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So I was thirsty and went to get a Diet Coke out of the drink machine. I should have known it wasn't "good" coke when I opened it, as it fizzed all over me. OK, fine. Then I put it on my desk, where it promptly tried to turn itself over into my computer. (Obviously it didn't get the 'puter, as I'm typing this.) I've decided I must have a can of hyperkinetic diet coke on my hands... maybe it's the extra caffeine they put in the diet stuff...

So why is it that whenever I have something that I *absolutely have to do*, that's when I have the least ability to focus on it?

Meanwhile, I'm cranky today - yay sunburn. Oh yeah, and I was cranky / antisocial yesterday, so apologies to [ profile] ramblingheritic,[ profile] zihuatanejo,[ profile] thatursula, and [ profile] harleenquinzell, and of course my dearest [ profile] soucyn who had to deal with me at dinner. Sorry! I should have just found another book, and stayed home with it. On the up side, The Fairy Godmother, which I read at Barnes and Noble while [ profile] darklordmoeser and [ profile] soucyn were at Sin City (which I decided not to see because of the gore factor, even though the cinematography sounded interesting), was quite good for Mercedes Lackey fluff - the story telegraphed what was going to happen at 30 paces out, but hey, the whole book was based on *fairy tales* - this is not a surprise. I quite recommend it, even for those who have sworn off Lackey because of the travesty she's made out of some of the Valdemar books...any of the ones she's done lately have improved. She is, of course, still fluff, and I don't think that will ever change, but that's good once in a while...

Saturday was fun though - went to Novice Tourney, got to watch Girard fight. (Yay! and he even fought to win me a rose from Sir Bryce, who is doing the most gorgeous challenge in honor of his soon-to-be-wife. The odd part of this was when Bryce asked G to introduce him to the lady he was fighting for (me), he said he already knew me - and I don't think we had ever met before. Oh well, maybe my name had gotten to him some other way - there aren't any other Guènievre's in-kingdom that I know of - or maybe he was thinking of someone else. ).

We interrupt this ramble to go "squee!" over the new cookbook that just got delivered to my desk. "The Quick Recipe", from the Cook's Illustrated people. I see much yumminess in my future!

Anyway, so the real reason I went to the event was because Elchenburg Castle (which is looking much better!) is a great site for cooking in a primitive environment - and there was no feast planned for the event. So, I got to play with food - yay! I did both lunch and dinner for Girard and I, Jenny and Owen, Trephina, and their Excellencies.

Lunch was sausage, cheese, some yummy bread her Excellency baked, and "Beef Pies". The pies were loosely based on a pie recipe from "A Boke of Kokery" - beef (short ribs), boiled in beef broth and red wine, then mixed with garlic, spices, currants and egg yolks, then baked in mini-pies (muffin tin size, to be exact). I'll have to do this again - they travel well in the cooler, and are quite easy. More authentic would be one big pie, with a top, and multiple kinds of meat, but ::shrug:: again, this was for "easy lunch food".

Dinner was in 3 courses, or that was the original plan. I ended up serving the first course with the rest of the meal b/c the pork was done at the same time it was and I didn't want things to get cold. Silly me, I can't time things to save my life! We had:
Chicken Cominy
Bourbelier of Wild Pig
Emplumeus of Apples

The chicken was tasty, though it was cooked over propane and got too hot, so the eggs that were *supposed* to thicken the sauce turned into little tiny particles of egg, even though I did try to temper the egg before I put it in. ::sigh:: Sauce texture is one of the things I have the most problems with, as far as medieval food - I've got the spicing down...(this was cumin and ginger - yum!)

The Bourbelier was roasted for a few hours over an open fire, and basted with a sauce made of vinegary wine (a bottle of white that had just started to turn, which made a handy substitute for a combination of wine, verjuice and vinegar, which is what was supposed to be used) and spices, including clove, long pepper, cubeb, and a *lot* of grains of paradise (which I noticed smell oddly anise-y when you grind them, but taste peppery). It was tasty, but slightly overcooked - and I think it would have been better with fattier pig - modern pork tenderloin does NOT fire-roast well without marinating.

As it turned out, our table that we usually take to events was broken, which I didn't notice when I planned the menu. So, I had no way of making pasta, which is what the Makerouns called for. Of course, me being me, I didn't really THINK about the lack of a table until I looked around at the event, rolling pin in hand, and said, "Self, this isnt' gonna work". So I made spaetzle instead, which aren't really period but are what I could do given the ingredients, and mixed them with grated cheese (emmenthaler! yummy!) and melted butter. Gooey, decadent, all in all a VERY happy dish - though it needed pepper.

As for the Emplumeus? By the time I was cooking this dish, I was tired / dehydrated and it just didn't come out well - I just served cooked apples with almonds and the spice powder from Le Menagier - tasty, but peri-oid.

The gingerbrede I had made the night before, with lots of ginger and pepper, and it turned out well - sitting overnight helped eliminate the last little bit of graininess that is usually in the honey/breadcrumb type of gingerbrede.

All in all I was pleased...

Of course, now I have to plan the Big Pennsic Dinner. What have I gotten myself into???

Date: 2005-04-11 10:20 pm (UTC)
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Rogue cola! Aieeee!

Date: 2005-04-12 01:32 am (UTC)
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Sounds like fun!!!


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