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For those of you who keep multiple computers on your desk, I wanted to share a tool I *adore* at the moment:

What does it do? well, I have 2 computers on my desk - a Windows laptop with 2 monitors, and a Macbook. With this software, my keyboard and mouse are split between them, with no physical KVM switch - as far as *using* it, it's just like switching moving your mouse between monitors, though obviously you can't move windows between them. You *can*, however, cut and paste.

Works easily on Windows, and works well on Mac, though is slightly harder to use (I still haven't figured out a way to start the @$#@ thing without going into a terminal window. Which is tedious, but worth it.) Theoretically works on Unix, though I haven't tried it there.

Oh, and free is good. :)

No affiliation, just sharing because it's cool.

St. C's...

Mar. 8th, 2008 10:25 pm
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Pages of documentation: 16 (of probably 25)
Pots of tea: 2
Orders of takeout chinese: 1
Packets of cheese and crackers: 2
Consecutive hours of writing: 13 (of probably 16-18)

I'm starting to get a bit punchy...

Although, how did I live without Pandora before? (If you're really curious about my taste in angst-rock, you can go here, although I warn you, in many ways my taste in music has NOT changed since high school - new bands, yes, but genre? yeah, 'nuff said.) Now, if only Helio would add it as a service - it's the one thing Sprint has that Helio doesn't (and I didn't realize this before I switched. Still like my phone better, though, and, well, that's what they make BitTorrent for...)
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I'm not going to subject you to the memory meme... but I am about to do something that has never appeared on this journal before... and probably won't again. Because really, video is killing the 'net.

However, I've been doing lots of embroidery lately, and while the product is lovely, my brain goes ENTIRELY too many weird places if I do it without some distraction. Enter lots of TV. And one of the niftiest things we've been watching is Planet Earth, which is this new thing off the discovery channel.

Now, the problem with this show is that it's narrated by Sigorney Weaver, which, well, wouldn't be so bad, except the writers had a bad case of superlativitis. EVERY thing they show is the "biggest" or "most populous" or...yeah, you could turn this into a drinking game, take a sip every time you hear a superlative and you... well, let's just say you'd be stitching REALLY crooked by the end.

However... it's worth watching. Apparently they spent 2,000 days shooting various rare things... like lions hunting elephants and other things, but cute and vicious. Like this: (ever seen a 20 ft Great White Shark 12 ft above the water? didn't think so (it's about 3/4 of the way through...)
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So I have an exceptionally SHINY new phone. (It's a Razr - and CUTE). Yes, this means I'll actually have my phone with me on a more regular basis. The number's still the same, for those of you who have it - and if you don't, well, leave me a comment with yours, and I'll reply. For that matter, if you do think I might have your phone number, but aren't sure of that, and want to make me call you? Comment away...

And no, just commenting to [ profile] soucyn doesn't count, because I'd have to go steal his computer in order to read all his screened comments. Unless someone knows how to transfer phone books between two phones so I can just make him do all the typing.

Comments screened, of course.


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