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I want a tribble.  I don't care if it's a bad idea. I want a tribble. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I suppose it depends on how far back you go - my favorite Disney movie of all time was The Little Mermaid, which I don't think I could watch now (and certainly I wouldn't watch all the sequels  - WTFBBQ?!? - I've seen in the stores). A bit later though... the cartoon version of the Hobbit was something I watched over and over and over, though the Orcs scared me.
After that, though, I moved on to The Princess Bride, which is one that I *do* still love dearly, and can quote large portions of, and still watch occasionally. Though, really? I think I watch A Knight's Tale more often now, so by that measure, maybe it's more a favorite?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I think we had the most painless voter experience of anyone I know - got up early (for me) and got to the polling place around 8, walked straight up (no line) and got my ballot, and filled it out. We have scantron-type paper ballots - which of course means two things: 1, it feels very odd to fill in scantron bubbles with a pen and 2, I apparently vote very slowly because the bubbles activate a bit of OCD about making sure they're filled in just right. Blame my elementary school teachers, who scared us to death about filling things in right before the end-of-grade tests in 3rd grade or whatnot.

Next year I really need to finish doing my candidate research sooner - I didn't do as much as I mean to on the downticket races. Eh, at least this year I didn't just do *exactly* what the voter guide out of the Independent said.


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