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For those of you who keep multiple computers on your desk, I wanted to share a tool I *adore* at the moment:

What does it do? well, I have 2 computers on my desk - a Windows laptop with 2 monitors, and a Macbook. With this software, my keyboard and mouse are split between them, with no physical KVM switch - as far as *using* it, it's just like switching moving your mouse between monitors, though obviously you can't move windows between them. You *can*, however, cut and paste.

Works easily on Windows, and works well on Mac, though is slightly harder to use (I still haven't figured out a way to start the @$#@ thing without going into a terminal window. Which is tedious, but worth it.) Theoretically works on Unix, though I haven't tried it there.

Oh, and free is good. :)

No affiliation, just sharing because it's cool.
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Thing the First: An overdue note that Summer War was *phenomenally* fun. Pics are here, and my favorite is this one.   Although fighting was not *quite* as much fun as handing out cupcakes (for those who wanted the recipe - they're dreadfully simple AND tasty, though don't be shocked when the batter comes out WAY thinner than you think it should).

Thing the Second: Work is finally calming down! I can crawl out of my cave! Whee! (For those I haven't mentioned it to, several of our largest accounts all put out major rfps or otherwise wanted presentations/quotes/etc over the past month - thus the lack of Sapphire Joust and me at canton meetings. Bleh. But yay employment.)

Thing the Third: I've been sewing a lot the past few evenings, with mixed success. My sewing machine Does Not Like gambesons, but I perservered and have all except a few lacing holes done on a new one for Girard - I've never made one before, so yay me. (Though ironically I cut it out and started it before buying *either* of the recent patterns for such, so guess I'll be making another one, maybe for me, later). I'm still trying to decide whether the eyelet plates for my sewing machine are in fact more trouble than they are worth - they do not stay *on* the machine , thus I end up breaking a lot of needles. Not so good for the machine. On the other hand, there are some things I don't believe in doing handwork on. Like fighting garments of almost any sort, esp. ones that are going to get worn All The Time. Esp. not after how long the quilting takes.'s an interesting tradeoff. Maybe I should just make G do his own eyelets, but I tend to sew so that he has to do the housework. (Yep, I'm spoiled.)

Thing the Fourth: Speaking of sewing, had a mixed experience with that last night. I ordered [profile] kass_rants's sideless surcote pattern when it came out, which I was rather intrigued to find that according to package directions, only took two yards of fabric (60"). I *had* exactly two yards of grey wool leftover from my grey-and-red outfit, which isn't enough (I thought) to make *anything* out of, so I said, hrm, this won't take long, and it'd be lightweight pennsic garb.  The pattern, though... had pros and cons. It was definitely easy to use - with the exception of the cutting layout that didn't work for me -  but I *really* didn't like the results. I *may* have mismeasured my back-length, as the flare of the skirt starts lower than I would put it, and that would certainly distort the whole thing. So there was that problem.. and of course with the minimal fabric used there wasn't enough fullness to the skirts (but I like *really* full skirts - see the red dress with the couch-eating hem, if all my dresses had that much skirt I'd be happy as a clam), but really? I think sideless surcotes just don't work on busty women with minimal hips. So, that said, anyone want a mostly finished grey wool surcote? French seamed, I'll finish the last of the gores before I hand it to you and the hems (on all sides) are up to you. Reconstructing History size G.It's free, the fabric was leftovers anyway and I only spent a couple hours on it. Edit: Jenny called dibs on the surcote, if she doesn't take it I'll repost.

Thing the Fifth: 6 week old kittens are made of fluff and squee and needles. 12 week old kittens are just made of needles. Mine is obsessed with my hair... and crawling up me to GET to said hair. Oww oww oww.  So cute though!
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You may note that that tends to be a common theme of "When G actually writes LJ entries".  Anyway, I had a fabulous time at KASF after riding up with [ profile] galeran and [ profile] splagxna - conversation was lovely in both directions, although I was a little discombobulated for the first little while I was at the event (I mean, it took me like 20-30 minutes just to get dressed and my hair up, I think) eventually the sleep dep wore off a bit, I got things set up, and I had a good time geeking about the effects of fish sauce on food (it's a natural source of glutamates, lots more information here if you're curious) and convincing people that pickled tilapia was tasty. 

And I got decent feedback on my Ymir documentation, though I kept waiting for the East German judge to show up (Anyone? Bueller? maybe EGJudge is on LJ instead?)... now I just have to write up stuff for the St. Catherine's tourney. I'm doing several dishes from Le Recuil, haven't entirely decided *which* ones (I have favorites, but I'm trying to make a coherent and appropriate supper out of them rather than just random dishes, and I'm still trying to track down exactly how many dishes and in what assortment that will be.)

Meanwhile back to the photoshopping... the graphic design stuff is the *fun* part of my job, so why I am procrastinating? (Oh, right, because I can't stand the sales rep this is for... yay passive-aggressiveness...)
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I'm STILL at work. ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk::

Note that yesterday? I got up at 10, worked at home a bit, went to the office @ noon, was there till 6, went and got dinner, then worked from 9 to 1:30. Yes, 1:30 am.

Saturday? skipped the event to do work.

Friday night? was working till midnight.

I hate the entire state of South Carolina right now. Also certain people who work here.

So if you were wondering why we weren't @ Kberg....
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And I'm full of yummy steaks. (Half price NY strip at Harris Teeter, rubbed down with lots of salt and some pouldre forte and let to sit in the fridge for several hours, then grilled. Good stuff.)

But since I've been somewhat remiss in posting, I figured I'd go see if the bread recipe I've told several people about was online - and it is! I'm being somewhat dreadful in that it's on the paid-site part of cook's illustrated, but honestly? I just don't feel like retyping it off the cookbook it's in... (which I make this often enough that it opens straight to this page.) Homemade bread, esp. when you don't have to work at it, is a lovely thing - and makes taking sandwiches to work not feel like deprivation...

The recipe )

I don't always bother with the water-in-a-pan part, as a side note - it makes it rise in the oven a *bit* better for a lighter loaf (it makes the crust not solidify quite as quickly) but there really isn't that much difference.

Meanwhile, I should go back to working - this was an extravagant bit of procrastination, as I got a bid dumped on me Friday evening and have been somewhat tethered to the computer most of the weekend. I don't want to though, so I guess you'll have to put up with me a bit more.

I did go see Stardust last night (yay hooky!), which was fabulous, and we rode the bikes a bit. There was even a bit of a chill in the air last night after the movie, so I guess it'll be fall proper soon - which makes [ profile] soucyn dreadfully happy and me not so much.

Let's see...I've been working on some research for a couple new things to me - cheesemaking and possibly more complicated sausage-making (I'm not *sure* I can set up the equipment for cold-aged sausage in my apartment, but I'd *love* to be able to try it). And I ran across (in surfing friends-of-friends pages) a really interesting series on research on [ profile] telerib's LJ. The most interesting thing in that series was this entry on keeping a logbook. I'm not sure why this never really occured to me, not even during this discussion a while back, esp. since I've had to keep a lab notebook and what not. Maybe it's just because note-taking, except for specific purposes like research papers, does *not* come naturally to me. Something to keep in mind for the future, though - I'm still thinking about how to best apply this to my own research, in that I *do* need to start keeping that sort of log but I'm not sure what format I want to put it in. Anyway...ok, now I really will go work. Really. ::sigh::
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So I'm literally counting the seconds till I get out of work - I probably SHOULD do something more useful, but I have a feeling if I do it'll be working on the website or messing with illustrator (a program which at the moment I both love and hate - I have a feeling I'd like it better if I had a graphics tablet but anyway) rather than anything useful - I only have 2 work-related things to mess with at the moment; one of which I'm stuck on and the other I *really* don't want to play with till Monday. Bleh.

I ordered the materials for the standards today - I hope I don't hate doing this, if I *do* it'll suck as I bought enough for 12 standards. (I think - I know I have the fabric for 12, and I'm fairly sure the dye will go that far.) Anyway, I only have 3 I'm definitely doing, and a few more that I'm thinking of doing either as gifts or for cost-of-materials, if I enjoy the process - I certainly enjoy the digital part of designing them, so if the painting isn't awful, then it's all cool. Just for reference, I think it averages out to about $10/banner, not counting the tools - it may be less depending on how much dye/paint gets used per banner. I kind of wussed out, a little - there are two ways of painting the banners, "dyes" and "dye-like paints". The former gives slightly better color, supposedly, but then has to be steamed for hours in order to set the dye to the fabric. During the process, however, it can't get wet, and so doing this part effectively involves building a fairly complicated steamer. So I went with the paint, which can be set with an iron. Cop-out, I suppose, but neither version is period (that I know of, though this is NOT a project I've researched extensively) so I'm not terribly worried.

Meanwhile, tomorrow's the baronial project day - I'm going, and bringing handouts for [ profile] 3_purple_irises, but I'm *really* not sure what project I'm bringing. I had thought about making either Roman or "allegorical" garb for Coronation, but I think I'm going to hang out in the kitchen with my Oldcastle cousins, and I just *can't* bring myself to make garb that I don't think I'll wear again, nifty as the whole "theme" thing is. And yes, Roman is good for Pennsic, but I tend to consider it a point of pride to not go farther outside my actual persona than "14th cent boy garb". So I may work on the sky-blue GFD I started a while back, so I can wear it as an underdress for Crown. Still deciding what I want the overgown to look like - I *think* I might use the purple silk twill I've been hoarding for something "special" for years; it's gorgeous and deserves to be something. Probably, at my husband's request ::evil grin:: it'll be of the cleavagey variety of interesting-sleeved GFD rather than a houppelande... have to inspire him somehow, right? Also pondering embroidery for that... and some sort of favor for the tourney. (The orle died at Ymir, it's prob. fixable but it had issues anyway - the proportions were slightly off and it wouldn't stay on the helm particularly well - if I make another one, which I think I'm planning on, it'll include integrated ties to attach to the helm...)

Speaking of boy garb, I wear it often enough I'm considering picking a second name (perhaps Jehan de Monmarché, my "brother") for when I do so.... comments? I don't really want to *confuse* people, but being "Guenièvre" in boy garb is... weird. My mannerisms change *significantly* when I'm in garb, or at least they feel like they do. In fact, I accidentally curtsied to a coworker at the demo last weekend in Atillium. And I'm fine with this, but I need to build a second set for when wearing pants hosen. Because curtsying in hosen looks... odd, and trying it in armor would just get me laughed at. So I think a second name might help...


Jun. 21st, 2005 07:02 pm
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Today was frustrating. For whatever reason, my... well, I'll call it ADD though I've never been diagnosed of course was acting up again... well, to be honest it HAS been acting up again for the past week, but today was worse. Which was especially annoying because I have stuff I *have* to get done for work... and stuff I want to get done this evening at home (sew new garb). Instead, I'm here at work, though I've given up on getting anything else done (will come in early tomorrow to do useful things, I suppose) writing this and waiting for Nick to get done w/ Buckston practice (I forgot to snag the work keys from him before he left, so he has to come back so that I can lock up). I could be sewing - I have handsewing with me that I brought thinking I'd go to practice - but I'm just too frustrated at myself right now.

Maybe I'll cook something tasty for dinner, that might make me feel better...(though last time I tried cooking I managed to fail at making pasta. No, really, the dough just wouldn't go through the machine for some reason, and I ended up taking the ravioli filling (cooked chicken and bits of mozarella with garlic and sundried tomatoes) and just tossing it with the pesto sauce and some angel hair. It was tasy, but NOT what I wanted - and if THAT kind of failure happened to me today I'd cry.

Yes, I'm being melodramatic. Sorry 'bout that, like I said I've been... cranky for a few weeks now. Or to put it bluntly, the chronic depression I've had off and on (again, not diagnosed, but might as well call a spade a spade) for years is "on" again. I wonder... if I had had a more "normal" childhood, whether I'd be having these issues now? I mean, my life is pretty damn good, so there's NO reason for my brain to be doing this stuff to me... other than these pathways of apathy and discontent were so well-trodden back then that they become VERY easy to fall into now...can your brain get "worn" like that? I wonder if anyone's done that study...

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Gotta love it when your boss freely admits that the project he's SENDING YOU TO WORK ON OVER THE WEEKEND is purely an intellectual exercise for the sake of putting a bid in, and that we have no chance of getting it. W00T. The unforunate thing? I managed to forget about the thing for most of the weekend, then remembered at about 10pm Sunday night - which meant I worked for a few hours, went to bed, was too keyed up (stressing over whether the bid would get done) to sleep, so had a long conversation about ambition and such with [ profile] soucyn , (must muse on that later) until he went to sleep, and then dozed on and off till the alarm went off at 6:45 (it was the kind of night where you remember seeing the clock every hour). Yay. Will probably be a zombie this evening... Am now a zombie...

Then again, this weekend was kind of like that - I just could NOT get motivated to do anything besides play WoW - of course, now I'm level 41. So that fix is satisfied for a while. (I have a mount! Yay! The game is so much cooler now!) Well, I did go to Matt's birthday party, after expanding the stock in our liquor cabinet - we have all sorts of fun mixers now, it's kind of nifty. My favorite of the things we bought? Tia Maria. It's a spiced coffee liquor - and is SO much better than Kahlua, which I hate. At any rate, N and I have a truly ridiculous bar setup now - the problem is we bought a cocktail-mixing book on sale at Borders or something like that (It was $5, mostly I think b/c it was published in England, which means it references a bunch of liquors and such I'm not even sure one can get in the States, but I'm trying to seek them out as I can. Anyone ever ran across Creme de Violete? ) Anyway, in order to make the things in the book, one has to keep buying random mixers.

So I'm thinking no new garb for Coronation... but I'm still tempted to try. We'll see...

Oh! almost forgot. I *rarely* post on it, but I do have a sex filter - and I almost feel like starting to post on it again. But, right now, there's like 3 people on it, so that's not really worth it. I don't really want to just randomly add people though, as that's kind of... rude. TMI anyone? ;-) So, who wants on? (It'll all be R-rated, not NC-17, and will probably contain just as much musing *about* sex, if not more, than "I got lucky last night"...though I'll probably make 2 filters, one for stories and one for musings, so if you only want the latter, tell me you don't want details...)

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Or something like that. I came into work 40 minutes earlier than I usually do, just because my boss said he wanted to work on a project with me "as soon as I walked in the door" (it was meant to be some snide comment about the fact I usually get to work around 8:50). So here I am, waiting for him... points to me!

So I don't really have anything to write about right now. In fact, I'm feeling downright uncreative - uncreative enough that I don't even know what to want to make for dinner...

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Well, I've been VERY very silent lately, mostly because work sucked for a while (see [ profile] soucyn's post on THAT subject, I'd rather forget it).

But we're officially moved into the new building now. Which is cool - it's much nicer than our old office, much larger, though oddly enough i actually have less space personally - not quite sure how that happened, but I'm not upset about it. Having less space actually makes me more organized - and my new cube, even though it's only 5x5, actually is much nicer. Cable tray, walls I can pin things to (like this poster I bought while we were on vacation at Myrtle Beach), whiteboard... I'm actually quite happy with it. Which I suppose is good, since a. I can't change it, and b. it gives me a leg to stand on when I tell the sales reps to sit down and shut up about how much their cube sucks. Which I have to do on a regular basis, even though I had *no* influence in purchasing them.

Really, I just need a few more prints, and my cube will be set. I'm waiting for Aeire to come out with a really GOOD queen of wands one... or maybe I should just get some period art, that'd be fun too.

The major annoying thing about moving is that I missed the Hawkwood investiture, which I was looking forward to - Nick was going to fight, and I was going to enter the Solteltie competition, since I've never actually entered my Golden Chicken in a competition and it's such a FUN recipe (it's from Taillevent - basically you take a chicken, take the skin of in one piece, strip the meat off the bones and add some stuff to it, then stuff it back in the skin so it looks like a whole chicken again).

I did, however, get to have some fun last Friday night - we went to an "art party" at [ profile] algedonic and [ profile] gwenifyre's house, where we also met [ profile] suhl, [ profile] scsuehle, [ profile] mary_wroth, [ profile] elephantgiraffe and Logan, (who also has an LJ that I can't remember the name of). That was a blast, and I was thrilled with the pics I took home. Now I just need to catch up with Scott to figure out how to get my cast...

This weekend I'm going to Tournament of Chivalry - which, even though I'm not sure what I think of the reasoning for having it, looks like fun (except it's supposed to rain tomorrow ::pout::). No new dress though - though, with the rain.... oh well!

OK, back to work on my houppelande class!
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So meanwhile, my job is still sucking the life out of me - I don't understand this - nothing has really changed, per se, in the projects I do or the people I work with, but...somehow they just don't interest me anymore and I find myself fighting not to go do SCA research when I should be working...

Hmm, this diary entry is taking longer than it should... mostly b/c I succumbed to temptation and looked around a bit more on the tiny-half-circle cloak issue.


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