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accent meme )

Not surprising, I bemoan my lack of a southern accent (they're pretty, my current accent is *boring*).

So I've been playing with all morning - recataloging all the links I've acquired. So far, this seems like it'll be really useful - and make it more likely for me to bookmark things, just because they'll be easier to find again without wading through. Still haven't done the giant mass of links that is my SCA_Research folder. eek.

Anyone else have an account? I'm at (I really want to know who the other Guenievre is, just so I can get her to change her name so I won't have to stick "Lady" in front of everything.)
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OK, so I give up on MoinMoin. Time to go back to PmWiki - that at least worked, it was just ugly. I think uglier is easier to find the fix for than flat out BROKEN.

The only problem with this, of course, is deleting the literally thousands of little tiny files the MoinMoin install created on erminespot...ftp deletes are SLOW.

ETA GRRR! PmWiki doesn't work either!!! May need to come up with a new approach to this project..
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I've just been a posting fool today - but it really isn't that hard to cook naked - not sure why the "Naked Chef", of all people, has such problems with it...,,2-2004160424,000.html
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So I'm playing Diablo and listening to random MP3's instead of sewing - and Metallica's whisky in the jar comes on. Normally I wouldn't notice this, except perhaps to appreciate the slacker irony of listening to a Metallica song on MP3 ("hehe Metallica good, Napster bad" - joke's on you, Metallica, you have too much money anyway). Anyway, Nick and I decided to ponder the lyrics of this - that was a bad thing - what the HECK does "whack for my daddy-o" mean, and what does it have to do with the whisky in the jar? The only thing we could come up with was, in his words, that the whisky was in fact NOT in the jar any longer, it was in... hmm... whatever the Metallica guy's name is. "Musha-ring-da-da-do-da-da-dum" seems to confirm that....anyone want to prove otherwise? Actually, didn't this used to be a irish drinking song? hmm, must google...


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