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This is in my yard, just beginning to bloom (maybe a third ofthe flowers are open). First I thought rose of some sort, before it bloomed, then I thought blackberries, now I’m wondering if it’s a rosa multiflora like Jenny’s. Help?

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So according to the calendar, we need to get certain bits of the garden ready to plant soon. At least that’s what the seed packet says.

Anyway, the rain interfered with getting the garden started today. We began flattening out the area where it’s going to be, but moving wet clay sucks hairy… Err, yeah.

I’m still dithering between raised beds with “new” dirt, which I’m afraid is going to be pricy, and trying to amend the dirt I’ve got. Did I mention that dirt is heavy clay, some of which is nothing more than fill dirt that wasn’t even growing grass? But then that describes large portions of my yard.

Meanwhile it’s still raining, so it’s not like I can work on it more anyway.


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So, a week has passed since the marathon sprint that was Ymir garb. Maestra Maddalena says I should promise never to do anything quite that rushed again, and I almost do, but since I have rather strong feelings about promises and whether I can keep them, I’m not quite willing to do so. Still, I can’t think of anything else I’ll be that time crunched on.

There are a fair number of things I want to make / organize the making of for the barony. Still working on plans for that - the problem with regalia is that it ought to be spiffy but persona (and gender, and size) neutral, which is somewhat difficult. While I’d like to make some Court livery for the Champions and Officers, I can’t think of anything other than baldrics, or perhaps hoods or cloaks, that would work. Though fancy embroidered or appliqued baldrics WOULD have some spiff factor.

Now that I have some space, with the house and all, I’d like to do some more silk painting. I still owe a few banners, and I’d like to do yet another one for WM as well - we have some gorgeous emnoidered ones, but one can never have too many banners…

I plan on fighting at war this year, so my armor needs help. So does Girard’s - I think his gambeson is held together by hope.

This, other random stuff, and… Oh! I am going to try to have a garden this year. We bought seeds, and I started the ones that needed starting, and I even identified the one eligible sunny spot in my yard. Next step - raised beds.


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So it's been a few days since I posted - one of these days I'll get better about that. Meanwhile... on to what I did this weekend this week (ok, I admit, I've been hopelessly remiss!) Of course, nothing particularly interesting happened last week, so I suppose that somewhat explains it...

So Friday night we ended up not doing the Fayetteville demo - it would have required that we get off work an hour early to get there on time, and sometimes we can sneak out early, but it just wasn't in the cards for Friday. Oh well. We ended up going to dinner and hanging out with zihuatenajoJenny and Owen and hanareruOther Jenny - that was fun, even if there was an overabundance of Jennifers! We made fun of silly fashions at Nordstrom's, played Apples to Apples and experimented with random drinks from my bar...

Saturday I got up early, and finished (mostly, anyway) Girard's new fighting houppe/tunic thing (basic a-line-ish tunic with flared sleeves, done in blue cotton with the sleeves lined in white mystery fabric from the stash (I THINK it's cotton, but...???). It was just a prototype (want to make some fancier, dagged ones later) but he got at least one complement on it, so yay. As soon as I finished that and got dressed (yes, I was sewing in my bathrobe), we wandered down with 3_purple_irisesBeatrice to the Eagle's Vale demo/practice/revel/thing. It was fun, not a lot of people came down but soucynGirard got some fighting in. The most amusing part was probably when the fighters were playing on the bridge (there was a small bridge over a ravine in the park, which was sturdy enough and had good railings, so the fighters were like "oooh! real bridge fights!". First, Sir Falcone took possession of the bridge, and made a Grand Proclamation of how he was willing to share the bridge with any man, but if any one took more than his fair half (ie, stepped over the crack in the bridge) he would have to protest strenuously in a martial fashion - needless to say, the fine gentlemen arrayed to fight didn't take this sort of challenge lightly! Eventually, Sir Andras took the bridge, and instead of taking a position in the center, took a position towards one end. Girard was up to fight next, and noted that Andras apparently didn't mind sharing the bridge, and proposed since they had no conflict, they should have tea with the ladies instead of fighting. (G has always been a lover not a fighter, lol - apparently when he was in kindergarten, he was one of the only boys willing to play house with the man...). Andras agreed, but said that in that case, he had to claim that his lady was fairer than Girard's. My wonderful husband wouldn't let that stand, so they fought, and Girard ended up winning! (Andras's shiny new armor, while quite pretty, makes a lovely target...). I wish there was more schtick like this (yes, ramblingheriticSolvarr, I just advocated schtick - it's a very specific KIND of schtick, however...). But half the time they don't even bother with salutes at tourneys...that's ok though, if I'm feeling too cynical, I can always go read the Philosophy of Chivalry at Armour Archive - that always makes me happy, somehow...

Anyway, came home from demo, played Warcraft, ate really awful chinese delivery - the cat liked it better than we did.

Sunday was planting day - I have two plants I keep on my desk at work (well, one I've had since last June, one that Girard just bought me randomly. They were both in desparate need of new potting, so I took them home with me this weekend. Now they're happy plants:

Of course, in the process I ended up arbitrarily deciding that plants are good, and maybe I don't kill them as badly as I thought I did. So now I have a herb/flower garden in front of my apartment - I've got all sorts of herbs, and a few pepper plants - I think I'm going to add some tomato plants next weekend, as there's still space.

And I finally managed to strip all the rosemary I had drying in my kitchen (the leftovers I snagged from kfitzwarinMistress K after The Flood Also Known As Coronation) off the branches, so now I have like a quart (no, really!) of fresh-dried rosemary. Yum. I think some of it will be used for the Next Henna Adventure (details to be forthcoming shortly). Then there was a meeting of people who are going to help with Buckston's Shakespeare-themed "upside-down event" in June - looks like a tasty feast and fun, what with Mistresses Roz and Claire H running it.

Side note: You'd think, reading my journal, if you didn't know anything about the title structure of the SCA, that I was in some odd S&M group...

Now off to home, to play with an arming cote for G - I realized last night that he didn't really *need* a padded gambeson, and doing both a pourpoint and a gambeson was silly, so now I'm just going to do an arming cote type thing and see how that works - part of it is inspired by the one Tasha posted on the Armour Archive (yes, I have been hanging out on there too much)...though I still need to work on the AOTC project (I've made progress, as in I've gotten the software running, now I just have to a. get it to look good and b. add content).

ETA: Sorry 'bout the pictures not posting properly at first - it helps if one actually shrinks ones pictures before posting them... oops!


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