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This site is *fabulous*. I got sent to this from a random article, and just as a test, typed in a book I had been looking for for *years* (Margaret Scott’s The History of Dress: Late Gothic Europe, 1400-1500) and never found for a price I was willing to pay. It found it… in Canada… for something resembling half the price I had found it elsewhere. (And yes, I should get it next week.)

::happy dance::


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Things tend to follow me home from JoAnn's. One wouldn't think this is possible, given the craptastic fabric that they are known for (especially the one in Durham at 15-501 and Garrett), but...the impulse shopping demon had me in its claws, yesterday...

I was only there for thread and cotton batting. Really. But being easily distracted by shineys, I figured it couldn't hurt to wander up and down the aisles. And so I actually ended up finding some lovely $7/yd chocolate brown wool (they called the color "potting soil" - how unattractive is that?). And they even had a 40%-off-one-regular-item coupon so I could get perfectly-coordinated tan linen for the lining. (Note that I don't usually coordinate linings, it's whatever linen I could get cheap. But my darling husband has this tendency to roll up his sleeves on cotehardies - like so - so the linings show and in this case I was willing to pay the extra for a bit of blinginess. (My spellchecker is throwing fits at the concept of that word...)

But wait, the fabric following me home wasn't bad enough.After all, that wasn't even for *me*. They also had a $20 off any iron sale... and the irons never go on sale... and my iron, while at one time very nice, has a myriad of problems (it'd been knocked off the ironing board by cats so many times the casing was falling into pieces; it starts spitting if you turn it to maximum steam, the autoshutoff either doesn't work or never existed and, well, let's just say every time I sew I scare my husband because I end up leaving it on for days and he's convinced I"ll burn the house down.)  And then I saw this...has the auto off, is nice and heavy, has a extra hot/extra dry setting for ironing wet linen (more on that later), and can shoot steam for 3 feet when vertical. Am a very happy camper...

Speaking of which, I'm working on two sets of cuisses for this weekend - one for [ profile] puck_eater, and one for [ profile] soucyn. While based on the same idea, the two garments are VERY different. [ profile] puck_eater plans on wearing his over hockey padding, and so they only serve as camouflage and something to point knee armor to. [ profile] soucyn, on the other hand, wears his as armor. His last pair was raw silk, lined in linen, and had pockets for leather splints. The splints didn't work very well, and raw silk being raw silk (they were a proof of concept using fabric out of the stash) have not worn well at all. So the next pair is going to be wool lined in linen, with rope stiffening. I got the idea from a thread on the AA, and said, hrmm, that's feasible, given all the corsets out there with hemp cord "boning". We'll see how it works out - I'm going to sew them after I sew [ profile] puck_eater's, though, as his have been "in the works" forever. They're quick, though, as they're just several layers of linen  and possibly one of cotton canvas (didn't like the batting in them and I think they'll last longer this way). Should be finished with them tonight, leaving me all of Thurs evening to do the rope ones.

Oh... and the lovely thing about the new iron? 1750 watts of hot iron power takes wet wrinkly linen to shiny, flat, practically-factory-processed linen at an amazing rate...
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So I'm reading Susie Bright's blog, of all people (thank you Genie - and for the rest of you if you don't know who that is I'm not explaining, but if you google it I *won't* be responsible for it being NSFW).

But look what she linked to! Nancy Drew Handbags! I wonder if they come with a secret compartment?

This is what happens when Blizzard completely screws me over for going to MC...
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Y'all might know that I use a laptop for *everything*. I've done this for years, but my neck is beginning to protest looking down at a screen all the time - as in the muscles on the back of my neck have gotten overdeveloped and look weird now. This is Not Cool.

So I'm thinking about getting one of these - it's a universal docking station that lets me not have to plug in a separate monitor just to use it. This would make me happy, as I have a Very Nice, widescreen laptop and it'd be a waste to not use the screen. Anyone have this one? or something like it? Comments?


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