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Oct. 28th, 2003 01:08 pm
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So this is day 2 of the diet - I'm rather proud of myself, actually - I managed to find a 3 point meal, for only $2, without leaving the complex! Go me! (It's spicy black bean soup - with like rice and veggies - and as far as I can tell, it's 2 points - that and a few crackers, + water, and life is grand).

Not that anyone but me cares, but that's ok.

In other news - the dress is going slowly, but I *might* get it done for this weekend... I hope...
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Then I got distracted by work (of all things! ;-> ) and actually spent some time working on sewing type stuff when I got home. Yay me.

For instance:

Bliaut project: Measured me (THAT was disturbing - WW here I come when I get paid - I've lost my waist!), measured fabric, and started playing in Visio - useful thing, that, at least for relatively rectangular patterns. No more futzing with layouts... :-) So I've figured out how the garment will be laid out - and made a pleasant discovery! I have 2x as much fabric as I need! Admittedly, if I had another yard of fabric, i'd be happier - there would be more gores, and that would be happy - but y'know, i'd rather have 2 dresses than 1 dress and some random bits of fabric....

Arnolfini gown project: Played with scraps from my really red houppelande - the maltese cross cut dags are a valid theory, i think, but they still don't hang right. Problems:
1. Proportions - width of dag / depth of cuts / consistant cuts (you'd think i'd figured out how to do that in kindergarten, but no...)
2. Fabric isn't heavy enough - scallops don't distort under their own weight.
3. Edges of cuts - white scallops along edges as seen in the picture (Arnolfini)

The research I did online suggest that the edge appearance is caused either by some sort of pinking (tried that, it didn't really work), the effect of cutting piece dyed fabric (i.e. the dye hadn't penetrated all the way through, and the inside is still white - not something i'll be able to duplicate), or perhaps the edges were overcast in white or gold thread. Nick thinks beads, which I'm not sure want to try, too heavy (though that WOULD explain the distortion). Not to mention I'm not sure I know of any other beaded sleeve edges...

Still, that's a decent amount of progress for one evening - not to mention tomorrow will be wonderful - I can't wait to have a fitted gown - I've been wanting one for a while, and didn't have the assistance needed to make one. And I get to hang out with lots of nifty artsy people. Fun!!!


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