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Yes, I'm posting at dreamwidth. I plan to keep posting at LJ as a crosspost, but I really don't feel like my journal being in the middle of Russian political fu. ::shrug:: 'Course, I let the "paid" portion of the experience lapse ages ago, anyway, so... At this point I'm still reading both and don't really care where you read/comment/etc, so ::shrug:: guess it's kind of a moot point.

So... life... let's see...

Pregnancy Yep, still pregnant, now with even fewer symptoms. Which, honestly, is a bit disconcerting, as at this point I could really just be pudgy - if I hadn't seen the ultrasound I'd be in some serious disbelief. Am really wishing we'd get to the kicking stage. (And I know I'll regret saying that, but for right now...)

House The kitchen is *basically* done (there's a little tile-grout cleanup that needs to happen where we had to regrout a few spots, and there are a few spots that the trim needs a bit of wood putty and paint in the nail holes, and of course there are the curtains, but yeah. Which of course means we're starting on a new project...
Attic conversion! Our house has 3 bedrooms right now, a master on the first floor and 2 upstairs. We use the master as my sewing/craft room, along with some bookcases etc, and (previously) Nick's computer desk (he got rid of the desktop, so it's just a desk / filing area for bills and stuff now). Which means we sleep upstairs in one of the smaller bedrooms - which is really too small for our kingsize bed if one REALLY wants to be honest and the 3rd is the guest room. Needless to say, this is getting shuffled soon. I'd still like to have a guest room - and/or if Podling ever has a sibling it'll need a bedroom - which leads us to start pondering the walk-in attic. It's over the master bedroom, so it's much larger than you would think (we're thinking the finished size will be something like 8.5 x 16 of useable space, with some storage nooks on the edges). And the joists are already built to support it, so the actual work will be significantly easier than the kitchen. (Really, ANYTHING is easier than the kitchen, we definitely jumped in the deep end there.) Maybe we'll even be more prompt about posting pictures. Once that's done, the guest room (with a new floor) gets to be the nursery, and our current room gets to be the guest room. Yay. (Might even move some of the bookcases up. It'll make the sewing room a bit more open.)

Coronation was lovely, and I'm really looking forward to the Baronial Work Day at the end of the month. (It'll be fun. No, really, painting the list fence is fun! ::end Tom Sawyer Mode::) But really I think I'm focusing on Pennsic right now - there are LOTS of people going, we MIGHT even hit the 40 for 40 target (WINDMASTERS NEEDS YOU! ::end recruiting mode::), and I had (err, stole) the Best Idea Ever for the Baroness's tea.
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1. Windmasters' Hill Camp, of course. Block N31, next to Ponte Alto. 
2. I'll be there Friday night, though it'll be late enough I don't know how much I'll be out-and-about after setting up until Saturday.
3. All SORTS of cool things. I'm teaching two classes (intro to feast cooking and le menagier de paris), I'm going to the St. Michael's Pas, there are lots of parties planned... it's not much of a vacation in that my calendar is full enough that there are several spots I want to be in three places at once. But that's how Pennsic always is. 
4. Oh, right - I'm Baronne Guenièvre de Monmarché. That's me in the picture. :)
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  • #10.6.3 broke my #synergy+. Now I have no Command or Shift from my other keyboard. I am not happy. #

KASF update

Mar. 1st, 2010 11:30 pm
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Projects: 2 done, 2 half done, 1 nebulous.
Docs: 2 done, 2 half done, 1 even more nebulous than the associated project.


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I want a tribble.  I don't care if it's a bad idea. I want a tribble. 
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So [ profile] harleenquinzell and I were talking the other day - perhaps Friday? and I spent a large amount of time kvetching about how my lack of planning combined with 12th Night and Ymir had led to a 3rd year in a row with out a Pentathlon entry for KASF. (2008 I displayed random food from the 2 feasts I was doing in 6 weeks that KASF fell in between, 2009 I went and schmoozed and judged and displayed nothing). This was not the first time I've expressed this particular complaint; however, everyone ELSE I mentioned this to said "Be sane, you don't have time to put something together".

Enter Livia, who was planning on putting together something fairly quickly because she's crazy like that.

Crazy is contagious. As is the realization that I *do* have a couple of projects that I put a reasonable amount of research into already done.


Entry 1: Heraldic Silk Houppelande. Done (might go back and tweak the attachment of one sleeve) and docs done (pending a few comments from the gallery). Yay!

Entry 2: Coral paternoster. Done, need to iron tassel and do docs.

Entry 3: Wheat pudding - Well, the recipe's picked... and I have all the comparative sources - so we'll call that half done.

Entry 4: Another food from the same manuscript - still deciding on this one.

Entry 5: Painted silk banner - this one's gonna be fun - I'm using the silk painting techniques in Cennini just to see how they work - I suspect that it won't flow at ALL, but may still be attractive...

10 days left...
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  • Just saw the first snowplow on the culdesac. T+6 days AFTER #snowpocalypse. Awesome, #Durham, way to shut the door after the horse. #

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  • Cartridge pleating is actually more tedious than hemming. I thought hemming was as slow as it got... #

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  • I want #Dreamhost to give me a mac tablet. And I promise not to use "that word" on twitter in the next month. Not even as an ironic retweet #
  • Wow, #iPad is almost as cheap as a Kindle DX. Awesome. #
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A word to the wise. If one has attempted to puree soup in a blender that a. doesn't work and b. has a broken handle, don't attempt to pour the soup into the food processor holding the carafe BY that handle.

Note title of post.

Just sayin'.

That said, this recipe: is REALLY lovely. Enjoy.
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  • It's interesting that Chinese internet filtering gets so much more press than Australia. #
  • It sounds tasty. But Alfredo? it doesn't even *resemble* Alfredo. I mean, cajun spices, really? really really?? #
  • I made cupcakes! chocolate ones! with mint icing! I wonder how they'll go with champagne? #
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  • Go Adam! RT@indyweek Hookah Bliss open despite ban... "We are going to wait for them to give us the ticket" #
  • The gov. fees on the plane tickets equaled 50% of the $$ of the tickets themselves. Seems wrong somehow. #libertarian #
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  • RT @doctorow: Bono thinks that worldwide Chinese-style internet surveillance will solve piracy #rockstaridiot #

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  • "Ladies and gentlemen, this is "a" train, but it is not "your" train." Timeliness fail. #Amtrak #
  • Also: left half of best #beer i've had in ages (ska decadent ipa) to make it to train station. Train 30+ min late. What a waste. #Amtrak #
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  • RT digg_2000: Not that it's constitutional, but in the meantime I can torpedo Nick's political career. #

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  • Awesome, just got a Google Wave account. Sweet!! #

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  • RT @FakeAPStylebook Avoid using "decimate" as someone will pipe up about it meaning "remove 1/10th of," and those people are dicks. #

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  • I'm dithering between continuing to use and moving to googlebookmarks. Advantages to both, but not entirely thrilled w/ either. #

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  • Armageddon/Deep Impact is so unlikely. I don't think we'd *know* about a doomsday asteroid in advance. Proof: #
  • RT @newscientist Not quite the Day After Tomorrow, BUT... the mini ice age took hold of Europe in months - scary #
  • Hmm, guess today's twitter theme is "Apocolypse" #


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