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Every so often, I run across a project that looks really appealing, until I realize that there are Massive Reasons Against Doing It.

For instance, knitting. I can't count the # of times I've attempted to take up knitting, and failed. (Even on big needles, with yarn I was assured would hide any/all mistakes. Hrm, is fall, I should dig out that scarf and finish/wear it.....see? There I go again. I *hate* knitting...

And yet people dangle pretties in front of me. Like this sweater:

I *really* like that. Maybe in a different color, but the style? yum. I'd wear it all the time. But I do not have the skill to make it... nor, truth be told, the desire for the skill, no matter how many sweet nothings the yarn whispers at me.

Anyone want to make me a sweater? No? didn't think so...::giggle::
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Though in this case I DO know when I'll be back again. I'm off to the Calontir Cooks' Symposium this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to. I'm teaching two classes, one on Pies and one with the same info as the paper I did last year on Spices.

Not sure how many Calontiris, or other people who will be at the event (other than [ profile] wombatgirl!) I know on here, but if you see me there, *please* say hello - this is my first time going to a random event outkingdom just for the sake of going, and should be an adventure. I will look like the picture here (yes, wearing this exact outfit, after some consultation with [ profile] nikulai - can you tell I'm a BIT nervous about all this?)

Embroidery update - I'm 22 pearl clusters away from finishing the sleeves (!!!!!!), and plan to finish them, draw out the neckline tonight, clean out the sewing room a bit, and finish/ print out my handouts for the classes. Tomorrow, [ profile] 3_purple_irises is coming over to help me with my undergown - I'm not QUITE agile enough to fit myself, and my husband tries REALLY hard (trust me, read this). But really, for those of you who have ever made gothic fitted gowns? male assistance on those doesn't REALLY count as assistance, am I wrong? ;-)
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It's funny how those words rhyme... funny how it feels like they're still synonyms, even after I think I don't have angst about being who I am and having the life I do anymore.

Why the angst? well, I got into another of those conversations at work - the ones that always leave me feeling like, well, a freak. See, every so often the topic of where N and I went to high school comes up. (In this case it was because someone had some lotion which smelled EXACTLY like the air freshener they used to use after dissections). Which, of course, because it's so out of the ordinary - not that many people leave home to go to boarding school at 16 - leads to questions of "how'd you get to go there? you must be really smart! what's your IQ?" etc etc. I don't think that the people who I end up having these questions with are being meanspirited about it, they're honestly curious and not really trying to be rude. And I'm not conversationally graceful enough to derail the conversation before it starts... and I'm just arrogant enough that I am not very good at downplaying the truth about my test scores and whatnot. (Not that I don't realize that the thrice-cursed scores really don't mean anything and wouldn't even really get me a cup of coffee).

In fact, I don't really recognize that the conversation has hit THAT path again until I'm back at my desk and wondering why I feel like a freak again. I used to get sucked into these conversations long before NCSSM, of course - beeing a Very Big Fish (scroll to 1997, my maiden name was Rehmann) in the Very Small Pond I grew up in will do that - if it wasn't my parents showing me off it was my teachers, and the natural reaction of my peers to that was in fact a very similar conversation - except, of course, it wasn't honest curiosity, it was venom pure and simple. (Or was it? looking back on things now I have problems even telling what was real and what was in my head in those days.) All I knew then was that I desperately didn't want to be different... but I was and there was nothing I could do about it. Geek=freak, end of story.

Now? Some days I'm good at flying my geek-pride flag high. The latest Survivor? of course I didn't watch it, I was too busy fighting/sewing/playing WarCrack. Others? well, I end up both embarrassed by my intelligence and by the fact I'm not doing anything more... significant with it.
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So I just have to officially say, I *rock*. Why, you might ask? Well... I've been in a funk this week, but I really wanted Girard to have some new garb - after all, he fights for me, and he has like 1 wearable outfit. So last night, I went home and went from "Flat piece of teal wool" to garment that resembles the 3rd guy from the right. No, it's not done. But everything that's left on it is handsewing... and I have a five hour car ride tonight.

Now, admittedly, I took some shortcuts with it. The interior seams are sewn by machine, and it's not lined (and thus the bottom dagging is cut wool dags rather than lined dags, and they're cut with pinking shears because I didn't quit trust the fabric enough to just cut them...). But all in all... it looks damn good.

Which is really quite lucky, as I was *brave* in cutting this thing out. Why? I started with a very, very rough-cut pattern, cut it straight on my final fabric, and fitted it directly on the wearer. It all worked out (almost perfectly, in fact, I didn't have to gore the sleeves oddly enough because the fabric I had left for sleeves was the *exact* same size as the armhole I cut), but it very easily could have gone VERY badly, and turned a pretty piece of wool into something only good for hats...

Go me.

(I'll post pictures later, when it's *done* done - Nick should get to wear it at the event.)
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So I've been pondering coloring my hair for a while - my natural color can, at best, be described as "mousy". (OK, perhaps I exaggerate, but oh well). Anyway, I've never really liked commercial hair dyes, either the "at home" kind or the "salon" kind - the only color I've ever truly loved was when I got it done at the Aveda salon at Southpoint, and while gorgeous, it was WAY too expensive to be a feasible long-term indulgence...I've been thinking about the henna thing for a while, but was rather afraid to do anything about it. (I *like* my hair, I don't want to ruin it).

So, after talking to [ profile] luciab, I decided "why not". So on the way home from the baronial meeting last night, I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up two jars of "Rainbow Henna" - one dark brown, one burgundy. (I wanted a dark red/brown). I made it up with coffee (for extra darkening) and olive oil (because I have really dry hair) - the finished "goo" looked like goose turds, unfortunately, but it smelled like fresh hay, which is a pleasant change over most hair care products. The green goo got slathered on my head (and on the bathroom counter - oops!) and left on, under a plastic cap, for oh, 2 hours? something like that. Then rinse, rinse, rinse some more, shampoo, shampoo, and finally conditioner.

How'd it turn out? Well, it's a lovely dark brown, though with only the tiniest bit of red in the sunlight, so my next try will be redder, I think. My hair is MUCH healthier feeling and shinier, though, so I'm happy.

I think instead of the "packaged" stuff next time I'll order some plain henna and mix it up myself - maybe with some clove and walnut powder to keep from getting too red, though as dark as my hair is now I'm not sure that'll be a danger... yay playing with hair stuff (this is fun! it's almost like cooking for hair! maybe I should start making some homemade shampoos/conditioners/soaps too, that might be cool).
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So I've actually managed to go to the gym 2x in a row this week - since [ profile] harleenquinzell started working here, it's much easier for us to be each others conscious on that... so at any rate we did weights yesterday, and a "cardioboxing" class on Monday. It's interesting - I'm actually enjoying the gym thing more than I usually do, for some reason. Though the funny part is Livia and I's different approaches to exercise....

You see, I *detest* cardio stuff, and find that weights (though I confess, I do machines and not free weights b/c I usually don't have the willpower to maintain form properly on free weights) are more zenlike. Livia is the opposite... which is probably good for both of us. The problem with cardio is that it always feels so futile... (ie 30 minutes on the stationary bike, at least according to the little readout on the machine, only burns, like, 400 calories. That's like, 1/10th of a pound. While weights, on the other hand, will give me muscles that will burn fat *all* the time... so it feels like more of a long-term, there's more of a zen to it, somehow. I don't know if that makes sense. But something about getting the last couple of a set done, getting past the burn, is very meditative... and I just can't hit that same state while huffing and puffing (yes, I'm THAT out of shape) on a bike/stairmaster/other instrument of torture...

Of course, now I'm sore today... so I suppose I have to do cardio... damnit... ;-)

ETA While you're reading this, you might as well go read [ profile] soucyn's rant on my women-only gym. I quite enjoy the environment. He thinks it's unfair. ::shrug:: I'm going anyway....
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So I just noticed something kind of cool. I actually "officially" have long hair now. It's not super long, but I'm really getting quite fond of it - for those of you who haven't seen me in real life in a while it's still brown, and the wave is settling into something pretty rather than pure randomness. woot! And I measured my ponytail today, and it's 11 inches! that's enough that, were I being generous, I could donate it to locks of love... (I won't - it's a cool charity, but i'd rather give them money than give them my hair... as I said earlier, I'm quite fond of my hair...)

Next milestone? waistlength... that'll probably happen in, oh, say, 3 years or so...


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