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So [ profile] harleenquinzell and I were talking the other day - perhaps Friday? and I spent a large amount of time kvetching about how my lack of planning combined with 12th Night and Ymir had led to a 3rd year in a row with out a Pentathlon entry for KASF. (2008 I displayed random food from the 2 feasts I was doing in 6 weeks that KASF fell in between, 2009 I went and schmoozed and judged and displayed nothing). This was not the first time I've expressed this particular complaint; however, everyone ELSE I mentioned this to said "Be sane, you don't have time to put something together".

Enter Livia, who was planning on putting together something fairly quickly because she's crazy like that.

Crazy is contagious. As is the realization that I *do* have a couple of projects that I put a reasonable amount of research into already done.


Entry 1: Heraldic Silk Houppelande. Done (might go back and tweak the attachment of one sleeve) and docs done (pending a few comments from the gallery). Yay!

Entry 2: Coral paternoster. Done, need to iron tassel and do docs.

Entry 3: Wheat pudding - Well, the recipe's picked... and I have all the comparative sources - so we'll call that half done.

Entry 4: Another food from the same manuscript - still deciding on this one.

Entry 5: Painted silk banner - this one's gonna be fun - I'm using the silk painting techniques in Cennini just to see how they work - I suspect that it won't flow at ALL, but may still be attractive...

10 days left...
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Thing the First: An overdue note that Summer War was *phenomenally* fun. Pics are here, and my favorite is this one.   Although fighting was not *quite* as much fun as handing out cupcakes (for those who wanted the recipe - they're dreadfully simple AND tasty, though don't be shocked when the batter comes out WAY thinner than you think it should).

Thing the Second: Work is finally calming down! I can crawl out of my cave! Whee! (For those I haven't mentioned it to, several of our largest accounts all put out major rfps or otherwise wanted presentations/quotes/etc over the past month - thus the lack of Sapphire Joust and me at canton meetings. Bleh. But yay employment.)

Thing the Third: I've been sewing a lot the past few evenings, with mixed success. My sewing machine Does Not Like gambesons, but I perservered and have all except a few lacing holes done on a new one for Girard - I've never made one before, so yay me. (Though ironically I cut it out and started it before buying *either* of the recent patterns for such, so guess I'll be making another one, maybe for me, later). I'm still trying to decide whether the eyelet plates for my sewing machine are in fact more trouble than they are worth - they do not stay *on* the machine , thus I end up breaking a lot of needles. Not so good for the machine. On the other hand, there are some things I don't believe in doing handwork on. Like fighting garments of almost any sort, esp. ones that are going to get worn All The Time. Esp. not after how long the quilting takes.'s an interesting tradeoff. Maybe I should just make G do his own eyelets, but I tend to sew so that he has to do the housework. (Yep, I'm spoiled.)

Thing the Fourth: Speaking of sewing, had a mixed experience with that last night. I ordered [profile] kass_rants's sideless surcote pattern when it came out, which I was rather intrigued to find that according to package directions, only took two yards of fabric (60"). I *had* exactly two yards of grey wool leftover from my grey-and-red outfit, which isn't enough (I thought) to make *anything* out of, so I said, hrm, this won't take long, and it'd be lightweight pennsic garb.  The pattern, though... had pros and cons. It was definitely easy to use - with the exception of the cutting layout that didn't work for me -  but I *really* didn't like the results. I *may* have mismeasured my back-length, as the flare of the skirt starts lower than I would put it, and that would certainly distort the whole thing. So there was that problem.. and of course with the minimal fabric used there wasn't enough fullness to the skirts (but I like *really* full skirts - see the red dress with the couch-eating hem, if all my dresses had that much skirt I'd be happy as a clam), but really? I think sideless surcotes just don't work on busty women with minimal hips. So, that said, anyone want a mostly finished grey wool surcote? French seamed, I'll finish the last of the gores before I hand it to you and the hems (on all sides) are up to you. Reconstructing History size G.It's free, the fabric was leftovers anyway and I only spent a couple hours on it. Edit: Jenny called dibs on the surcote, if she doesn't take it I'll repost.

Thing the Fifth: 6 week old kittens are made of fluff and squee and needles. 12 week old kittens are just made of needles. Mine is obsessed with my hair... and crawling up me to GET to said hair. Oww oww oww.  So cute though!
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I'm making a new outfit on the quicker-than-I-originally-meant-to for the St. Luke's Challenge (yay procrastination and changing my mind at the last minute).  I have a reasonably-well-fitting GFD pattern, but I'd like to tweak it - really this requires a second set of hands, however, preferably belonging to someone other than my husband (who hates helping me fit things). So I'd like to propose a trade - anyone out there want a GFD pattern of their very own? And any of those people have some weeknight free time this week, or maybe next?
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So I haven't quit my job yet... even after working 40 hours before Tues was over... (if you count last week as having ended @ 5pm Fri). Actually I had a sort of realization about that, but I don't feel like writing about work at the moment. Guess I'll have to do that later.

I've been sewing like a fiend this week, but luckily (?) I have enough different aspects of various projects to work on that I haven't gotten burnt out yet.

The Great Cuisse Project was a partial success - Aradd's turned out great, though I still need to get the eyelets put into them. (The original plan was to take the cuisses up to Birthday with us, put them on him and mark them and do them there. Since that fell through I guess I'll just have to approximate and see how it goes.) Girard's on the other hand... well, the concept (rope reinforcement) is good, the studs are cool, but the execution? Failed miserably. I have a plan for fixing this, though - because I was trying to dag the bottom, and didn't want to hand sew that bit, I tried putting the rope in using the zipper foot to sew the channels. This was... full of fail. Full of a LOT of fail. So I'm going to try to do another version with the channeled, rope'd bit sewn as a separate part than the decorative dagged bottom, and see if that works - the seam'll be hidden behind the knee cop anyway. Still, that project can wait a bit since the next real fighting *event* is Ymir - or perhaps Ice Castles - and G doesn't practice in that set of legs. (Yes, one should practice in what one fights in, but when the substitution is for *less* protective armor in tourneys, it's not so bad...and does lead to slightly fewer occasions Welch's Grape Jelly Legs).

Anyway, so I've been focusing on 12th night garb. Tuesday, after [ profile] marionred came over to get a GFD fitting, I cut out the lining for a Bocksten Man-type cloak for G, out of some red wool - the "fashion" fabric will be a charcoal gray. Haven't decided what the hem treatment - dags, embroidery, or a combination - will be, I'll probably make that decision closer to the event. This one isn't pieced like the Bocksten; the fabric is wide enough that that isn't necessary. The dart in the shoulder and the way it sort of hangs on the bias does make it deliciously rakish when flipped back over the shoulder though. Yay. Oddly enough, I realized in doing some of the research that I had thought about making this outfit last year, and then didn't. Well, a similar cloak anyway... I don't think I'm going to put a collar on it, instead the cote underneath will have a standing collar.

OH! I never said what I was actually DOING, did I? Nick's outfit is from the first pic, which is from Français 343, fol. 72v. (Images from the BNF's site Mandragore, which if you haven't seen is REALLY cool. And I probably shouldn't be borrowing them, but hey, it sends more people to their site...) Mine is from the second one, which is from Français 100, fol. 1, though I may make the hat from folio 57 of the same manuscript - that's the hat to the right, and it's a TRIP. 

Anyway, on Wednesday, [ profile] pallasathene82 came over, to work on the sleeves for the dress we started last month. And I did something I've never done before! With some help from [ profile] chargirlgenius's sleeve handout, and a little bit of pure luck / finally grokking how they're supposed to work, I drafted a sleeve pattern that Worked On The First Try - as in, I pinned it on S and only had to move 2 pins half an inch. Yay. ::happy dances all over the house:: 

Last night, my linen for new braies/smocks/shirt came in, and I got that washed and ironed, and after a tasty dinner at [ profile] harleenquinzell's house, got a smock cut out and started hemming the pieces. And I even found some blue wool in the stash for hosen... I may be crazy, but I'm thinking about handsewing a lot of these outfits - I'm fairly quick, and it's only halfway through November...or maybe I'm crazy. We'll see...

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This is mostly pointed at [ profile] syaldia, [ profile] pallasathene82, and [ profile] 3_purple_irises, but also extends to anyone else I've said "I'll help you make "X" and forgotten about. [ profile] harleenquinzell, I seem to remember you making noises about another GFD? [ profile] ymasen, you've got that red linen... Anyone else? (If I haven't named you specifically, I don't remember. Yes, I'm that ditzy).

Anyway, when do y'all want to get together and work on these things? Weeknights are good - Tues, Wed, Thurs, I'll probably even feed you if I know you're coming. Not tonight though. Still doing cuisses...
I'd like to get these things moving soon so I can work on my own stuff for 12th night, too, and not feel guilty... ;-)

ETA: I also bought some hook and eye tape. I think this may have potential during the fitting process for GFDs... we'll see.
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WhenI got home last night, I was *starving*. Like, cranky-from-lack-of-food-and-biting-N's-head-off starving. This confused me for a second - I *ate* lunch - until I realized that Lunchables, while an acceptable lunch, are only about 300 calories. Given that I had been, before going on a take-lunch-in-kick, eating WAY too much fastfood (which is what, 300 calories per bite? I exaggerate, but still)... not a surprise. Especially since I had run out of Clif bars, and so hadn't eaten breakfast this week. So I decided to make scones for the rest of the week... a variation on this recipe, but with almonds and chocolate chips and a bit of vanilla instead of pecans.  Are they tasty? I have *no* idea. You see, somebody (looks pointedly at the next cube over - yes, my husband and I have adjacent blocks of cubeland) forgot about them this morning. So I got no breakfast.

Well, that would have been true except there was a sales rep with a birthday yesterday, who didn't show up to get his cake, so we had birthday cake at 10 in the morning. I'm weirdly hyper now....

Anyway, once the scones were made I delegated dinner to the husband, who was supposed to make tacos but we forgot to buy cheese. PapaJohn's to the rescue.... while I went and worked on cuisses... lots and lots of cuisses. [ profile] puck_eater's are done, except for hems and eyelets. (And I think I'm going to do eyelets Fri evening when we get there, that way they're DEFINITELY in the right spot.) BoyG's are cut out, and the dags and 3 of the ropes are in on one of them. The rope thing looks like it's going to work *really* well, if the fabric holds up. (Which I'm a little dubious of, this is more stash-cleaning, and the wool is a bit soft...) Also, I picked up some cute little fleur-de-lis.... things. I have no idea what you'd call them, they're a metal fleur-de-lis with 4 spikes on the back, stick them on your fabric then fold the spikes over. Anyway, there's gonna be one on each dag... He's gonna look sharp now. Especially since the gambeson, which was getting REALLY scary, got redyed last night. I may have used a BIT too much dye, it's now... black. Really black.  Like black-hole-sucking-up-all-available-light black. ::giggle::
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Because I'm Posty McPostalot today...

A lot of people have been discussing their 12th night garb plans, and while I hesitate to mention mine (as I am somewhat notorious for making much more ambitious plans than I can actually complete - see last year's plans for matching garb that only resulted in garb for me, or the Purple Crown Gown), Much Plotting happened last night, in between ironing things....
Plotting! )
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Things tend to follow me home from JoAnn's. One wouldn't think this is possible, given the craptastic fabric that they are known for (especially the one in Durham at 15-501 and Garrett), but...the impulse shopping demon had me in its claws, yesterday...

I was only there for thread and cotton batting. Really. But being easily distracted by shineys, I figured it couldn't hurt to wander up and down the aisles. And so I actually ended up finding some lovely $7/yd chocolate brown wool (they called the color "potting soil" - how unattractive is that?). And they even had a 40%-off-one-regular-item coupon so I could get perfectly-coordinated tan linen for the lining. (Note that I don't usually coordinate linings, it's whatever linen I could get cheap. But my darling husband has this tendency to roll up his sleeves on cotehardies - like so - so the linings show and in this case I was willing to pay the extra for a bit of blinginess. (My spellchecker is throwing fits at the concept of that word...)

But wait, the fabric following me home wasn't bad enough.After all, that wasn't even for *me*. They also had a $20 off any iron sale... and the irons never go on sale... and my iron, while at one time very nice, has a myriad of problems (it'd been knocked off the ironing board by cats so many times the casing was falling into pieces; it starts spitting if you turn it to maximum steam, the autoshutoff either doesn't work or never existed and, well, let's just say every time I sew I scare my husband because I end up leaving it on for days and he's convinced I"ll burn the house down.)  And then I saw this...has the auto off, is nice and heavy, has a extra hot/extra dry setting for ironing wet linen (more on that later), and can shoot steam for 3 feet when vertical. Am a very happy camper...

Speaking of which, I'm working on two sets of cuisses for this weekend - one for [ profile] puck_eater, and one for [ profile] soucyn. While based on the same idea, the two garments are VERY different. [ profile] puck_eater plans on wearing his over hockey padding, and so they only serve as camouflage and something to point knee armor to. [ profile] soucyn, on the other hand, wears his as armor. His last pair was raw silk, lined in linen, and had pockets for leather splints. The splints didn't work very well, and raw silk being raw silk (they were a proof of concept using fabric out of the stash) have not worn well at all. So the next pair is going to be wool lined in linen, with rope stiffening. I got the idea from a thread on the AA, and said, hrmm, that's feasible, given all the corsets out there with hemp cord "boning". We'll see how it works out - I'm going to sew them after I sew [ profile] puck_eater's, though, as his have been "in the works" forever. They're quick, though, as they're just several layers of linen  and possibly one of cotton canvas (didn't like the batting in them and I think they'll last longer this way). Should be finished with them tonight, leaving me all of Thurs evening to do the rope ones.

Oh... and the lovely thing about the new iron? 1750 watts of hot iron power takes wet wrinkly linen to shiny, flat, practically-factory-processed linen at an amazing rate...
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Then again, that's the subject of like, *every* one of my posts. Guess I'm turning into an LJ voyeur... and here I've teased people about that.

But then, it's fall, so perhaps it's not surprising that I'm being quiet and semi-reclusive. Certainly I haven't been doing anything useful lately. Which is bad, as my "list of things I *want* to be doing" has gotten very long, and my "list of things I *should* be doing... or should have already done" has gotten even longer. Perhaps that's the problem. Too many directions, and instead I play Wii. (Which, as a side note, is a really fabulous thing - I'm perhaps 2/3 of the way through Zelda, same through Paper Mario, and haven't lost interest yet. woot??) And I've gotten a lot of reading done lately - newest "fandom", as it were, has been S.M. Sterling.. the Nantucket trilogy, and am 2/3 through the "Dies the Fire" series. They're fun sort of survivalist/medievalist fluff - the author was/is apparently a SCAdian and honestly, the whole thing sort of panders to the smug sort of "I bet we could survive if guns and electricity quit working" thoughts that end up in the back of a lot of people's minds....(admit it! they're there! though honestly? I don't think I'd be one of the lucky ones in those circumstances, if I'm being realistic). But like I said, they're fun...

Speaking of projects, we really need to decide what we're wearing for 12th night. I'm thinking perhaps a bit earlier this year - am sort of tired of houppelandes at the moment, so I'm thinking some sort of pretty gown and I have some thoughts for this gorgeous purple brocade I bought for N a couple Pennsic's ago - it's technically a pair of saris, but there's just enough for a cotehardie...and we have folly bells. ::skips merrily::

And of course I 'm still working on Ymir and Battle of the Oranges feasts - need to get in and get some library time, perhaps this weekend after we get back from Marinus this weekend. (No, we have no real reason to go, other than it's a pas, and I like those. And I get to hang out with the lovely [ profile] geniealisa and [ profile] puck_eater - yay!)

But perhaps most interestingly... or maybe only to me... As many of you who have been reading this journal for a while know, I've suspected I have some form of ADD/ADHD for years. But I've always been too scared to find out for sure... or figured I could handle it on my own... or... well, any number of things.  Pure arrogance, if nothing else (I should be smart enough to just... ignore it.) That's... not entirely the case. So I finally (finally! I mean, I've been talking about this with N for ages, if nothing else) called Duke.  Long story short, I'm scheduled to be tested the Tues before thanksgiving... and if I do in fact have it I'm going to end up in a research study for a year or so. ::shrug:: it'll be interesting to know one way or the other.
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Though in this case I DO know when I'll be back again. I'm off to the Calontir Cooks' Symposium this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm teaching two classes, one on Pies and one with the same info as the paper I did last year on Spices.

Not sure how many Calontiris, or other people who will be at the event (other than [ profile] wombatgirl!) I know on here, but if you see me there, *please* say hello - this is my first time going to a random event outkingdom just for the sake of going, and should be an adventure. I will look like the picture here (yes, wearing this exact outfit, after some consultation with [ profile] nikulai - can you tell I'm a BIT nervous about all this?)

Embroidery update - I'm 22 pearl clusters away from finishing the sleeves (!!!!!!), and plan to finish them, draw out the neckline tonight, clean out the sewing room a bit, and finish/ print out my handouts for the classes. Tomorrow, [ profile] 3_purple_irises is coming over to help me with my undergown - I'm not QUITE agile enough to fit myself, and my husband tries REALLY hard (trust me, read this). But really, for those of you who have ever made gothic fitted gowns? male assistance on those doesn't REALLY count as assistance, am I wrong? ;-)
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I'm not going to subject you to the memory meme... but I am about to do something that has never appeared on this journal before... and probably won't again. Because really, video is killing the 'net.

However, I've been doing lots of embroidery lately, and while the product is lovely, my brain goes ENTIRELY too many weird places if I do it without some distraction. Enter lots of TV. And one of the niftiest things we've been watching is Planet Earth, which is this new thing off the discovery channel.

Now, the problem with this show is that it's narrated by Sigorney Weaver, which, well, wouldn't be so bad, except the writers had a bad case of superlativitis. EVERY thing they show is the "biggest" or "most populous" or...yeah, you could turn this into a drinking game, take a sip every time you hear a superlative and you... well, let's just say you'd be stitching REALLY crooked by the end.

However... it's worth watching. Apparently they spent 2,000 days shooting various rare things... like lions hunting elephants and other things, but cute and vicious. Like this: (ever seen a 20 ft Great White Shark 12 ft above the water? didn't think so (it's about 3/4 of the way through...)
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So those of you who ARE embroidery geeks, feel free to laugh at this. I... am not. In fact, this is the first project I've really done anything that even counts. (Ok, 2nd - there was Girard's orle, which marginally counted, I suppose. Still, it was just beads and purchased trim, so yeah.)

Meanwhile, I've mentioned the dress I'm making for Crown. I decided to do some simple vinework in pearls, gold, and green silk along the sleeves and neckline - while I don't have any *pictures* of this, it seemed fairly common in an inventory I read recently (thanks [ profile] jillwheezul) and the pattern itself matches a fairly common illumination style. Anyway, when I started the project, I had lost one of the knobs that keeps my scroll frame together (mine's like this, but I bought it from the guy who sells mirror boxes @ Pennsic). "No worries", said I, "I'll just pick up a Q-Snap when I get the thread." So I did, and it was good... until I decided to work on the project at an event, at which point the ugly plastic frame made me twitch.

Fast-forward slightly, and I realize "I'll be going to another event! and a demo! and and and...." and meanwhile I have found the missing piece of the scroll frame. (Ok, so really [ profile] soucyn found it.) So I decided to try and mount the sleeves on said frame. There's just one catch... the "sleeves" are, at the moment, an approximately 60"x60" piece of silk, with a temporary seam down the center - the embroidery is about a 3-3.5" band on each side of the seam. So there's a LOT of excess fabric. (Yes, I could have just embroidered an applique strip, and I wouldn't be having this problem, but I didn't want the extra fabric to change the drape of the sleeves, because the fabric is REALLY luscious).

The thing I didn't realize before carefully bundling up the fabric, basting the rolls on either side so they'd stay and sewing it to the frame? All that excess fabric wreaked HAVOC on the tension on the embroidery - which given that this is couched gold braid, chain stitch and pearls, doesn't have to be *perfect*, in the same way it would were I doing stem-stitch needle-painting type work, but it does need to be reasonably predictable. GRR.

And google? NOT helpful in this case - there is absolutely NO information out there on the best way to mount whole garment pieces for embroidery in a period way - the closest I found was this article on the Florilegium. (And of course the husband cleaned off the table and threw away the most recent TI, which had an article on scroll frames... 'course, I haven't been keeping them recently, as there hasn't been much I've needed, so it's understandable, but still...)

So the final solution? I took some canvas stretcher bars (something like this, though mine aren't mitered, wish they were), stapled fabric tape to them, and whipstitched the relevant area of silk to them to work on it. A little unwieldy, but at least it's not ugly... (though we're not going to talk about how long figuring all this out took me... )

Exhibit 1 in why "Ne Rien de Moitié" is not ALWAYS a good motto...
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Just posted this, but I figure someone on here might also have a suggestion...

Hi! This is something of a longshot, but I’m hoping someone will know of an image off the top of their head. I’m looking for 14th century/early 15th century (say, 1350-1430) images of “Ancient Romans” – ie, what *they* thought said Romans looked like, specifically the women. It’s somewhat ironic – I’m actually looking for the bizarre allegorical stuff. I already looked through some of the manuscripts on Gallica, the Boccacios, etc, but either there weren’t any Roman women or they were dressed in modern-to-14th century garb. What I’m hoping to find – but haven’t yet – is something along the lines of Longinus in this - – he’s wearing an odd blend of recognizeably Roman elements and recognizably AOTC elements….


Any ideas?

BTW, I haven't forgotten about all the people I still owe questions to - there's just a LOT of you. :-) 

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Item the first:
I started a new garb project - as I mentioned in my last, incredibly boring post, I've been hoarding some purple silk twill for *years*. I finally figured out the dress it wants to be, and the event it wants to be made for. The dress is shown to the right, and the event will be for Crown. I'm adding some embroidery/pearls around the edges of the sleeves and neckline, though, just because I wanted a bit of "bling". (Thank you, [ profile] duchesspadr, for telling me where you found the picture...) Though I'm having a bit of problem finding an appropriate bright-red lining - why is it that one can see fabric, think "hmm, that's pretty and cheap, I should get some"; not do it, then end up starting a project that needs *exactly that fabric* and thus not be able to get it anymore? I *swear* I just saw dark-red (since my purple is slightly darker than the pic, I was also going to make the lining slightly darker) silk twill for a reasonable price at fashionfabricsclub, but it's not there now. They have a few other things, though, so all hope is not lost...

Item the second:
Fighter practice is better than pilates, at least if one counts exercise as being "better" the sorer you are. Though [ profile] soucyn's theory of sore-back=crap-mechanics is probably true...though I did pick up some pointers that'll help if I can manage to make them jump that brain-body barrier...
Item the third:
The all-LJ dinner @ Chamas was as usual pricy but wonderful. Though I was underimpressed with Sirens (a pity, since it's a cool building) - if I'm going to pay that for a martini, I'd like to be able to hear people talk. (Speaking of which, ARE there any good-but-a-bit-quieter bars in Durham/CH that I don't know about? Preferences are for interesting drinks...)

Item the fourth:
FYI, if you're ever offered a free trip to Italy, get passports well in advance. Ask my boss why this is important...

Item the fifth:
BoyG is still suffering from tree bukakke, so we aren't going to the Kberg meeting tonight. Leftover chinese and calligraphy, here I come!

Item the sixth:
The Brute Squad of Doom - that is, me, [ profile] soucyn; and [ profile] 3_purple_irises didn't run fast enough - we are collectively the Pennsic Land Agent. More details to come...
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So I'm literally counting the seconds till I get out of work - I probably SHOULD do something more useful, but I have a feeling if I do it'll be working on the website or messing with illustrator (a program which at the moment I both love and hate - I have a feeling I'd like it better if I had a graphics tablet but anyway) rather than anything useful - I only have 2 work-related things to mess with at the moment; one of which I'm stuck on and the other I *really* don't want to play with till Monday. Bleh.

I ordered the materials for the standards today - I hope I don't hate doing this, if I *do* it'll suck as I bought enough for 12 standards. (I think - I know I have the fabric for 12, and I'm fairly sure the dye will go that far.) Anyway, I only have 3 I'm definitely doing, and a few more that I'm thinking of doing either as gifts or for cost-of-materials, if I enjoy the process - I certainly enjoy the digital part of designing them, so if the painting isn't awful, then it's all cool. Just for reference, I think it averages out to about $10/banner, not counting the tools - it may be less depending on how much dye/paint gets used per banner. I kind of wussed out, a little - there are two ways of painting the banners, "dyes" and "dye-like paints". The former gives slightly better color, supposedly, but then has to be steamed for hours in order to set the dye to the fabric. During the process, however, it can't get wet, and so doing this part effectively involves building a fairly complicated steamer. So I went with the paint, which can be set with an iron. Cop-out, I suppose, but neither version is period (that I know of, though this is NOT a project I've researched extensively) so I'm not terribly worried.

Meanwhile, tomorrow's the baronial project day - I'm going, and bringing handouts for [ profile] 3_purple_irises, but I'm *really* not sure what project I'm bringing. I had thought about making either Roman or "allegorical" garb for Coronation, but I think I'm going to hang out in the kitchen with my Oldcastle cousins, and I just *can't* bring myself to make garb that I don't think I'll wear again, nifty as the whole "theme" thing is. And yes, Roman is good for Pennsic, but I tend to consider it a point of pride to not go farther outside my actual persona than "14th cent boy garb". So I may work on the sky-blue GFD I started a while back, so I can wear it as an underdress for Crown. Still deciding what I want the overgown to look like - I *think* I might use the purple silk twill I've been hoarding for something "special" for years; it's gorgeous and deserves to be something. Probably, at my husband's request ::evil grin:: it'll be of the cleavagey variety of interesting-sleeved GFD rather than a houppelande... have to inspire him somehow, right? Also pondering embroidery for that... and some sort of favor for the tourney. (The orle died at Ymir, it's prob. fixable but it had issues anyway - the proportions were slightly off and it wouldn't stay on the helm particularly well - if I make another one, which I think I'm planning on, it'll include integrated ties to attach to the helm...)

Speaking of boy garb, I wear it often enough I'm considering picking a second name (perhaps Jehan de Monmarché, my "brother") for when I do so.... comments? I don't really want to *confuse* people, but being "Guenièvre" in boy garb is... weird. My mannerisms change *significantly* when I'm in garb, or at least they feel like they do. In fact, I accidentally curtsied to a coworker at the demo last weekend in Atillium. And I'm fine with this, but I need to build a second set for when wearing pants hosen. Because curtsying in hosen looks... odd, and trying it in armor would just get me laughed at. So I think a second name might help...
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Had a fabulous time at 12th Night, though it was one of those events where I felt like I talked for about 10 seconds to 20 bazillion people. At least I did get new garb done, as seen here - My collar was wonky, but so far it's the only one I've got (thanks [ profile] thalionar, for posting it!) since my cd of pics from Baron Bardulf won't show up for a while. Now I just need to get BoyG's matching garb made...

Did the geekiest thing I've done for a VERY long time last night, and went to get my copy of The Burning Crusade at midnight. Was home by 12:05 though - EBgames was VERY efficient about the whole thing and my husband was good at strategically positioning us in line. Haven't played it yet, though, and don't know how much I will be today, as I'm going over to Davis Library after work.

::giggle:: New fun project will be started because of said trip... no details yet, mostly because I don't want to be embarassed by it if it COMPLETELY FLOPS. :-)

Also, need to start on Persona Pentathlon. Who else is doing it?
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(Non costumers may wish to move along, there is officially Nothing To See Here)

So, as far as the cloak/tabard/ganache/thing for Girard, well, I found a couple examples last night while perusing Tom and Tracy's library, and then I had a duh!!! moment this morning. No, really, it was bad. Why? Well, what is probably the most famous 15th century portrait? the one that's on the front of all the art books? Yeah, Arnolfini and his wife. And what is Arnolfini wearing? A later version of more or less the garment I was trying to picture. OY. ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: So that problem's solved, just have to pick fabrics now. I have some pale yellow/gold silk taffeta that I think I'll make the cotehardie out of, [ profile] soucyn said something about wanting black velvet for the overgarment, maybe with fake fur (ermine-esque?) lining (though the original inspiration wasn't lined, there are others that are, and, well, the husband is not a clothes person, so when he makes requests, I tend to bend a bit just to get him to wear the garments). The chaperone can be blue wool (from the stash!), and the hosen... well, red and white would still be sharp, if I can find the fabric, or maybe I'll finish the dark gold ones I have started. Or maybe I have something else in the stash, who knows. (Though yet one more argument to go cloak, there's always the Bocksten man cloak, which if done with a little bit more fabric might fall into the same pleats. But that decision is made, and now I will quit obsessing).

Back to the Mysterious Red Dress. [ profile] etaine_pommier had me somewhat convinced to not try the bias cut. Then I started reading the AOTC archives, and now I'm pondering it again, for a few reasons. One of which is that a couple of people on there have tried it, with fairly good results. 2. There was some discussion on how to do it fabric-efficiently, which is of course one of the chief arguments against. One person made one with about the same amount of fabric as I usually use to make one of these (5 yds of 60 inch fabric for a longsleeved GFD), I've emailed her to find out how. Someone else posted a method of making bias yardage, which adds much sewing, but would eliminate the usual wastage. 3. Bias was used for hosen, and there's a bias-cut hood in Woven Into the Earth (yet another book I need to own and don't, but for those of you that do, it's on p. 296.). 4. The above mentioned Bocksten cloak (no, it wasn't cut on the bias, but it'd be worn on it).

I don't by any stretch of the imagination think it's typical, and I'm not even sure how likely it is. But I'm almost enough of a geek to want to try it, just to see how it drapes and whether it CAN be done without ridiculous fabric wastage, and whether all the extra seams would just make it look stupid.  But then I've never entirely been sold on "typical", it's not good history I suppose but I really like creating the "unusual things". Like the peacock hat...
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So winter tends to be the slow season where I work - I suppose most companies don't want to deal with the hassle of new office equipment during the holiday season, not sure. Either way, I'm bored enough I started uploading random pictures to the gallery on my website - and that says something right there, as I've said many times that I Am Not A Picture Person. Unfortunately, I think Nick has some of the better pictures on his computer, and he's at a customer. :( I should probably caption/label/reorder the ones that are up there, but that's not nearly as fun as picking and uploading.

My other alternative is to go fabric shopping - 12th night is coming up soon, and I have (still fairly vague) thoughts about new garb. Some of my thoughts are here - I rather like the embroidered red dress with dagged tippets and the blue/white outfit for Girard. Both of these outfits have some major weirdnesses, which is partially why I picked them, but on the other hand it makes it a bit hard to decide if and/or how to recreate them.

lj cut for MAJOR costume geeking - you have been warned - this is something of a brain dump )
On the other hand? I don't have time to do those quite as shown (embroidery!!), and I don't have fabric that I *quite* like for doing it with, nor have I found anything cheap. I do, however, have a fairly large amount of black wool with a gold honeycomb pattern on it, that's begging to be some interesting set of matching outfits - so appropro for 12th Night, as it's one of the few times we're really in the same place the whole time at an event (usually we hit events and wander in opposite directions, one or both of us are in armor, I'm in the kitchen, or something...) So maybe I'll do something with that instead. Either way, in order to do that, I need to quit doing what I've been doing for the past week, which is Playing Too Much WoW.

However... Playing Too Much WoW has been good to me. I made Sargeant in PvP, (those of you who are serious PVPers are probably laughing now, but considering that I only started doing PvP to get the mount discount, that was an achievement), bought my Swift Riding Frostsaber, and got the Sinew for my bow. Now, to kill the demons...

Yay! Husband is back from a customer! I can go home now!!!!
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So, when last we left our heroine, she was pondering the differences between hobbies and mental illnesses. The jury's still out on that one, but we'll assume hobby and go from there... ::looks nervously over shoulder for men bearing white coats::

Pre-MTT Food Rambling )

Midsummers Twilight...Before the Tourney )

Midsummer Twilight... Almost Tourney! (aka authorizations) )

Midsummer Twilight... Tourney!! )
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So my "wander around with me and get worked on at SCA meetings and events and such" project for the last few weeks, has been a pleatwork apron.
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