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So as I mentioned a few times, we've been eating better since the move... But what's weird is that I actually chose to make salad this evening. Pretty though, no?

(What's even cooler is that my stove has reaaly great lighting for food - that was taken on the iphone, which so has a not great camera...)

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I'm actually a little surprised at myself right now. I know I've been saying I'm a 90-degrees-from-both sides libertarian (not Libertarian), but in practice, that generally ended up meaning I voted for the democratic candidate anyway, given my litmus issues tend to be social ones and not economic.

But... in my district's House race... it looks like I'm actually going to be voting for the Republican. ::gasp:: With one glaring exception, Lawson's views seem to more closely match my philosophy on politics... and so even though I've been fairly satisfied with Price, I think I'm not going to vote for him.

Of course, I may change my mind again - I really am having issues with voting for the non-pro-choice candidate, but at the same time I don't want to be a one-issue-voter. ::sigh::
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Especially when you read things like this...
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Coffee machines with a timer are fabulous, fabulous things. That's all I have to say about that...well, except this. Are there any coffee geeks out there in LJ land? Is it worth buying a (cheap, bladed) coffee grinder if the coffee is going to sit out all night? or is it better to just get it burr-ground at the place where I got it? (I'm leaning towards the latter, but...)

In other news, the bread tart from Sabina Welserin is a yummy, yummy thing. It's a cross between a bread pudding and a custard pie - [ profile] darklordmoeser said the texture reminded him of pumpkin pie, I personally think it's a bit more like a very, very soft brownie. Either way, I think, assuming I can get over my documentation mental block, that my entry for Royal Baker will be much better than last years. Yay!

And in other news....scary, scary stuff...

EDIT: I use redundant adjectives way, way too much... er, WAY too much.
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1. Back at you. What is the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

Probably telling my dad I quit UNC - I'm not good with disappointing people. And that, of course, was a very huge disappointment for him... one of the things that sealed our (lack of a) relationship.

2. Is romantic love or family duty more important?

This one I'm going to have to say is situational. If you've met the love of your life and your parents are refusing to speak to them or something b/c of something petty, then yes, romantic love is more important. On the other hand, if you're a parent who has children living with them, you have to put them first.

3. Do you think pet names are cute or disgusting? (Like honey, muffin, pookie, you know...those kinds of things)

Definitely cute. Though we don't have that many for each other - I usually stick to FAIRLY innocuous ones like "dearest".

4. Does bad grammar, or the total lack thereof, online bother you? And how much if it does? Why or why not?

Bad spelling (that isn't obviously just a typo from typing too fast or something) bothers me much more. I don't mind fractional sentences and such from people who I know know better, but if it's someone I don't know it can definitely shape my opinion of them. Also, I mind bad grammar/spelling much more in emails and livejournal much more than I mind it on IM - I mean, I barely capitalize on IM, but I usually try to stay fairly coherent in email.

5. Free speech or safety in America?

I would definitely choose free speech, because no one can guarantee safety even in the absence of free speech. I think the government tends to treat the American public like a bunch of children, which is total bullshit... In my ideal world, the government would be a lot more hands-off.... then again, my friends have accused me of being an anarchist before, so...

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So I just took the political compass test. I'd taken it before, but couldn't remember my numbers, and besides, it's always interesting to see if one's views have changed. As you might could guess, they haven't...

Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -6.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.92

If you'd like to know what this means, see here - but easier, just take the test first (if you read the analysis before you take the test it can slightly skew your results, so....).

Sadly enough, however, this explains why I've been so... underenthused by all of the democratic primary candidates. The um, joys, yeah, that's it, of a 2 party system...
Though according to I'm closest to Kucinek... but only @ like 56%. Not that he'll get nominated... it'll be Dean... so I'll vote for him, though I'm not particularly fond of him (OK, so he's done some good things in Vermont... it's not that I *dislike* him, just... eh. ) . Not that that matters in NC, of course, which I'm sure will be a Republican state... !#@$ electoral vote system...
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From - by Mark Morford

Recall God And Fake Orgasms
Screw the whiny CA politicos and their PR machines. Let's recall things that really matter

Do you feel the pulse? The surging urge for delicious politician-free change? That's right! It's recall time!

Because this is your opening. This is your chance. Here is the insane inane circus of the California recall, and here is this huge gaping maw of political idiocy and infighting, and apparently they just really, really want you to know that all you really need is a million bucks and a million signatures and you too can change history to suit your whiny conservative whims. Ah, democracy.

Ha. You will show them. Because this is your chance. To harness the bitter energy of the bitchy little pundits and the hysterical media stories and the desperately weird Schwarzenegger campaign ads featuring all those "normal" citizens sitting around a classroom shooting the Mumbly Meat Man broad-stroke questions about CA's never-ending fiscal crisis as if they weren't talking to the Terminator, the big dumb action hero, Conan Kindergarten Cop himself. God but the world is strange.

But now is your chance. Leverage the hell out of all of it, make it personal, spin it all your way. They want a recall? You shall give them a recall.

Here is what you do: You ride the recall wave. Hop the glorious supercharged recall bandwagon. Only you do not stop with pallid politicos and desperate governor wanna-bes and Indian casinos and water rights and energy woes and talk of just what the hell to do with all those icky homeless and retired and mentally ill and newborn poor people.

You start with, say, beer commercials. Yes. Cast your vote now. Let us recall dumb frat guys toasting Michelob Lights and ogling anorexic frigid beer babes in loud bars. Let us recall beer-bellied lug nuts who wear grungy sweatshirts and baseball hats and last 1.7 minutes in bed before passing out and dreaming of, well, their next beer. Is that a good place to start?

But don't stop there. Let us, furthermore, recall hugely overweight football-jerseyed lumps hawking giant Round Table pizzas and sniffing the slices as if they were a fine wine, before jamming another hunk down their throats and clogging their arteries and saying good-bye to the notion of ever seeing their toes again. Recall the toxic garbage-food obesity epidemic.

Recall the idea that if your ass isn't making a permanent indentation in your $149 Ikea couch every Sunday for six hours straight during NFL season, you are somehow betraying the very notion of manliness and testosterone. This is your choice. You are the only voter that matters. Do you sense your power now?

Recall the toxic beauty myth. Recall Glamour and Cosmo and Modern Bride and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and every other mag that Photoshops the living hell out of Giselle's overpampered ass and makes you somehow believe true divinity lies in having just the right $400 Gucci purse and $500 Botoxed forehead and 10 Tips to Force Him to Marry Your Desperate Needy Self.

Recall broken vibrators. Recall fake orgasms. Recall Escalades. Recall gum-snapping Marina girls with names like Taylor and Dakota who can't parallel park those very Escalades because their cell is ringing and they forgot which way to turn the wheel because the L'Oreal Ultra Magenta has leeched into their brains.

Recall J.Lo. And Ben. Do it now.

Recall penny loafers and airline food and giant molded plastic lawn play sets for children that slowly bleach in the sun and last 15 million years and look like something hacked up by a screeching five-headed Wal-Mart hellbeast, and that sell for $38.97 and get used twice and are then left in the corner of the yard to pollute the planet forevermore.

Recall Monsanto. Oh dear god yes. Dump big agribiz, vile pesticides, food additives you can't pronounce but which they swear on a stack of buried cancer data won't hurt the integrity of your kids' bones over 10 years of sucking down corn-syrup solids and triglycerides and MSG. Vote for organic. Vote for locally produced, seasonal organic produce delivered to your door. Recall Safeway.

Recall Coke. Recall "Don't bother me, I'm eating" gluttonous slop. Recall those disturbing packets of flavored yogurt that come in those little plastic tubes at Target that don't need to be refrigerated, ever. You really want to put that into your body? Vote no.

Recall the Catholic Church. Oh sure, Catholic charities worldwide do some grueling and thankless work in some of the world's grimiest, most poverty-stricken places. But as any altar boy or desperately gay seminary student or casual reader of a best-selling Dan Brown novel can tell you, the church has covered up more vital spiritual history and religious truth and brutal violence in the name of God while inflicting more harm on the notion of true individual divinity than just about any organization in history.

Extend this vote to almost every organized money-hungry religion in modern times. Watch as lightning doesn't strike you dead. Vote for healthy lickable blasphemy. And while you're at it, recall the karmically poisonous notions of guilt, sin and hell. See? Isn't democracy fun?

And then, recall God. Not just any god, but that angry bitter Christian God, the one that says we should bomb with impunity and kill anyone who stands in the way of our petrochemical profits and our savage empire building.

The one who has apparently hand-picked America as his preferred land o' gluttony and who really loves dogma and hates choice and gays and book learnin' and European cars, the one who likes to count among His hollow self-righteous adherents born-again U.S. presidents who can't even spell "Buddha." You know the one.

Recall patriotism. Or, rather, recall the idea that patriotism somehow means if you don't sneer at the very idea of foreigners, if you don't somehow wish hot steaming death upon each and every detractor of America, if you don't wave the flag at least as high as your TV antenna and believe everything Rumsfeld & Co. hisses your way, you must be an impious fag traitor communist tree-hugger.

Recall the notion, in short, that if you have the gall to believe that peace and nonviolence and independent thought and personal spiritual questing and divine open-mouthed orgasms are the most patriotic notions of all, well, you do not belong in this fine country. Recall redneck thick-necked homophobic myopia.

Recall that stale recurring thought pattern. Recall that noxious diet, that sour road rage, that odious and stagnant treatment of your lover, wherein you have somehow forgotten the power of her eyes and the smell of her skin or the way he looks when he makes you dinner and laughs at sitcoms and sings old Def Leppard songs in the shower.

This is all within your power. This is all within your purview. They want you to think it's not, that you are weak and trembly and that terrorism is ever ready to swoop in and eat your children and rearrange all the stations on your car stereo. They want you to believe you are powerless and small. This is, of course, utter BS. Your vote counts, perhaps more than it ever has.

So you vote, with all your might, to do everything in your power on a day-to-day basis to crank your divinity and lick the left nipple of your own personal Jesus and discover that the god you seek is actually you, is your true Self.

And you beam that healthy sexy individual robustness out to the world every goddamn day, minimize the refined sugar and the garbage food and the stomping of the planet and maximize the orgasmic sighs and the organic highs and the holistic everything.

What, you want me to tell you to vote no on the recall, yes on Bustamante, e-mail your senator, complain to management? As if. That ain't the half of it.

Recall fear. Vote now to kiss with everything you've got, love deep, f--- with full intent, feel the divine's hot breath on your skin at every possible moment, buy the best wine you can afford, read your ass off, hunker down, grit your teeth, scream your joy.

There. See? Politics isn't so bad, after all.


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