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Start stretching, we may need a dry jig. Giovann has a drum.

In related news, Pensic is wet, wet, wet. And the road behind camp is closed. Plan accordingly.

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Aethelmarcian friends, you're my only hope! Word just hit the Merry Rose that there WAS no Pennsic Crack at war, given the dairy doesn't bottle milk anymore. Tell me this is a false rumor, else I very well may starve @ War this year.... (Not to mention I won't have anything to put the vodka in...)
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P=Potter, Pennsic, Personality Type...
12am = release time of Harry Potter.
4 = Time in the morning I finished Potter, also the number of days 'till Pennsic...

Yes, I 've finished the book - I won't give any spoilers, other than I thought parts were predictable and was annoyed at the treatment of at least one character. (Y'all know which one, right?) And the epilogue? belonged in a bad fanfic. Anyway. (Was that a spoiler?)

4 days till Pennsic (well, there were when I started writing this, still are if you dont' count trolling in after we fly up on Friday. Am weirdly... calm about this year's Pennsic - everyone else is in frantic Pennsic prep mode and I'm just sort Not that I'm not doing anything for, but I'm just not frantic this year. Maybe it's b/c we're not staying the full time like last year, which was really intimidating, and now that I know we can do that...

And my personality type?

Well, the little meme going around says: )

Not surprised at being ENFP; I tend to hang out on the border of E and I and I've always been strongly NFP (not that I've ever had the *real* test done, but...) I'm a bit surprised at being as stronly extraverted as it thinks I am, but I've come to the realization that in the past I had been skewing the test a bit because I *really* like being around my friends and fellow geeks of various sorts, it's just the rest of the world I find draining. ::shrug::

What's most surprising, for those of you who know us? [ profile] argentlion and I share a type; which astounded both of us and will probably equally astound those who know us. ::shrug:: Not that this is a bad thing, just... very amusing.

Let's see... in other news, I think I *finally* grokked my bike gears and got over my fear of going fast... net result? we got to work in under 20 minutes, and that includes having to stop and move my bike lock (I had gotten N to install it and the spot it fit didn't work, banged into my thighs... back to the drawing board).

Off to do something useful...maybe. Does reading LJ count as useful?
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Item the first:
I started a new garb project - as I mentioned in my last, incredibly boring post, I've been hoarding some purple silk twill for *years*. I finally figured out the dress it wants to be, and the event it wants to be made for. The dress is shown to the right, and the event will be for Crown. I'm adding some embroidery/pearls around the edges of the sleeves and neckline, though, just because I wanted a bit of "bling". (Thank you, [ profile] duchesspadr, for telling me where you found the picture...) Though I'm having a bit of problem finding an appropriate bright-red lining - why is it that one can see fabric, think "hmm, that's pretty and cheap, I should get some"; not do it, then end up starting a project that needs *exactly that fabric* and thus not be able to get it anymore? I *swear* I just saw dark-red (since my purple is slightly darker than the pic, I was also going to make the lining slightly darker) silk twill for a reasonable price at fashionfabricsclub, but it's not there now. They have a few other things, though, so all hope is not lost...

Item the second:
Fighter practice is better than pilates, at least if one counts exercise as being "better" the sorer you are. Though [ profile] soucyn's theory of sore-back=crap-mechanics is probably true...though I did pick up some pointers that'll help if I can manage to make them jump that brain-body barrier...
Item the third:
The all-LJ dinner @ Chamas was as usual pricy but wonderful. Though I was underimpressed with Sirens (a pity, since it's a cool building) - if I'm going to pay that for a martini, I'd like to be able to hear people talk. (Speaking of which, ARE there any good-but-a-bit-quieter bars in Durham/CH that I don't know about? Preferences are for interesting drinks...)

Item the fourth:
FYI, if you're ever offered a free trip to Italy, get passports well in advance. Ask my boss why this is important...

Item the fifth:
BoyG is still suffering from tree bukakke, so we aren't going to the Kberg meeting tonight. Leftover chinese and calligraphy, here I come!

Item the sixth:
The Brute Squad of Doom - that is, me, [ profile] soucyn; and [ profile] 3_purple_irises didn't run fast enough - we are collectively the Pennsic Land Agent. More details to come...
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This may change, and there's a couple that I'm still dithering about *which* to take...but these are the classes I want to take and for which I should be physically on-siteCut for those who don't care )
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So it's been a very long time since I posted - oops! Therefore, this will be a rather long post...

OK, dear readers, when I left you I was about to go to Pennsic... it was a very interesting Pennsic... it's been a while since then though, so I guess I'll just list a few high and low points )

Now, of course, we're just busy.  The weekly schedule hasn't changed (Mon = Kberg, Tue= Buckston, Wed=Eldrid's, Thurs=kberg practice) and I have a mile-long list of projects I'd like to do, as does Girard.  Whether any of this stuff will get done on time or not, is anyone's guess, but here goes )

And if you're reading this and wondering whether I do anything that ISN'T SCA, these days, the answer is practically no...
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but somehow I'm not sure. In some ways, I feel like I've been in a daze since I came back from Pennsic, just because Pennsic was SUCH an overwhelming experience. Which I still haven't written about, come to think of it...

OK, so Pennsic:

Pennsic was absolutely wonderful and yet vaguely disappointing at the same time. I had a blast, and yet in a lot of ways it was very much not what I expected. It was my first Pennsic, of course, which is why it wasn't what expected - I suppose that's true for everyone's first Pennsic though. Still...

I guess for this to make sense, I have to explain what I was actually expecting - I knew that there were parts of Pennsic that were period, and parts that were not. I think I expected both of those parts to be *more* of what they were - i.e. I expected the Bog/Swamp areas to be this hedonistic party area - kind of an intense medieval fantasy Mardi Gras, and I expected everywhere *else* to be everything the SCA could be - i.e. people to be well dressed (ok, so this is important to me), the classes to be wonderful, etc. etc. Needless to say, I was rather disappointed on both counts. The parties... well, maybe this is just me, but I had a hard time talking to new people at said parties, so it was kind of "wander around with those you know and watch those you don't". Amusing, but not for long.

On the "Serengheti" side of things, the word that springs to mind is... compromise. Yes, it was hot, but... does that *have* to mean that you switch personas and play middle eastern/ indian/ gypsy/bronze age etc? I mean, i admit - I did it too - but that was only b/c I wasn't prepared. Given a bit more investment in the right clothing, I think I *could* have stayed "in-persona" clothing wise all week - but it seems as though very few people thought that was important... so Pennsic looked more like a hippie convention than a medieval city... (NO, I don't have a problem with non-European personas - when researched well they're wonderful... I just hate it when they become the default).

So, while Pennsic didn't turn me off to the SCA, it did give me a rather lot to think about - and a certain determination to "do it right" next time...

So, meanwhile, this weekend I have to finally finish cleaning up the mess that Pennsic made of my apartment... and I'm being sucked into a Diablo quest, I think. Not a bad plan for being flat broke and having a good weekend, really. I would kind of like to get some sewing started, but I'm torn in three directions - tudor, bliaut, or Arnolfini houppelande. All of which sound fascinating, all of which I have fabric that would work for (except the outer gown of the tudor, but there's a lot to be done before that, so...)

For now, back to the grindstone...
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I'm amused - this thing figures out what MP3 I'm playing - that's kind of cool... (SEMagic+Winamp+some plugin, forget the name but it's on

So meanwhile I have enough to do for Pennsic that I don't even know where to start... and I just realized that people are coming over, and inevitably we'll end up going out to dinner...

OK, off to sew....
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So I haven't been updating - if you know me, this shouldn't be a surprise - short attention span and all that - ah well. So meanwhile I'm doing busywork at work, and I should be at home sewing if I had my 'druthers. Of course, if I was at home, I'd probably rationalize that "I don't need THAT much garb for pennsic" and start playing Diablo again.. that was my weekend.

and I'm beginning to hate my assassin... i mean, she can't kill anything!!!!

I'm looking forward to pennsic, but... i'm still kind of intimidated by the entire idea. I mean... jeez... it's over a week in a tent! oh well, if I hate it, we'll do something else next year...


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