crankiness in its wake. This is bad. Must continue to hide in cube and avoid all coworkers... :-) Otherwise....
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This may change, and there's a couple that I'm still dithering about *which* to take...but these are the classes I want to take and for which I should be physically on-siteCut for those who don't care )
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Well, I've been VERY very silent lately, mostly because work sucked for a while (see [ profile] soucyn's post on THAT subject, I'd rather forget it).

But we're officially moved into the new building now. Which is cool - it's much nicer than our old office, much larger, though oddly enough i actually have less space personally - not quite sure how that happened, but I'm not upset about it. Having less space actually makes me more organized - and my new cube, even though it's only 5x5, actually is much nicer. Cable tray, walls I can pin things to (like this poster I bought while we were on vacation at Myrtle Beach), whiteboard... I'm actually quite happy with it. Which I suppose is good, since a. I can't change it, and b. it gives me a leg to stand on when I tell the sales reps to sit down and shut up about how much their cube sucks. Which I have to do on a regular basis, even though I had *no* influence in purchasing them.

Really, I just need a few more prints, and my cube will be set. I'm waiting for Aeire to come out with a really GOOD queen of wands one... or maybe I should just get some period art, that'd be fun too.

The major annoying thing about moving is that I missed the Hawkwood investiture, which I was looking forward to - Nick was going to fight, and I was going to enter the Solteltie competition, since I've never actually entered my Golden Chicken in a competition and it's such a FUN recipe (it's from Taillevent - basically you take a chicken, take the skin of in one piece, strip the meat off the bones and add some stuff to it, then stuff it back in the skin so it looks like a whole chicken again).

I did, however, get to have some fun last Friday night - we went to an "art party" at [ profile] algedonic and [ profile] gwenifyre's house, where we also met [ profile] suhl, [ profile] scsuehle, [ profile] mary_wroth, [ profile] elephantgiraffe and Logan, (who also has an LJ that I can't remember the name of). That was a blast, and I was thrilled with the pics I took home. Now I just need to catch up with Scott to figure out how to get my cast...

This weekend I'm going to Tournament of Chivalry - which, even though I'm not sure what I think of the reasoning for having it, looks like fun (except it's supposed to rain tomorrow ::pout::). No new dress though - though, with the rain.... oh well!

OK, back to work on my houppelande class!

Book List

Jun. 4th, 2004 10:36 am
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So the other day I got bored, and decided to start an amazon wish list, mostly because I found that there were a WHOLE bunch of books on all sorts of things I'm interested in that I don't have yet. Also, most of these books are available used, which means as soon as I get my bookshelves put up, I'm going to have to start funneling a few bucks a month towards buying them.

So, anyway, I figured I'd post this on here, both a. to save someone else doing the searching, if they were interested in this kind of thing too, and b. in case someone had ideas of other things I should add, or recommendations for/against anything on here.

My interests are, in order, anything late 14th/early 15th century France, medieval cooking (mostly French), 14th/15th century clothing, chivalry, and womens' daily lives, esp. those of the higher nobility (peasants bore me, mostly because I probably am one in real life ::grin::.

Without futher ado, here's the list -
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I do wonder how this would go down if repeated now... something I ran across on the Rialto..

Blow Calibration test

12th night

Jan. 12th, 2004 05:09 pm
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Damn I'm tired. That's kind of the summary of this weekend...

No, really, I am thinking about taking a nap when I get home...

Ok, so that's not very detailed... when last I wrote in this, I still had a dagged sleeve to do, most of my houppelande, a hat, etc etc etc. It all got done, amazingly enough - maybe not quite to the level I would have liked, but it was wearable. And got lots of compliments..

The only problem, of course, was that I didn't sleep - for like 42 hours. and then I got dragged out last night...

Of course, Matt is REALLY amusing when drunk, so...that was ok .

More details and pictures later...


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